Bedstraw Project

There are so many amazing destinations in Second Life. Some of them stand out above the rest due to the exceptional people behind these destinations who pour their creative heart into what they do. Bedstraw Project is one such location where you wouldn’t believe how indepth this build is until you see it with your own eyes.

Claire_004Owner/Builder of Bedstraw Project, Claire(atomic.infinity)

Located at Bedstraw region(Mainland: HeteroCera Atoll) is the best rail set up I have come across in Second Life, among everything here that caters to players of GTFO, people who drive trains just to travel, boaters and explorers who like me, enjoy exploring locations we don’t know.

Bedstraw was once a sand box which was auctioned off by Linden Lab after a griefing issue. Claire purchased Bedstraw which expanded out from Amella where a railway GTFO was initially set up. With the purchase of Bedstraw, Claire was able to expand down to the sea and gave us a breathtaking destination for all of us to enjoy.

Talented at building, Claire builds trains, ships, most of what you see at Bedstraw Project and the rail system mentioned below.

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Driving into Bedstraw from the main Linden road, you’re met with an integrated road/rail set up, an overhead bridge for train, GTFO across from Bedstraw with GTFO and a short road entry into Bedstraw. Thankfully there is a map on the road entry to help guide you around.

The roads are clear of unwanted obstacles and level which navigates you to the warehouse, Bedstraw Docks and Bedstraw Central where I parked my van. Drivers can also access Bedstraw via Route 5.

I parked my car at Bedstraw Central where  there is a diner, shop space for business to rent and a beautiful garden waiting to greet arrivals. I’m already feeling comfortably pleased.

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Also located at the garden is a sign with a diagram of mainland rail networks and a teleport to quickly scout around Bedstraw. I highly recommend exploring on foot to gain an appreciation of Claire’s dedication to the region. Do take the teleport to the drag racing high in the sky.

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Get The Freight Out or GTFO is a game that has been embraced across the grid. Bedstraw Project as well as Amella are both active GTFO points. Bedstraw Project’s GTFO is for shipping, trucks and trains.

If you would like to give GTFO a try, there is a vendor at Bedstraw Docks. Try the free hud before buying the full hud. You can also purchase Claire’s products. Infinity Freight and other products. There is a demo sign to rez a freight ship for five minutes at the dock.

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Bedstraw Project’s rail system has a system unique to Second Life where you don’t steer your train by using your keyboard but the railway’s points system just like real life. When you approach dividing tracks, the green light indicates the direction the train will travel. Click the red light to change track direction if you need to travel in the other direction.

There are several platforms to use. You can also rent space to park your train if you wish. There is a five minute freight train demo available at Bedstraw Central on the same island as the tram. Click the demo sign for a train to rez.

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After you have gone on walkabout to see and experience what Bedstraw Project has to offer, pull out your swimmers and take the water rapids down to the waterfall. The staircase is located near the road entrance. Head down the stairs to pier and click on sign then choose how many people will be riding with you. Up to four people can ride together. One tube per person will rez. Go into mouse view and brace yourself for the ride of your life to the waterfall.

The tube won’t vanish the moment you stand, giving you ample time to stand and walk onto the pier where you can rest on any of the seats, rez a little boat and head out to sea or walk up the stairs to make you way back up. Or take the teleport.

45165636741_c9c220b60a_zClaire and myself standing in the garden courtyard at Project Central

Bedstraw Project is one destination you don’t want to miss no matter who are you. Drivers of Second Life also pass through here occasionally as well.

Visit Bedstraw Project. You won’t be disappointed.


Bedstraw Central
Bedstraw Docks
Drag Racing
Tube Ride
Bus Stop

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Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark







LoveCraft: Abandoned Asylum Garden

There’s a place of great mythology where storytellers talk of. An underwater garden which once housed those who took the path to madness. Some say it long sunk to rising seas. Others say it rises only to catch new victims to consume their dark forbidden souls.

Some say that this path to madness is run by Gorgons who lure lonely souls as new captives with a rose garden where they are met by someone appears too beautifully and sensual to refuse.

LE Asylum Garden Fountain_007


She appears in white like a bride, unless given away by her many lengths of tentacles trailing below her gown. If only the distraction of her seducing didn’t distract from her real form.

She is called when her next victim sits on the lover’s fountain.

She only appears in her form when she enters through the gate only to transform once she stands before her next taking. Her radiant face and her naked form as her eyes capture her next victim’s soul. A soul captured once they take their place on lover’s fountain, visible only to the Gorgon said to remove them existence as she takes them into her realm.

Never to be seen again.

LE ~ Abandoned Asylum Garden AD

Lovecraft Festival is currently open 17th to 26th August. Come and take the path to madness to enjoy entertainment and visit vendors while you’re here.

Vendor show is Love Everlasting Home and Garden Store – Mainstore & Marketplace
Lovecraft Festival – Landmark


Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Lovecraft & The Deep

They told me that I should never go to the deep because it was dangerous. Dangerous because something lived down there in the dark murky water of the deep where those who were lucky to return, weren’t.

But she called me. I could hear her voice calling to me in my sleep. Beckoning me to come to her as I heard her eerie yet sensual voice.


So down I went. Deep into her chasm. And there I found her.

I found her emptiness that called me. Her nothing. Her everything.

I explored her chambers where upon of which I was drawn to and I sat. I sat on her furnishings as she claimed me.

I was hers just as she was mine and at that point I knew that I would never leave this room again as I sat as the Captain of my boat, writing my captain’s memoirs as I decayed to nothing.

She had claimed me on my path to madness.

BtD A Captains memoirsBtD A captain’s memoirs Legend LE full set

Vendor Noctis curio cabinet set_001noctis Curio Cabinet

LoveFest 2018 Adventure Poster

The 2018 Lovecraft Festival – The Path to Madness is now open, 17th to 26th of August.

Featured vendor items are Curio Cabinet by noctis and A Captain’s Memoirs by BtD.

Landmarks & Links

Lovecraft Website Link
Lovecraft Festival – teleport here

noctis Mainshop
Btd Mainstore

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Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark



Women’s Event: Woodstock

This events article is for you, ladies.

Right now at this very moment, I am at the opening of Woodstock held at Harlow’s Dance & Party Club for women only. Twenty hours of music from many women DJ’s in Second Life.

DJ Andi opened Woodstock with Janis Joplin, Piece of my Heart, Live at Woodstock beautiful as sensual hippie women letting down their hair.

The atmosphere is amazing  so come on ladies, come join us for the 20 hour event. Love Woodstock. ♥

30261176658_2bb2c90210_zDJ Andi of SHAZZAM at Harlow’s Woodstock Event

Come over ladies. Live and let love at Woodstock. A 20 hour event!



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Harlow’s Woodstock Event – Landmark

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Cafe Sheree – Landmark
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Event: LoveCraft Festival

In the realms of a murky darkness is where the mysterious awaits. Is it dark and murky or is it madness. Or are you the mad person here?

Is that a tentacle curling up around your thigh or have you lost the plot?

28835977287_5a4f265732_zClothing top is Lovecraftess by DSO – Link Below

Officially opening at 8pmSLT on 17 August until 26th August, The 2018 Lovecraft Adventure invites you to walk the path to madness where you will find vendors for clothing, furniture and other creepy items to further your descent into insanity where we’re waiting for you.

And there’s entertainment to get those creepy sensations running through spin to your legs to boogie till you feel your legs wiggle like an eight tentacle sensation.


Friday August 17
8-11PM SLT – Opening Gala with DJ Fitch Lekvoda

Saturday August 18
3-5PM SLT – JoAnn Hax
5-6PM SLT – Lovecraft Readings with Misk Firethorn
8-11PM SLT – Music in the Key of Dark with DJ Fitch Lekvoda

Sunday August 19
2-4PM SLT – Seanchai Library Presents
8-10PM SLT – DJ io Mooncheeks

Monday August 20
2-4PM SLT – Lovecraft Readings with Arik Metzger
6-7PM SLT – RP Workshop with Beryl Strifeclaw
7-8PM SLT – RP Workshop with Beryl Strifeclaw
8-9PM SLT – Gallery of Curiosities Podcast:

Tuesday August 21
5-6PM SLT – Lovecraft Readings with Misk Firethorn
6-7PM SLT – DAVID CSISZER / Host Nyna Slate-Sands
8-10PM SLT – Whimsycallie Pegler / Thandi Rhiadra

Wednesday August 22
2-4PM SLT – Belleen Morte
6-8PM SLT – Wain Arun
8-10PM SLT – Vintage Horror Movies with Doctor Avalon

Thursday August 23
2-4PM SLT – JoAnn Hax
5-6PM SLT – Lovecraft Readings with Misk Firethorn
6-8PM SLT – Gabrielle Riel
8-10PM SLT – Erehwon Texeira

Friday August 24
2-3PM SLT – ~DRUM~ Divine Rhythms of Universal Music
7-8PM SLT – Guided Roleplay Session with Beryl Strifeclaw
8-10PM SLT – Vintage Horror Movies with Doctor Avalon

Saturday August 25
2-4PM SLT – Seanchai Library Presents
5-6PM SLT – Lovecraft Readings with Misk Firethorn
6-7PM SLT – DJ Cherry
8-11PM SLT – Closing Gala – The Lovecraft Masquerade! with DJ Fitch Lekvoda and Host Belleen Morte

Sunday August 26
No Programming


~DRUM~ Divine Rhythms of Universal Music


Vintage Horror Movies with Doctor Avalon
Lovecraft Readings with the Seanchai Library
Lovecraft Readings with Misk Firethorn
Lovecraft Readings with Arik Metzger
RP Workshops with Beryl Strifeclaw
Lovecraft Podcast with the Gallery of Curiosities

Fitch Lekvoda
JoAnn Hax
Wain Arun
Whimsycallie Pegler / Thandi Rhiadra
Erehwon Texeira
Gabrielle Riel
Belleen Morte
io Mooncheeks

Vendor of Lovecraftess worn in photo above by DSO – LINK

Catch your LoveCraft Festival information at LINK

Entry TP from 7pmSLT to 7:30pmSLT 17th August. Click HERE for TP

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Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Drivers of Second Life

I have said before many times that there is so much to do and see in Second Life. The grid is large and the organic nature of evolution of landscapes makes Second Life an ever changing world one just can’t explore enough to keep up and see everything.

And then there are social groups and clubs from sailing to aviation and dancing. Also groups for families, fundraising events and more adult activities. There is so much to do. So many interesting people and activities.

Today I would like to share with you a social group in Second Life which has to be one of the friendliest and active groups I have experienced.


Drivers of Second Life is an active group with several team members who work together to provide a new weekly drive across parts of Second Life. Created by Christi Charron and Patty Croquet, a new scripted hud is provided free weekly which directs you to your destinations.

Drive activities involve driving road vehicles, watercraft and aircraft. While you are expected to have your own vehicles, you don’t have to spend much at all and even better, sometimes there are free vehicles given along the way for people who don’t have a vehicle and also a prize at the end of a drive. As example, I have collected cars, one or two trains, amphibious cars and a plane. Not to forget all terrain vehicles.

Some drives are just a single activity for the week. A recent drive was a story and adventure taking several weeks of driving with each drive a new hud. When I joined Drivers of Second Life a few months ago, they were in the midst of a secret mission. I don’t know much I missed out on but it was a lot of fun and I have met many people.

The most recent activity involved flying where we needed to land a plane of our choice to show we could progress to the next level. The first was a simple landing at Hollywood air mall. The second was flying a small plane to land on a short dirt strip. The third and final landing an emergency landing on a short length of narrow road which was heaps of fun.

One of the funnest activities group activities I have participated was a long weekend camp involving a drive to the camp site and setting up tent. Some of us went along in the first group, some in the second planned wave. Others like myself traveled over in my own time as I was sound asleep when they started. You know, silly timezones and all.

It was fascinating to see the different caravans, camper vans, winnebago’s and tents were set out across the campsite. We received a cosy caravan on reaching our camping destination which I loved. It also came in handy as I didn’t own one at all.

Camping activities included games, dancing to tunes played by a rocking DJ, an all terrain driving challenge with a vehicle provided that we could keep, a bull riding challenge and of course, you’re own fun. This has to be one of the best weekends I have spent in Second Life. I could have jumped into pixel land and lived it.


With approximately 150 to 250 people participating weekly, Drivers of Second Life is the most active group I have come across. Members are friendly and helpful.

While Christi Charron and Patti Croquet are the main two organisers, it takes a whole team of people to make this so successful including owners/builders in Second Life(ie: Aleksandr String and Robi Rossini)  who participate and John Sheppard who has been awesome in helping with directing traffic. Some Second Life businesses sponsor as part of advertising which helps as a two way street such as Second Life Aviation’s ‘Music to Fly By(MtFB)’ radio with Luke Flywalker providing an online stream for us to listen to while participating.

41763054121_e45c1cc54f_zLuke Flywalker from MtFB and myself

When Christi and Patty, both from Second Life Cheerleader Squad(SLCS) created and sent out the message that they were starting a driving group with a scripted hud, they were not expecting the quick and sudden turn out of people wanting to participate. A group which has only continued to expand and move forward.

If you’re looking for an active group full of the funnest people you’ll meet in Second Life, come join us. I’ll post a weblink below. And don’t worry if you missed a drive in the week of release. Join the group, collect your hud from group notices and take the drive on your own or get friends involved to join you. We’ve even rocketed into space to explore a space station. Each drive hud is left for people to use with a group notice sent so people know when each drive is being removed.

Exploring and adventuring with Drivers of Second Life is a wonderful way to find new places to explore or you might find a shop you want to come back to visit.

Come join us.

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Drivers of Second Life profile – Weblink 

My Flickr Driver of SL Album – LINK

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Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Event: Theatre West Side Story

If you are fond of live performances then you will adore the River Island Performing Arts(RIPA) whose dedicated staff work tirelessly to bring stage entertainment to your Second Life.

West Side Story starting on Friday 6 July at 2pmSLT is presented in memory of Maik Visions whose creativity, generosity and kindness is being celebrated with the presentation of West Side Story.


All shows start at 2pmSLT.

Please leave unnecessary huds and attachments at home to help with lowering lag.

River Island Performing Arts – Landmark

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Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


5th Annual Larry Armchair Event

Today I attended the 5th Annual Larry Armchair Event which is held as part of the Relay For Life for American Cancer Society to raise money to support people with cancer. With the support of Second Life Aviation and Music to Fly By(MtFB), Larry’s Armchair Event set off with tremendous support.

Starting at Flying Burrito Brothers Unity Airport where a chair with balloons securely attached awaited us, a flock of excited aviators were keen to start this group flight to celebrate the very real trip taken by Larry Walters on the 36th Anniversary of his pioneering armchair flight on 2nd of July, 1982.

29287592318_633ef3b32e_zFlying Burrito Brothers Unity Airport

Departing at 1pm today, 2 July 2018(SLT), one excited traveler made a call out for wine and wine she was delivered. Thank you JɅƳĐΕƝ Ŧαггση for the wine. It made my wine drunken yelling at boaters that much more enjoyable. *hic*

We took off heading east to the Blake Sea, traveling far overseas, spilling the odd drop of wine into the ocean to keep the fish happy(why should fishies miss out?), floating away past Hollywood Airport and over the Rainbow Sails Yacht Club. I was going to yell out to a fellow rainbow sailor but the wind was blowing my words back in my mouth to be heard.

42441480854_111254d02c_zRainbow Sails Yacht Club

Typically, my yacht was hiding from a wined up balloon riding aviator as you can see in the photo above. Well, you can’t as she’s hiding.

We then headed around and drifted as the winds blew us around facing west, or heading west as I’m sure I was drifting while facing in all directions. As we drifted in the air among curious birds and the occasional hovering helicopter, we passed Honah Lee Field Airport and over the Island of Newbs at Blake Sea – Sirens Isle. I tipped a little spare wine as I passed over. I hope the receivers of raining wine realised it was wine.

29288887688_b5f443988c_zLanding at Komatsu Regional Airport

And then with the amazing power of the wind, an ever changing beautiful creature of the sky, we were blown south west where we landed at Komatsu Regional Airport where we celebrated a successful balloon armchair flight with Luke Flywalker blasting us away with rocking tunes.

Somewhere between the start and finish, a couple of us including myself somehow lost our clothing. Whether it was the wind or the wine that dissolved our clothing is up for discussion but thankfully we, Captain Street Reaper and I were wearing our swimwear in case of an emergency watery landing. Nice budgie smuggler, Captain.

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All up we had a brilliant day, the sun was bright, the skies were clear, the wind was helpful and the wine, well let’s say the wine was awesome.


Information on Larry Walters, The Lawnchair Pilot – Link
SL Aviation Network/MtFB – Link
Relay For Life – American Cancer Council – Link


Flying Burrito Brothers Unity Airport – LM
Komatsu Regional Airport – LM

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Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Edging in SL & RL as One

Previously I wrote about being caught in a D/s relationship and the ramifications of being found out but what about the benefits of a healthy sexual relationship?

What I am going to write about does not require a D/s relationship but it does help. It helps a lot. You can do this with a partner or on your own. I recommend both with a partner and alone.

This is for women and men. It does not matter if you worship pussy, cock, feet or any other body part. You can do this in your virtual world as well your material world. Practice them both together and apart.

Now I’m going to be honest with you again. I have been sexually active since I was in my first year of high school at the age of twelve years old, in the year I turned thirteen late in the year. I was effectively twelve years old. Now before anyone panics and says I’m encouraging underage sex, the average age when a person first has sex is sixteen to eighteen years old which is a good age. It’s the preferred age for the sake of emotional maturity. I just was too horny to wait. And let’s face it, my girlfriend was too much to resist. Not even the resistance could.

We were sexually active younger in the 80’s, with the fear of HIV/AIDS not pushing teenagers into delaying sex until the late part of the 80’s or the early 90’s.


What is edging?

Edging is when you or the person you’re with arouses you to have you close to an orgasm only to stop just before you point of no return. Allowing your body to relax before starting again.

What the benefits of edging?

There are many benefits. The main benefits are that you learn how to better control your orgasms, pro-long your orgasm, makes your orgasm intense, teaches you and your partner about your body(and theirs if you and partner play both ways) and you will find yourself experiencing an after sex bliss like you haven’t experienced before.

This takes time and practice. I highly recommend this for men so they too can learn to hold their orgasm as long as possible to increase the pleasure of their partner. You start by delicately touching your body with your finger tips across your face, neck and shoulders. Along your arms and your chest. Down your tummy and thighs, the sides of your torso and buttocks. Touch your lips. Always waiting till you feel your senses are alert before you touch your pussy or your cock. Slowly progressing till you can have a tight grip, always stopping just before you reach your point of no return where you relax and brush the energy concentrated in your genital area by lightly moving your hands over your body from just above your genitals, upwards to spread your intensity across your body until your body can’t take any more where you whole body feels utterly full and your whole body trembles and you experience a whole body orgasm.

BLM Jungle_019

How does a cute kitty like you, like me take this to a virtual world like Second Life?

Whether you voice or type in Second Life, there are ways to express ourselves beyond words. We express ourselves from the clothing we are wearing(unless we’re naked) and the body language we carry in our poses and animations. We can do this without anybody knowing and this is where I come in from the view point as a submissive whose been getting off as a bottom since 1984. OMGoddess that makes me feel old.

My girlfriend/domme when we were in our early 20’s in the early 1990’s would take me out under submission without any obvious tell tale signs of collaring unless you knew the signals. There was no definitive submissive collar. No leash. No vocal addressing as Mistress or Pet for others to hear. The item of being under public submission may be purely emotional, it might be a piece of jewelry or an item of clothing. Maybe the way the hair style.

There was one moment when a woman, obvious to us she was a domme who approached my domme where we are Circular Quay in Sydney, telling her how sweet I looked and that she had not seen a pet look so sexy under public submission as I looked down, feeling my cheeks on fire. And the tone in my Mistress’s voice telling me that she was motivated even more so with her fine pet receiving a compliment whilst on public display, discreet as we were.

This is the level of discretion I enjoy in Second Life. I wear a collar which is visual to all but that does not mean I am under submission at the time I am seen. I might be Miss or on my own when I am under submission but you would not know because every message is held in private, shared by instant message. Messages which works for you and your partner/s.

Photo of myself taken at Shazzam.

In your vision a person under submission might look free yet in their mind, they are as bound as if they are cuffed, locked to a post or strapped to a bed.

While out in public, my girlfriend would speak to me so I would be feeling hot inside. My tummy would be buzzing, my legs tingling as heat kept my inner thighs feeling warm and wet. She knew how to speak to keep me under absolute control. She could take me close to climax with only her words only to bring back down as we mingled in public. Never allowed to cum unless instructed and even then, it had to be quiet with a disciplined facial expression so nobody else would know. Or on a train where you can busy your face in their neck as if you’re resting on a pillow.

You can pull your emotional state into Second Life. There are times when we meet people or already speak with someone whose presence makes us fill with sensual desire.

Can you use your mind, your imagination to bring yourself close to orgasm only to stop just in time? Try it. It takes practice. I would practice it on the train to work or any other public space.

dildo glass ribbed

For clitoral stimulation while sitting at your computer, I suggest a ribbed sex toy like the glass dildo above for self edging. A clean non-fluffy towel on the chair and lay your ribbed toy lengthwise underneath so you use your hips to stimulate your clit, leaving the end accessible to hold with your hand when you need reposition it in place or to slide her in your vagina when you’re ready for the next level of edging. For men, use your hand, a fleshlight or other toy.

Bring this to your Second Life and make the most out of your discreet sex play while out in public places like SL dancing clubs. This is a whole different game on a higher level of seduction than avatars falling down from an orgasm or being snared by a plant for everyone to see. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. What I’m promoting in this article is subtle, unseen to anyone but those involved when done right. And you will need a fresh towel. I promise, that towel will need washed.

Inside Cityrail Train - Sydney

One real life day of public edging with my girlfriend in the early 90’s included a ride on a Sydney ferry as her words and the water tested my self control. Followed by an evening ride home on a train where I was finally permitted to relax a little. Made more challenging by the young woman sitting behind us with her boyfriend who didn’t realise we could hear her teasing him into a state of arousal as she described what she was going to do to him when she got home.

The sound of her voice, her cute reflection in the window, the scent and sound of my domme beside me as I snuggled in, wondering when I would be permitted to climax as my mind grew foggy, clinging onto my Miss, my breath on her neck.

I failed.

“Sorry, Mistress.”


Being Found Out

In a forced break from Second Life blogging with my gaming computer in for warranty repair, I thought I would write about being caught in a D/s relationship after reading a young woman’s account of how her and her boyfriend’s kink life was discovered by his mother and the ramifications.

Just in time for America’s Pride Month which is also being held in Second Life this week until the 24th of June, 11amSLT to 11pmSLT.


My first girlfriend and I were more than just close friends. We were lovers joined at both ends of the whip and bound by love. A relationship connected so intensely that we are still close friends today, serving each other as Domme and Submissive for much of our lives.

Without hiding details and over sharing, we became friends and lovers in our first year of high school where we met. Her parents were liberated while my family was socially conservative with an expectation on girls to remain pure while boys were expected to learn how to be men by having as much sex as they could with other women.

We were a few months in self discovery where I lay on my bed, completely naked with soft material strong enough to bind my wrists and ankles to my bed without hurting as I wore her boxing gloves to further disempower me. I remember the darkness from closed eyes and being unable to speak for the gag as she sat over me when I felt a sudden foreign presence as if it barged in.

I opened my eyes to see her, my girlfriend watching me with her cheeky smile on her face. And then I looked over to see him. My brother closest to my age, three years older than me standing there with an expression saying that this was the last thing he expected to see. His younger and only sister strapped to her bed, gagged under her girlfriend’s whim.

I always feared this but she didn’t know the fear in the back of my mind, coming from a free thinking sexually liberated household. To her credit, she stood up and walked over to him and spoke with him with the ruler in her hand that made the clearly visible red lines on my thighs. She stood there confidently wearing nothing but her underwear as she spoke to him before expertly shooing him out of my bedroom and pushed my table against the door so we could be left alone where she made me yell and scream, knowing that my brother would have heard. As uncomfortable as this reads and felt, the natural domme shone as she put me through shaming that pushed both of us beyond our boundaries.

As it turned out, he was okay with this. As it turned out, he’s bisexual. As it turned out… I’ll mention this later.

Photo of myself taken at Shazzam.

We decided to take our dirtiest play to her home where I felt more comfortable, away from being further discovered by those whom I feared would find out. Like my eldest brother who had already said many times that homosexuals should be put in prison or killed to keep the streets clean. It was the 1980’s after all.

While nobody ever walked in on us at her home where she lived with her mum and dad, there was one day when her mum asked us to sit with her for a chat while nobody else was around.

We sat at the dining table where there two bags placed there for us. They were gifts. I heard her mum tell us everything in the bag was for us and that she knew we were having sex. I remember hearing her words to her daughter, “We know you’re having sex because we can hear it. There’s a gag in there for (my name) so we can get some sleep at night.”

I was very nervous. I was feeling scared while my girlfriend emptied both bags as her mum and I sat watched, explaining what some of the items were. Many nights were spent there. I must have spent most weekends there.

Being able to explore in the safety of her parents home was something I cherish to this day. As well as the not so safe things we did elsewhere.

My home was violent for me. It was dangerous and I suffered the repercussions for being who I am, I never let my girlfriend know much of, and none at all with her family as I found a middle aged lesbian couple who could truly understand and guide me(not sexual). They give me the life tools I needed to survive.

Photo taken at Shazzam.

This young woman whose blog I read today, her boyfriend dumped her at the behest of the bullying of his family when his mum came across their shared kink blog while her mum gave her all the love and support she needed. Her mum loved her and gave her the trust she needed, just as my girlfriend’s mum did for her.

It’s hard to know who to tell when your home environment isn’t safe and those you turned to for help all rejected your pleas, only to leave you experience further abuse.

In hindsight I wish I told my girlfriend what happened to me instead of turning cold and unresponsive to her. Her parents would have helped as well just as the mother of the young blogger did. I could have told her as I did later that it was my brother who did not mind us being together who assaulted me under the orders of our mother for being me.

I said earlier that the bond between my girlfriend and I was strong. We drifted a little until I told her what happened to me. We reconnected as friends. I fell in love with another woman who I spent a lot of time in our Owner/Kitty relationship until I panicked. Yes, healing takes time. But my girlfriend from high school supported me and soon I was owned by her once again but not as girlfriends.

She was my Mistress.

She owned me.

I was hers.

I had my own bedroom in the home where she lived with her husband and children. She had places to keep me when we visited their semi rural property on acreage. I was under ownership lasting well over a decade.

Even when I moved away to live in a fake marriage with a man who was hiding in his closet but we did care for each other, she was still my Mistress and if she booked me a flight to stay with her, I was on that plane bringing only what she told me to bring. Often nothing but the clothing I was wearing. The clothing she instructed me to wear.

She released me two years ago due to my health and risk of injury to myself if we were to continue. Our love for each as friends today is stronger than it was as lovers in high school. She’s part of my first life’s inner circle of friends of my girlfriend and mine. A tight knit and kinky as latex, leather & lace sisterhood of lesbian and bisexual women.





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D/s relationships come in many forms. A D/s relationship may be soft and sweet through to as punishing as a mutual consensual agreement between all parties may be. Some involve sex, some don’t. Some are purely psychological/emotional while some are as physical as they wish it to be.

I enjoy serving two Mistresses in Second Life whose personalities and styles are far different from each other. I love them both. And not least, I love my love, Abby in Second Life. I live such a complicated life in the eyes of many. And no, people who see this as me being someone whose constantly horny are incorrect. Please don’t judge what you don’t understand.

If you should learn that someone you know is involved in a D/s relationship, don’t prejudge them and don’t intrude. Ask if you may ask about their D/s before you ask and please keep it respectful. None of this is abusive as long as there is mutual consent and each party respects each other’s boundaries.

And if you or you know someone who are young, be they in their early teens or even early twenties, I urge you to be open to them. Self discovery can be painful. Especially in this era of rising global religious fascism, it is important to be inclusive.



If you are in Second Life, please consider visiting this year’s Second Pride event currently held until 24th June and donate as little or as much as you wish or can afford. This year’s Second Pride event is fundraising for The Trevor Project. Partying 11amSLT to 11pmSLT.

And remember to get kinky!


Second Pride Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
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