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Some of my readers may know that my coffee/tea shop called, Cafe Sheree is located at Bay City – Harwich. I love Bay City and the community spirit here. To have our own official animal and soon, who knows what else is exciting.

Bay City 2018. Can’t wait.

Sheree ♥

The Poultry Report

From my open mic time at The Pen’s “Espresso Yourself Night” this evening:

BCA Meeting 11 Oct 2016_001

My plan tonight isn’t really to share anything, but to ask you to share some ideas on a little project. Here’s the background:

Some of you may have seen my shout-out in the Bay City Alliance chat on Mole Day deputizing everyone as members of an ad hoc committee. The idea was to nominate and then vote on the idea of making the LDPW Mole the Official Mammal of Bay City. Much like American states have various official symbols: state bird, state flower, state virus, etc. During the vote, those not in favor were encouraged to move to Nautilus.

Needless to say, the vote passed and was deemed unanimous, in part by counting only the YES votes. Then at today’s Alliance meeting a few people agreed that the vote could be considered valid, so I’m proud to…

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Wishing All A Fun Festive Season

What a year 2017 has been for Virtually Sheree.

Virtually Sheree was happily plodding along but then 2017 happened and wow, just wow. What a year it is has been.

First big event for Virtually Sheree was being accepted as being part of the blogger team for the Medieval Faire held to raise monies for Relay For Life.

Then it was straight into my first Second Pride event. Not only was it my first time to attend but I was part of the team. Their blogging team. I was only going to put in a maximum of three hours a day all but nope, I was there in my pride colours. Pride Kitty went from a purr to a purrrrr.

There was also starting SLAD or Second Life Airport Destination which covered airports in Second Life. This lead to an offer of employment with SL Aviation Network which I enjoyed but was short lived as it wasn’t me and I don’t believe they had the right person for the job as a reporter.

My Second Life has barely slowed down for me as a blogger since Second Pride got hold of me and threw me into the glitter pond which I am eternally grateful. Virtually Sheree soon started to cover LGBTQI friendly events, clubs and other destinations.

Most recently was Second Pride’s winter festival over a course of two and bit days.

Of importance for me though not related to Virtually Sheree was starting what is pretty much something like a world cruise of Second Life seas as four women sail around mainland continents exploring the world out there. Our crew of four being Dariah(skipper), Dahlia(navigator), Abby and myself as general lazy butt crew members who are in it for the exploring with little responsibilities but to be happy and perve on each other.

sunset kiss altered rainbow

While I’m taking about Abby, we’re now partnered, engaged to be married sometime around Spring next year, Second Life time.

And Miss Onyx has returned to Second Life.

With 2017 being so busy, I do feel as if I have neglected many friends as I have not been as freely available was I once was so maybe next year I’ll photo bomb them.

Also, I found myself approached to answer a question for an e-magazine regarding Second Life. Eclipse included me in From the Grid section which was amazing.

Who knows what 2018 will see. Here’s to looking forward to seeing what 2018 has to offer next year.

I will still be there. Virtually Sheree will be here and Cafe Sheree will also be here in Bay City(Harwich).

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Wishing you the very best on this your holiday season and a happy new year 2018.


Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark





If you have not heard of the Second Life related e-mag, Eclipse then I recommend that you have a look. I’ll admit to not having heard of Eclipse either but then again, I had not looked for any online magazine style publications. I learned of Eclipse when I was offered a place in their ‘From the Grid’ section which is a get to know someone style off the street type of report.

Story of Eclipse taken from their Facebook page;

ECLIPSE Magazine is dedicated to not only offering an aesthetically pleasing publication, but to also be considered a platform that offers rich and relevant content. Each month, we showcase resident’s and groups that have taken the concept of “your world, your imagination” to such great heights that they have impacted the culture and lifestyle of the Second Life community.

Sheree by Wicca Merlin for Eclipse mag Nov 2017
Photo of Sheree Honeyflower taken by, Wicca Merlin

The above photo is of myself, taken by Wicca Merlin who is also the owner of Wicca’s Wardrobe. I have one of her corsets which fits as snug as a bug.

Having looked through the October and November issues of Eclipse, I have to say that this is a professional publication like most glossy magazines. Eclipse covers fashion, photography, get to meet people and what they’re up to.

November issue’s front cover features BVN Blogger & Vlogger Award for Blogger of the Year, Miaa Rebane.

This definitely a magazine worth taking your time to read.

Eclipse magazine links;

Magazine: LINK
Facebook: LINK

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


Anti-Body Shaming Protest in SL

A first for Virtually Sheree is a cover for an inworld protest against a store owner for body shaming where up to twenty avatars voicing their dissent against Grace Olivieri (grey.olivieri), owner of ‘Back to Grace’ for her instore messages and on her profile page against people considered to be “fat”. Also owner of ‘Lali’s Shiny Nylon’.

I traveled to Back to Grace so I could see for myself these messages and the rally happening in the store as I write this article.

When we are living in a time where body shaming has never been so rampant in media and fashion industries, and eating disorders among youth continues to increase, this peaceful rally is a heart warming political action to let every store owner in Second Life know that this behaviour will not be tolerated.


Happy 5th Anniversary RSYC

The Rainbow Sails Yacht Club  turned five years old in Second Life at Dutch Harbor. I set sail to Dutch Harbor in my Bandit 60 to join my fellow rainbow sailors to celebrate five years.



I previously wrote about Rainbow Sails Yacht Club as sponsors of Second Pride, a club which I enjoying being part of and its community so I was happy to sail Melissa to Dutch Harbor to join the festivities in celebrating five years.

And what a celebration it was. The party started at 6am(SLT) with DJ Arjuna hitting all the tunes, one song after another as our feet caressed, tapped and stomped the dance floor. Followed by our very own DJ Flower who continued to keep all of us dancing the night away as music blared, our hearts glowed and brilliant fireworks lit the sky with thanks to Bianca.


Sunday saw the weekly cruise at the regular Sunday time of 10amSLT. While I did not make this sail cruise, I’m sure that cruise #250 was a success and a tonne of fun.

To all on the RSYC Committee and every sailor with this most amazing sailing club, may we see another five years of sails, music and laughter.

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Rainbow Sails Yacht Club – Vindar
♥ Happy Sailing ♥
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


Lab ramps-up for SL14B celebrations

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

The SL14B Shopping Event, organised by Linden Lab and open through until June 26th

Second Life’s  2017 anniversary celebrations are on the horizon, with builders all over the SL14B Community Celebration regions are busy brewing prims, moulding mesh and gluing things together in what will be a carnivalesque week of celebratory activities starting on Sunday, June 18th. And believe me, as I’ve been able to get around the regions to grab photos for the SL14B website, a lot of imagination has gone into many of this year’s builds to match the theme.

To mark the forthcoming celebrations, Linden Lab have blogged about some of the activities they are and will be running to mark SL’s 14th anniversary.

In-world Shopping Event

Currently in progress is the 14th anniversary shopping event, which runs through unto June 26th. Set out across three regions which form a huge shopping mall like environment, which…

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Where Linden Lab is failing

Wow, maybe I should wait before I write this post but I need to get this out and it’s a damning article aimed at Linden Lab who are not doing their job in running an efficient gaming system where they are not maintaining their mainland sims as well as they once did.

Okay, let’s be fair. It’s not all of the grid but there are serious issues initially where the Blake Sea and Bingo Strait met. Over the past two months it has gradually worsened only for it to spread out to Sailor’s Cove as well.

It’s not long ago when Linden Lab let their sims fail which erupted into a JIRA where the number of angry Second Lifers active in sailing and flying listed their complaints with experiences of how bad this section of the grid is.

Now it’s back and I’ve had enough. I cannot fly or sail across this section of the grid without crashing or needing to relog after every 3 to 5 sims. Yesterday my boats kept losing its scripting from sim crossings while today’s group cruise had so many of us crashing. My final crash was having a handful of sims crashing and now Linden Lab’s servers has blocked me from relogging for however many hours it said.

Now this blog is a destination blog for Second Life. I have an airport destination series(SLAD) which requires needing to flying in and out of airports and over the surrounding sims but this has grown difficult for in the region of Blake/Bingo and now Sailors Cover it seems. Due to this, Virtually Sheree will no longer cover any destinations in this region as these areas has become too broken to bother attempting.

To Linden Lab, I ask them to get their act together. Why would people want to spend their time in a game that is being left to rot?


Sheree Honeyflower