2017 Reindeer Collectables


It’s mid November which can only mean one thing.

That’s right, summer is coming!

It’s true. Summer is right around the corner and coming fast. Well, it is in the southern hemisphere.

Mid November also means we are close to late December festivities such as Christmas which will soon be all over the grid.

And venison. This also means venison will soo…

Sorry, Santa’s reindeer will be galloping across clouds and nibbling off lawns and carrots. Mmm hot sizzling venison. I mean, cute fluffy reindeer could soon be yours for free.


Just look at all those cute and fluffy reindeer on the lounge setting. Don’t you want to just cuddle one or snuggle up to all of them. Well, they can be yours. All of them could be yours but how?

Reindeer collectibles promo poster2

Check this information out…

How to get them:

They kind of work like a Gacha only they are Free! At each event we DJ, host, dance, perform or some of our close DJ friends do, we give away ONE of these, to everyone at the party. We give them twice so you can walk away with two of each. Adults only but those of you that only attend PG sims and/or have a childavatar can get them at Raglan Shire events with Peaches.

Also, there will be random pop up moments where we give away one at our sim, the Land of Rainbows, to everyone that visit during that time. Usually an hour. Those will be at random times, so to join those moments they’d have to be in our group secondlife:///app/group/597abbdc-d114-83a1-cac0-29a8263abd0a/about and watch for the notice about it. Or just visit the sim and get lucky!

The more parties /events you attend, the more likely you are to get a full set. Also, of course, these can be traded or even resold ( though we don’t recommend that, they are meant to be a gift, we can’t accept responsibility for resale or people getting angry at you for reselling a gift item). If you have a full set, we do offer a tradein to the copieable- no transfer version.

In the pack you will find the full set for you with no trans permissions, to use, blog, or just enjoy 🙂

More info on our Blog:


and please do ask us if you need more info!

Happy Holidays!

Love, Kahvy & Garrett

Where can you go to get these?

Various times & days – Land of Rainbows

Monday 12-2 pm – Club Zeus

Wednesday 5- 7 pm – Gamenight – Raglan Shire

Wednesday November 15 – 2-3 pm – XXX Event Opening

Friday 12-2 pm – Club Zeus

Saturday 4-6 pm – Ripp’d

Sat/Sunday nov 25 & 26 – Hoe Down – Raglan Shire
11/25 – 3-5 pm during RayRay’s dj set to open event
11/26 – 1pm during live concert by Songbird Sorbet to close event

Sunday nov 26- 11am -1pm – Favoriter till fikat – DJ Helene


Saturday dec 2 1pm – WMAD – Raglan Shire

Sunday Dec 10 – 11am -1pm – Favoriter till fikat – DJ Helene

Saturday dec 9 & dec 16 1-3 pm – Madonna Christmas Shows
Landmark TBA

  • Disclaimer ~ The hybrid reindeer in red clothing isn’t included.

Land of Rainbows – Web Link
Land of Rainbows – Landmark/Teleport


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Virtually Sheree Hangar – Landmark
Cafe Sheree – Landmark



BLM’s Official Opening Party

Earlier this year I wrote a destination article on Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate(BLNE) created by Marcy with the help of her team. BLNE is now owned by Alan West as Marcy decided to return to her roots in running a marina where clothing is optional and furries are accepted. All people are accepted.

Tucked in behind Fiji Islands Airport and Malolo Island Marina, north of the Blake and south of Corsica and Gaeta V, the Blue Lagoon Marina(BLM) is located at Chalands Isle.


With 28 moorings and 3 houseboat parcels, long beach and access to Fiji Islands Airport and Malolo Island Marina by series of tunnels, Blue Lagoon Marina is easily accessed by sea and air. Boating into Blue Lagoon Marina is by heading east between Fiji Islands Airport and the AEB & Wings Tuarua Fiji Military Airport, then turn south behind the airport where you will quickly navigate to Blue Lagoon.

Facilities are moorings, parcels, a club house, beach and dance floor located at this laid back homestead region.


To officially open Blue Lagoon Marina on Saturday, 12 Noon SLT was the cheeky man himself, DJ Trey whose humour and music had all of us wiggling our wiggles in a vibrant atmosphere. And as a special treat, we were treated to some entertainment by live entertainer, TrickyLicks.

What a fun party we had with residents and visitors partying on until 2pm SLT. There was even a gesture call for an encore when the party came to a close. This was a full region as we partied hard. There was no rest for the wicked.

Come visit and relax at Blue Lagoon Marina. A relaxing clothing optional marina. You might never leave.

Blue Lagoon Marina – Landmark


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Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Hangar – LINK





LGBT International Resource Center & Museum


In days of a rise of homophobic violence with a return of extremism of the religious right and what seems like permission to express hateful ideologies, it is important now than ever that there are resources for every person who identifies as LGBTQI.

I found the LGBT International Resources Center and Museum in Second Life’s destination guide which I am grateful for. Not just so I could visit but so those who are in need resources can access them. This destination is particularly useful in that it is available in  the safe environment of Second Life where people can express themselves as who they really are, and get to meet similar people.

As you travel along your way, there are rainbow balls on the ground with information regarding where you are. Click them to read in your local chat.

The LGBT International Resources and Museum is a multi level platform with a teleport pad to navigate where you wish to go. The entry point is at the resource centre where there are seating areas, three televisions with information playing and other information pinned on the walls.


History Walk

History Walk takes you on a walk on American LGBTQI history including Stonewall, the Rainbow House and Pulse night club. This walk will take you three levels by foot with plenty of interesting information.


The Transgender Memorial Statue To The Unknown

This memorial is dedicated to transgendered persons who were murdered for being transgender. Some people are listed as unknown.

Aspasia Art Garden

Take a walk through Aspasia Art Gallery to look at art on display. Many are for sale should you wish to have one in your collection. Maybe hanging on your wall at home or other location.


There is also a museum with real life people worth mentioning. I do not have a photo of the museum however they are included in the video embedded below. Take the time to look and read the information provided.

The LGBT International Resource Center & Museum is a destination I highly encourage everyone to take the time to visit and explore and learn. Not only for people who identify as LGBTQI but for those who are allies and everybody else to learn and understand so hopefully we can learn to get along with respect for one another.

Land Information

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Gender fluid Gender non-binary Museum resource center Ally memorial history Pride Support peer to peer family art Gallery.


Resource Centre(Entry Point) – LINK
History Walk – LINK
Aspasia Art Garden – LINK
Museum – LINK
Transgender Memorial – LINK
Ground Level – LINK

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Cafe Sheree – LINK
Virtually Sheree Hangar – LINK




Halloween Party Crawl

On the 31st of October came the day of Halloween celebrations across the grid of which there were many. There were so many parties across the grid that I felt like I needed an alt or three of my first life to party on in Second Life.

As I live in way ahead of SL Time, my timeline saw my Halloween Party Crawl starting at 6am through to 4pm with only a few short breaks including a quick grab of lunch and drinks, and a leg stretch. With the company of Tia for parts of the day, it was time to party!

Jillian’s Female Resort

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First stop was Jillian’s Women’s Resort where you’re greeted by a big marshmellow man from Ghostbusters who I swear could have been easily defeated with the world’s largest hot chocolate.

I have not spent much time at Jillian’s Women’s Resort. I think this is probably my first time to dance there. Here they had two DJ’s playing for four hours. With Tia, the sexy angel of death with me and a fun group of women, three hours went by quickly. Tia left to do her stuff and I had thirty minutes to add more to my Halloween costume as a mad butcher, attend to something quickly inworld and a quick stretch of the limbs before I was off to my second party destination.

SL Aviation Network with Luke Flywalker at Flying Burrito Brothers – Unity Airport

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Halloween Party Crawl stop #2 was at Flying Burrito Brothers – Unity Airport with Luke Flywalker streaming through Second Life Aviation Network for a ninety minute fun fueled Halloween dance. There were two costume prize boards. One for women and one for men.

SL Aviation Network as a radio studio at Flying Burrito Brothers which Luke DJ’s from. The dance floor at the beach is also a weekly segment for Luke every Wednesday. This weekly slot was moved to Tuesday for Halloween.

Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort & D/s Lounge

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It’s now 12 Noon in my RL time and it was time to fetch myself a  bowl of noodles as I travel to my third destination of my Halloween Party Crawl at Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort & D/s Lounge where the sexiest voice on SL had us dancing for two hours which felt shorter.

DJ Masie or as I fondly called her on the night, Nana Masie was there in her Grandma costume. Nana Masie pulls in a crowd and Halloween was no different with dreadfully beautiful creatures of the night wiggling away. There was a fish bowl pool which reached the L$4,000 prize mark.

Hidden Desires is one of the best women only clubs in Second Life. I enjoy going to Hidden Desires to dance with other regulars and everyone else who comes to dance here. If anything, I don’t go anywhere near enough as I should.

Tia was back and with me to to wiggle off. This was Tia’s first time at Hidden Desire so I’ll have to take her on the royal tour. There is a tour pod here for your tour of this purrfect destination.

The Bourbon Street Arcade

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It’s 2pm in my RL time when Tia asked me if I was going to any more parties to which I said, no, I had nothing planned. Then as soon and Tia and I wondered what we would do after Hidden Desire’s amazing dance, a friend of mine, Viktor sent me an invitation to the Halloween dance at The Bourbon Street Arcade. A quick consultation with Tia, the sexy angel of death and we were off.

I had not been to The Bourbon Street Arcade before. This is a gay club for men though not exclusively for men only. This is one club set up I had not seen before which is refreshing. It was bright. Very bright. Energetically bright.

The scene here was fantabulous with such an enthusiastic energy similar to Second Pride’s annual event. Everyone here was positively loud to match the loud wall painting. Tia and I truly enjoyed our time here. There was a costume prize here. If you ask me, their judges picked the right costume. All that yellow. All those feathers. That would have been my judge’s choice were I a judge for this competition.

And then it was another two hours later, the party was finished and it was 4pm in my RL time. That’s ten fun packed hours and it was time to give my computer a Sheree break.

Each destination are destinations I highly recommend, as are the clubs I wanted to attend but there is only one of me and I had to make some difficult decisions on where to go.

Scaretober as I have nicknamed October this year was brilliant. Thank you to everyone responsible for these parties.

Big hugs to all of you. Especially for Nana Masie. Who can resist a loving Nana hug? ♥

Jillian’s Women’s Resort – Link
Burrito Brother/Unity – Link
Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort – Link
The Bourbon Street Arcade – Link

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark




Second Pride: Voodoo Festival

Scaretober is drawing near the end as Halloween approaches which means themed dances across the Second Life grid. Second Pride is holding Voodoo Festival.

Halloween-voodoo 2017

This Saturday Pride is having it’s annual Voodoo festival. For fun, and fundraising for the 2018 festival!

We’re late to the party but should you have time, here’s some info for your blog and the poster:

👻 👻 SATURDAY October 28 – 12 am – 12 pm SLT 👻👻


All the spooks are in there places. All the ghouls are hiding and some of the best DJ’s on the grid will be in attendance for the spooktacular event slebrating our diversity!

The amazing Line -up for this event :

12 – 2 pm – DJ Ari | 2-4 pm – DJ Rez | 4-6 pm – DJ Apollo | 6-8 pm – DJ Junior | 8-10 pm – DJ Nicco | 10pm – Midnight – DJ Tarzan Tom

No Dresscode but do Dress up! Dress to impress for the biggest, baddest, spookiest Halloween event on the grid! Raise money for the Pride 2018 festival while you party till you drop!

More info – http://www.second-pride.com

Teleport Landmark – HERE!

second pride logo


bunny axe killer

See you at Second Pride’s Voodoo Festival where you never know who or what you’ll run into no matter how innocent looking they or it may be.
Second Pride – Teleport
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A D/s Training Experience

Dominants are training by dominants and submissives are trained by submissives but a dominant who wishes to be a dominant who wishes to excel needs an understanding of the world of a submissive. They are trained by other dominants but what if the aspiring dominant receives training through the eyes of a submissive?

As one person said to me during this experience, “I’ve never heard of a submissive training a dominant before”.


Tia and I quickly became friends on meeting each other at Lesbian Dollz which is a women’s club I previously wrote an article on. Tia is interested in becoming a Domme one day so we decided to team up so she could experience part of the life of being the dominant in a D/s relationship.

After all the formalities of what would be expected and the wishes of each of us, we started with Tia as the domme and myself as the submissive. Tia is also a hybrid in the Bloodlines game and I am a human in Bloodlines so we got to expand our time with the role play of dominant vampire and submissive human as her dominates life force.

Tia feeding off me_001Miss Tia feeding off her submissive pet

The first priority for any submissive is their owner. In this case, my owner this period needs the support of life so being under her ownership, it was my role responsibility to provide this source to keep my Mistress alive and healthy. With each bite the pet becomes closer to my owner as my life is transferred. Both become more important to each other. One needs to bite to live. One soon needs to be bit and fed upon to feel needed as bites become an addiction and sexual fetish as biting and feeding soon becomes a passionate part of sex.

37071060554_456286d915_zD/s becomes S/d

After a few days of D/s which I enjoyed with Tia, it was decided that to improve practical lessons, Tia would see D/s through the eyes of a submissive and who is better than someone who can lead through the eyes of a submissive?

Pet became the domme. Domme became pet.

Now I strongly dislike being the dominant as it does not suit me at all. I’m a born sub. Born to enjoy every spank since the first spanked bottom from the time of my birth. Well, that’s not when I first felt that stinging enjoyment but that’s a different story.

I do not experience any pleasure from being the dominant but when it is for a friend who is keen to learn, all discomfort is put aside so we can learn further from each other.

snuggling at houseboat_001

There is a long held misunderstanding of what D/s culture is about. Fictional stories like 50 Shades of Grey is an example of what is entertainment, not reality. 50 Shades of Grey or as I call it, 50 Shades of BS was drawn from a fictional teen story revolving around sparkly vampires who reflect like a disco ball. One vampire in particular whose creepy with stalking and obsession.

Here one of the lessons it is important to learn when you go into a D/s relationship is that sex is only one part of any D/s relationship and that not all D/s relationships involve sex at all but seek their experiences in other forms. And when there is sex, it is not the only part but one part, just like any relationship.

Through my eyes as a submissive, I led Tia through avenues of submission of serving. Serving her Miss a cup of tea or a glass of beer. Serving her Mistress’s guests a cup of tea. Greeting her Mistress’s guests at the door and leading them to her Miss. The avenue of quiet company, of snuggles and other lessons to point out how a submissive and how a dominant can improve oneself through this lifestyle. A lifestyle I enjoy in both Second Life and my living breathing first life.


It was after a sail on my yacht when I officially released Tia which returned her back as my Mistress until my official release. Tia experienced something on release which can be common for submissives when they’re released. We feel in limbo as all controls over us removed for there we have to suddenly act only under our own guidance and responsibility instead of both the D/s are responsible for each other in their own roles.

And so my return to submission is like returning home as Tia got to ground herself in her comforting space as a domme. I completed a directive for Tia and I was released.

final submission before release_001Final submission to Miss Tia

This has been a switch experience which I will remember because with the company of a very good, kind and loving friend, we have learned from each other.I am glad I did this with Tia and I look forward to furthering our friendship having grown closer and got to know each other that little extra.

Tia will, in my mind, lead from my experiences over the years, become a Domme of quality. Any pet to come under her guidance and ownership will be a truly blessed pet.
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


The Forgotten


Somewhere in the realm, there is a place where those who are trapped turn mad as they are enveloped by a world which opens up our inner portal to darkness with each confrontation of fear, feelings of confusion and being lost.

Are you prepared to become one of The Forgotten?

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Before you enter, read the note card and the information signs up for everyone to read. You cannot miss them. I  have included them in a photo slide above.

Important notes from their note card includes;


For added experience:
1. Mouselook (press the mouse in your camera tools or toggle m)
2. Sounds on high
3. Be on mic (we love to hear your reactions to our sim)
4. Please allow yourself time to load before exploring so you can lag less in some meshy areas.
5. Please respect our staff or will be removed and banned.
6. If you lose your group please look for a staff member to assist you.
7. Please do not overflow the TP points because you will break them. So one at a time please.
8. When you walk towards the door you will be given the flashlight automatically and it will be located in your inventory. The sim is an experience so you will be automatically TP’d.



Once you pass through the sign, accept the torch, wear it and accept it’s permission request as you’ll need this to teleport as you travel through The Forgotten. You must wear the torch for this to work.

As you pass through, you enter the darkness facing beasts and monsters and other forms of darkness along the way. Are they really the monster of your fears? Push on. Walk on. Explore but don’t, whatever you do, become one of the forgotten.

Among the shadows, the blood and loon, there is something waiting for you and it could drive you mad.

Are you daring to enter and seek your escape?


This is one Halloween destination you must visit. Alone or with friends. They will provide a special group tour if you wish to organise a group tour with friends. Just send a message to Maყ Noɳҽყα ℛõsαttḯ (maylessa.fehr).

Should you survive, there is a guest book to write in. And please consider tipping them. There is so much thought and love put into The Forgotten that a tip is worthy.Whatever you can afford afford to depart with.


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The Forgotten

Sheree Honeyflower
Cafe Sheree – Landmark