Lovecraft: Librarian’s Bloodied End

Theresa has always had a love of books. She would roam the library seeking books on her favourite subject, the occult.

On one dark afternoon, trapped inside from the storm raging outside that saw the library lose power and all lighting gone but for the candles scattered around the room. In the dark confines of the library was where Theresa found herself where it was forbidden to enter.

MLCC Esther Bloody Librarian_002

It was there where Theresa found the book that was calling her. A book that snared her attention as she flipped through pages as she found something. Something forbidden. Something that would change her life forever.

She had to go. She to know.

%octopus seating_003


Theresa dove into the deep.

Farther into the realms of darkness, Theresa dove deeper into the abyss, attracted to the light calling her.

At first Theresa thought she saw a mermaid. “No way!”, she thought to herself.

Then before she knew it, it was all too late for Theresa for she was the mermaid who showed herself as a Gorgon beckoning her friend to swim to the light.

The book tricked her. The book took her as the gorgon possessed her body only to steal the life of her girlfriend.

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Moonlite Cat Creations – Esther Bloody Librarian – Store LM & MP
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Lovecraft Festival 17th to 26th August – Landmark

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Femdom: House of Willuna

It’s no secret that I’m am a lover of fetish. I like to say that I was born to serve at the feet and bosom of a woman. As weird as this sounds to many who live outside the mystical realms of D/s relationships, my life as a submissive pet empowers and liberates me so when I find a Second Life destination with a respect for beautiful leather and lace and latex bound world, I will purr them as a recommendation for you, my dearest readers.

A new destination to Second Life is House of Willuna which opened its doors a little over a month ago for women who enjoy being in charge, and for men and women who live to honour women in power, who hold a power over them that no other person may gifted to them.

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Enter the House of Willuna and you know you entered a refined establishment for those who are careful who they are involved with in a D/s relationship. Each room serves its purpose. Each room a place of respect and serving is a time honoured love.

Upstairs are bdsm toys, a bedroom and a bath as well.

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With a region to itself, House of Willuna has much to offer with romantic locations including rooms for alone time, a nude beach, wrestling, Celtic spiritual meditation, dragon battles to compete with others, a ballroom, a gondola, waterfall, adult animations and dances located throughout the region, a prison and yup, there is more.

submission on toys_005

Reported by SL Enquirer;

*The sim offers a beautiful manor with circle, bar, games room, extensive upstairs 4 playrooms, men’s cigar room, balcony baths, massage and spa.

* Pavilion where you can make your sub/slave perform tasks or use a sim slave for your pleasure.

*Roman baths outside near the beach.
*A romantic dance area under the stars
*A nude beach
*A private island and cave
*An island overlooking the sim
*A ballroom/function room with dj set up lights and dance balls
*A Matchmaker business for Dommes, doms and subs/slaves
*Celtic spiritual mediation circle
*Adult animations and dance stands through the sim.
*Take a slow romantic Gondola ride all around the sim.
*Or Have your sub/slave drive you around in a Rickshaw !
* Jails to house or punish your naughty boys

Source: SL Enquirer

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I spent several hours at House of Willuna, met with Miss Willow and two submissive men who were hospitable. The red carpet greeting you isn’t merely a symbol here. I felt welcome to stay and explore as I wanted without pressure to join a group which I would recommend you join should you frequent this destination.

House of Willuna – Landmark

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Unable to blog due to computer

I apologise for not blogging during these two weeks during Second Pride and Second Life’s 15th Birthday Celebration due to a faulty computer. My computer is being sent in for a warranty repair so I will be offline one or two weeks.

This could not have come at a worse time for Second Life activities as I am in SL15B’s media group and also in Second Pride’s Blogger team as well as a sponsor for this year’s Second Pride event.

I’m disappointed and will leap back into destination and event blogs when I am able to log back into Second Life once my computer returns in a healthy state.


Breaking News: Bunny Captured!

Police have revealed that Abby Honeyflower’s killer has been apprehended while caught hiding in bushes.

In late February this year, the dead bloodied body of Abby Honeyflower was found in bushes where she was slain by a hopping mad bunny with evidence quickly pointing to the Easter Bunny which was quickly questioned by friends of the Easter Bunny who demanded it was an impersonator who committed this crime, not the Easter Bunny.

bunny kahvy_007Owner of Land of Rainbows and Morning Jogger, Kahvy Smith

Owner of Land of Rainbows and morning jogger Kahvy Smith addressed the media from his hut that he was very happy with the capture of the killer, “OMG OMG OMG I’m so happy the Police captured that rascally rabbit. I even wore my sexy yellow short shorts for my morning run today. I also wore my amazing bunny ears.”

Still grieving the loss of her beloved partner at the hands of the bunny, Sheree Honeyflower told a reporter over the phone from her location at hideaway at Club Purr that she was happy that her love’s attacker has been caught and that it was safe to go back out among the bluebirds and buttercups.

Criminal defence laywer, Rodger Wabbit of  Tortoise & Hare Assoc. said only that they will only respond to allegations in the Court despite claiming that his arresting Police Officer used excessive force, “Teets! BBQ teets. That’s all!”

A witness claiming to have been standing behind glass doors is reported to have said that the bunny’s solicitor had his paws crossed.

bunny arrested_006Arresting Police Officer Constable Hayo

Police Constable has been praised for his bravey in catching a violent axe weilding killer bunny on his own. Owner of Cacao Eggs was so pleased that he forwarded a box of chocolate egg flavoured donuts to Constable Hayo for making society safe by removing the bunny, “This is eggthelent!”

Police Constable Hayo spoke to the media via his union representative, responding that he was just doing his duty and he wasn’t fond of carrots that much at all.

bunny arrested_022

Last seen in public led away in a Police car with only his ears protruding from the partially open roof top, family of the accused bunny made it known that he was the dark bunny of the family, “We’re disappointed that he took this path instead joining in the family business. It’s not as if it was a stressful life. He only had to work during the chocolate season and meet up for annual mating bunny swap. He was always hopping mad.”

Easter egg hunt Flyer - cropped
Land of Rainbows is now closed to public while bunnies are busy digging for places to hide their eggs for you to find when the Land of Rainbows Egg Hunt starts 23rd of March to the 6th of April, 2018. There are plenty of eggs to find from heaps of designers and builders for you to find and enjoy.

Land of Rainbows – Landmark

Wanted for Murder: The Easter Bunny – Link

Happy Easter and Blessed Eostre

Sheree Honeyflower

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My Avatar


Over my four years in Second Life, I have occasionally found asked about the body I am using for my avatar. Some more than others as we all of us in Second Life know, we have progressed through several avatars and had makeovers as systems change and also to reflect how we have changed in Second Life.

Most notably are questions on parts of my body since my most recent upgrade which moved away from a cute early 20’s kitty appearance to the presentation of a woman whose five to ten years older. Those personal views of my avatar from those who matter most to me are the only people whose views are important to me. I was unsure of how they would react but every one of them have been supportive and prefer my latest look over my most previous appearance which I still love and refer to as my ‘Pride Kitty’.

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The slideshow above shows several human avatars I have used throughout my four years and a bit in Second Life. I spend a fair amount of time on shaping my avatar over time until I feel comfortable with my appearance. I attach myself to it emotionally to a point which makes moving on a little difficult.

Moving on from my Pride Kitty avatar was very difficult for me though and I refuse to delete her from my quick dress. I still use her when I feel she’s suitable and when I need to lower huds and scripts and when I want to feel close to me again. While I’ve have known my sexuality since my early teens if not younger, she did help me get in touch with what being repressed subconsciously.

Bento came along and I did not rush to it. I did not rush to mesh body either but took my time, observed what people were saying and waiting for initial glitches to be ironed out. My first mesh body was bought for me as part of working for Danika at the time. I personally don’t like this mesh body and it’s not much of a player any more though some stick to it. Each to their own.

With Bento came a few Bentos both paid for by myself and gifted to me. After playing around with these bento shapes and getting use to them, I found myself feeling very comfortable and sensually at home with my current avatar’s presentation which is the attracting questions on my body parts so I have decided to share with you what I am most commonly use with my current look.

Nadia Bento by Mayreal

Bento Head is ‘Nadia’ by Mayreal on Marketplace

The lower costs doesn’t include all the fancy emotes that come with pricey big brand bento heads but I don’t really use those. I am sold on how much easier it was for me to change the appearance of my bento head using sliders. You will need an Omega hud to apply skins and tattoos to the head.

Mesh Body & Bento Hands by Maitreya

Maitreya is the third mesh body I have purchased. I have remained with Maitreya as the hud is simple, skin quality is high and it is perfect for reshaping. There are two others which I loved the demo but didn’t purchase as their body shape was either too narrow or too wide for my personal choices though I do love purrving at both when worn by other women.

My skin is ‘Kyla Tan’ by WoW Skins.

From Noya through to Maitreya/Bento, there is one item which I have continued to wear with the only update coming from the maker’s own update to modernise. That is my pubic hair. Updates includes a low scripted hud which hides and unhides pubic hair for ease. As well as a friendly mesh viewer update. My pubic hair is ‘Muffs – Red’ by Nearly Tactile. I purchased these inworld.

My tattoos are a combination of tattoos on general sale and custom ordered. Geisha Girl on my back is general sale. My butterflies on my tummy were custom ordered however they also went on general sale when I nudged MΣDJΛI to sell them to everyone. They were too good to keep to myself. MΣDJΛI has fantastic customer service throughout the process so if you are seeking a tattoo for general sale or custom sale, I highly suggest you have a look at MW Designs. My flowers and pet ownership tattoos are custom made by MΣDJΛI.

naked walking nude at beach_002

Links to Inworld & Marketplace

Mayreal – Marketplace

Maitreya – Inworld & Marketplace

MW Designs – Inworld & Marketplace

Nearly Tactile – Inworld & Marketplace

Wow Skins Inworld & Marketplace

Sheree Honeyflower

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Wanted for Murder: The Easter Bunny

Police have revealed the shocking revelation that the Easter Bunny is wanted for the suspicion of murder after the body of Abby Honeyflower was found butchered to death, her body left under trees at Land of Rainbows.

Owner of Land of Rainbows Kahvy Smith said he was shocked that this happened at his normally peaceful parkland, “I really don’t know what to say. The last thing I expected to see while on my morning run was to find a dead body here. Why Abby of all people? I don’t think I can wear these tight short shorts while running ever again.”

Snapshot_004Abby Honeyflower

Distraught, local crazy woman and Abby Honeyflower’s partner, Sheree Honeyflower spoke briefly to the media about the murder of her lover.

“Why? All Abby does is visit places to take photos. She wouldn’t hurt anyone. If anyone finds that bunny, tell him I have a hot pot waiting for him on the fire.”

37792588106_8beb5a6023_zFormer Honeyflower residence

Investigating Police have released security footage of the Easter Bunny in what looks like a serious case of stalking Abby Honeyflower. One photo allegedly shows the Easter Bunny carrying a weapon said to be an axe in the house where Abby Honeyflower once lived.

Police ask people not to approach the Easter Bunny on the belief that he have more than cocoa hidden on his body. Detective Fox said, “Please, whatever you do, do not approach the Easter Bunny. You never know what nasty surprises he may have waiting for you.”

“The worst of the worst evidence will remain under secrecy for the benefit of a fair trial. The photos we are releasing today have only been released to allay conspiracy theories of what really happened. It’s clearly evident that the Easter Bunny has been visiting homes and places of interest to Abby Honeyflower.”

37840760351_76c1b8d23a_zThe Easter Bunny blending in as he stalks his victims

Spokesperson of the Cult of Cacao called on the Police and public to stop this witch hunt of the Easter Bunny, claiming that the bunny didn’t do it and that they have evidence leaked from the Police investigation showing that not only did the Easter Bunny not commit this horrendous crime but someone has set the bunny up.

“How dare they accuse our esteemed leader of killing this woman!”

“The Easter Bunny is kind and loving. He would never do anything like that and I challenge the Police to prove that this is even the real Easter Bunny but a maniac in a bunny suit disguised as our beloved bunny.”

“For this reason, we are releasing photos leaked us which the Police were hiding. Photos showing that Abby Honeyflower was murdered by a lover, the Easter Bunny whose so gay that he leave rainbow paw prints everywhere he goes.”

Media sources tell us that Abby Honeyflower’s partner, Sheree Honeyflower has gone into hiding. Some say that she’s not hiding but seeking solitude away from prying media and that the Police know where she currently is staying.

Friend of the Honeyflowers, Ripper Gigglesnort requested that the media give some space, “Go fuck yourself ya mangy bastards!”

Below are images taken by parkland security footage of this grisly murder scene.

bunny murders_013bunny murders_019bunny murders_016bunny murders green hue

The Official View

Some of my readers may know that my coffee/tea shop called, Cafe Sheree is located at Bay City – Harwich. I love Bay City and the community spirit here. To have our own official animal and soon, who knows what else is exciting.

Bay City 2018. Can’t wait.

Sheree ♥

The Poultry Report

From my open mic time at The Pen’s “Espresso Yourself Night” this evening:

BCA Meeting 11 Oct 2016_001

My plan tonight isn’t really to share anything, but to ask you to share some ideas on a little project. Here’s the background:

Some of you may have seen my shout-out in the Bay City Alliance chat on Mole Day deputizing everyone as members of an ad hoc committee. The idea was to nominate and then vote on the idea of making the LDPW Mole the Official Mammal of Bay City. Much like American states have various official symbols: state bird, state flower, state virus, etc. During the vote, those not in favor were encouraged to move to Nautilus.

Needless to say, the vote passed and was deemed unanimous, in part by counting only the YES votes. Then at today’s Alliance meeting a few people agreed that the vote could be considered valid, so I’m proud to…

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Wishing All A Fun Festive Season

What a year 2017 has been for Virtually Sheree.

Virtually Sheree was happily plodding along but then 2017 happened and wow, just wow. What a year it is has been.

First big event for Virtually Sheree was being accepted as being part of the blogger team for the Medieval Faire held to raise monies for Relay For Life.

Then it was straight into my first Second Pride event. Not only was it my first time to attend but I was part of the team. Their blogging team. I was only going to put in a maximum of three hours a day all but nope, I was there in my pride colours. Pride Kitty went from a purr to a purrrrr.

There was also starting SLAD or Second Life Airport Destination which covered airports in Second Life. This lead to an offer of employment with SL Aviation Network which I enjoyed but was short lived as it wasn’t me and I don’t believe they had the right person for the job as a reporter.

My Second Life has barely slowed down for me as a blogger since Second Pride got hold of me and threw me into the glitter pond which I am eternally grateful. Virtually Sheree soon started to cover LGBTQI friendly events, clubs and other destinations.

Most recently was Second Pride’s winter festival over a course of two and bit days.

Of importance for me though not related to Virtually Sheree was starting what is pretty much something like a world cruise of Second Life seas as four women sail around mainland continents exploring the world out there. Our crew of four being Dariah(skipper), Dahlia(navigator), Abby and myself as general lazy butt crew members who are in it for the exploring with little responsibilities but to be happy and perve on each other.

sunset kiss altered rainbow

While I’m taking about Abby, we’re now partnered, engaged to be married sometime around Spring next year, Second Life time.

And Miss Onyx has returned to Second Life.

With 2017 being so busy, I do feel as if I have neglected many friends as I have not been as freely available was I once was so maybe next year I’ll photo bomb them.

Also, I found myself approached to answer a question for an e-magazine regarding Second Life. Eclipse included me in From the Grid section which was amazing.

Who knows what 2018 will see. Here’s to looking forward to seeing what 2018 has to offer next year.

I will still be there. Virtually Sheree will be here and Cafe Sheree will also be here in Bay City(Harwich).

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Wishing you the very best on this your holiday season and a happy new year 2018.


Sheree Honeyflower

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If you have not heard of the Second Life related e-mag, Eclipse then I recommend that you have a look. I’ll admit to not having heard of Eclipse either but then again, I had not looked for any online magazine style publications. I learned of Eclipse when I was offered a place in their ‘From the Grid’ section which is a get to know someone style off the street type of report.

Story of Eclipse taken from their Facebook page;

ECLIPSE Magazine is dedicated to not only offering an aesthetically pleasing publication, but to also be considered a platform that offers rich and relevant content. Each month, we showcase resident’s and groups that have taken the concept of “your world, your imagination” to such great heights that they have impacted the culture and lifestyle of the Second Life community.

Sheree by Wicca Merlin for Eclipse mag Nov 2017
Photo of Sheree Honeyflower taken by, Wicca Merlin

The above photo is of myself, taken by Wicca Merlin who is also the owner of Wicca’s Wardrobe. I have one of her corsets which fits as snug as a bug.

Having looked through the October and November issues of Eclipse, I have to say that this is a professional publication like most glossy magazines. Eclipse covers fashion, photography, get to meet people and what they’re up to.

November issue’s front cover features BVN Blogger & Vlogger Award for Blogger of the Year, Miaa Rebane.

This definitely a magazine worth taking your time to read.

Eclipse magazine links;

Magazine: LINK
Facebook: LINK

Sheree Honeyflower

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Anti-Body Shaming Protest in SL

A first for Virtually Sheree is a cover for an inworld protest against a store owner for body shaming where up to twenty avatars voicing their dissent against Grace Olivieri (grey.olivieri), owner of ‘Back to Grace’ for her instore messages and on her profile page against people considered to be “fat”. Also owner of ‘Lali’s Shiny Nylon’.

I traveled to Back to Grace so I could see for myself these messages and the rally happening in the store as I write this article.

When we are living in a time where body shaming has never been so rampant in media and fashion industries, and eating disorders among youth continues to increase, this peaceful rally is a heart warming political action to let every store owner in Second Life know that this behaviour will not be tolerated.