Today I want to take you on a journey to a destination which for many months I thought was a women only venue however I was wrong. I have only been saying this to other women(no men included) so I can be wrong about this vital information.

Located on mainland is The Red Rum Review. Located on the west side mainland continent of Satori, this new adult entertainment experience provided by the Glam Girls will delight your senses and arouse your adult art desires with beautiful, sensuous women with their fun and risque translations of dance and music.

Entry is free. Adult avatar status is required. All genders, sexes and species are welcome to The Red Rum Review as long you are in formal dress. No sexy bits. Leave the naughty fun to the Glam Girls.

Held every two weeks, the Glam Girls present different burlesque loving. As Glam Girls have more dancers, the more variety to be mesmerised by.

When you arrive, please wait at the sign requesting you to wait to be taken to your seats. Enjoy a pre-show drink and socialise before the show begins. You won’t be disappointed.

Access is by teleport to the skybox for minimal lag.

Please set your viewer to midnight.

Also at the same destination is Kay’s Beach open to adult avatars of all sexes, genders and species. Kitties are often found kicking up the sand as they wiggle their bodies and shuffle their paws.

Kay’s Beach is a dance venue on the beach with mainland sea access and an airstrip for anyone who wishes to travel by air or sea if you are not teleporting your way over. Should you travel by air, I suggest you approach over surrounding mainland sea as the land behind this destination is booby trapped with orbs.

The people here are friendly, happy go revelers who are social in local chat. The only rules here are to treat others with respect and no nudity. Swimwear is always welcome.

Should you need a little time out from the crowd but don’t want to leave the venue, there is a nearby tent to rest away from the crowd while still being part of conversation if you wish to.

The buildings behind the dance floor are not for public access. Please do not invite yourself in as they are private residence of the owners.

The Red Rum Review and Kay’s Beach is non-discriminatory, open to all adult avatars of all sexes, genders sexual preferences and species.


The Red Rum Review – LINK
Kay’s Beach – LINK
Airstrip – LINK

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree at Second Pride
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