The internet has the power to bring us closer. Virtual platforms such as Second Life have the capability to bring us even closer as we can step into the virtual world to learn, socialise and chat in real time.

Africa Live is a destination where everybody can get together to enjoy African cultures with music events, a library and cultural stores including clothing.

Located at Estings region, Africa Live is accessible by lazy teleporting and by sea. Or air if you take a seaplane to land in the neighbouring regions of Houghtling and Housen, with access via the beach, Africa Live is easy to navigate to. Yes, there is mainland access.

Explore African culture at the Africa Arts Gallery, where you can learn a little of African culture and enjoy the beauty of African artwork.

‘Raising the importance of the environment – and the need to protect plant and animal ecology – is the beautiful Terredarmoise. It features a walkway on stilts where you can read information and admire the beauty of their build. For a photo opportunity or to connect, there is a floating piano. And explore the wetlands.

Do take the time to relax at the beach. There is a place of rest on the deck or inside with a drink and there is a library in the second floor which is currently under work.

Across social locations at Africa Live are dance floors where they hold regular and annual events. Not all locations are on ground level, so you will need to use teleports to travel between them. These can also be used to travel between locations on ground level, as well, but you will miss out on the beauty of Africa Live. So taking the time to stroll through by foot is definitely recommended!

The art scene here includes the culture of music. Wednesday (Live concert ) Thursday is Open Mic. Friday is Caribbean and mostly Cuban roots and African Saturday fever.

I credit DJ Riot Grrrl for introducing me to Africa Live!

If you are looking for a rich cultural experience and want to meet friendly, welcome people. And there is an air balloon for six people if I remember correctly.

There is also a ducky bumper car to drive out into the next region to bump into your own friends.

Africa Live!

Landmarks for Africa Live!

Main Entry Point – HERE
Beach – HERE

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree at Second Pride
(Office & Social Point)