Hidden Desires – Lesbian Resort/Lounge

Today’s article is about a destination in Second Life that I hold much bias for. It’s best that I get this disclaimer out of the way first so you know that I have great love this destination for women and transgender women. Somewhere that quickly became one of my places for seeking solitude or relax with other women without any pressure from anyone to have sex.

Created by Carla Putnam, Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort and D/s Lounge opened January 2014 on a full sim which has allowed this destination to grow and flourish over the years. I have no memory of when I first visited. There is a lot do here so let’s get started.

43559324501_9d95e1f9ff_zCarla Putnam. Photo taken by Carla Putnam.

Hidden Desires is for real life women and transgender women.

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Welcome to Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort. For first time visitors, I highly recommend starting at the main entry point where you will find all sorts of information through advertising and a pod car to ride. Do ride the pod car as it will take you on the grand tour with information in local chat where you will learn about what’s on offer.

At this teleport entry, you have walking access to a garden with tai chi, an outdoor lounge and inside the luxurious white house there is dance space, pool, exercise facilities and few other fun items. Then by foot or teleport system, travel around the edges of ground level to explore and enjoy beaches, wetlands, a beach house, waterfall, temp rez jet ski, floats to relax on, beach furniture to relax on, beautiful underwater plants, a horse stable and, well, come and explore. If you’re feeling impressed, we’ve only just started so grab yourself your favourite drink and explore Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort with me.

There are two groups you can join. One is Hidden Desires which is to be kept informed of events. This groups is free to join. The second group is Pony Mistress costing L$ to join. The benefit of joining Pony Mistress is that you will need to wear this group tag to access most facilities including sitting on furniture, bdsm equipment and others.

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The main activity at Hidden Desires is music entertainment provided by live performers and dj’s. Live performers include Goddess Oksana and Midnight McCarty. DJ’s include Masie and Riot Grrrl. All events are for women only unless stated otherwise. Advertising will say when men are invited to attend to join us party. Men are asked to be respectful at events they are invited to attend by being polite and not hitting on women.

There are several dance venues throughout Hidden Desires. The main dance venue is Hidden Desires D/s Lounge. Here there are dance pads for couples and single or you can opt or either of two dance machines found near stairs for singles/couples or us your own dance as performers keep you dancing while enjoying the light show which changes from event to event. We get along well with other as we dance. Sometimes we’re dressed, semi naked or butt naked. Especially when DJ Masie stirs with her sexy voice talking to us between playing tracks to keep you wiggling at her Sexy Topless Tuesday for Masie event. Okay okay, I have a bias for Masie’s voice. *changes panties*

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Being a Femdom facility, there are facilities if you wish to use them. They are located at the D/s Lounge and two designated BDSM locations. One on a sky platform and one at main entry. Both are accessed by the teleport system. You will need to wear your Pony Mistress group tag to use these with the exemption at D/s Lounge.

At times you may come across a couple participating in D/s. Please respect their space and let them be unless invited to join in with them.

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There is also a sky platform for Alien/Tentacle roleplay. I have captured a few scenes which is easily done alone however this is sure to be much better when in D/s environment. I must say, that was the funnest bikini laser treatment I’ve ever had. I won’t mention the help by tentacle I had.

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Another form of D/s at Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort is pony training. I received some pony training here under the steady hand of Elisandra. Photos above were taken a few years ago when I was being trained. I would return to training actually but oh my, so busy. I do miss my pony training and I’m sure you would enjoy it if you’re submissive. Contact Carla Putnam if you are interested in pony training.

I wrote about my pony training. You can read it by clicking Pony Girl 1 and Pony Girl 2.

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A new addition to Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort is a gym where you can work out on exercise equipment and take a dip in the swimming pool or lay back at the swimming pool. Some exercise equipment have adult animations for a sweaty workout.

If you are fond of visual arts, there are two galleries to visit. The gallery on the right is a  multilevel gallery currently displaying ‘My Own Little World’. Art by, Karma Weymann. A teleport pad takes you up and down floor levels. Art Gallery displays visual arts from a combination of artists including Carla Putnam.

Both galleries are worth visiting if you appreciate visual arts. Go alone to chill or take a date, or a friend.

Also at Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort are other fun activities including ice skating throughout the year and a shooting range. There is a box to take a copy of a weapon to shoot your targets in first person.

There is so much to do at Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort. Of all women’s only destinations I visit, I visit here the most. It’s almost a second home to me.

So ladies, visit and explore Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort & D/s Lounge, Gym. You don’t have to be lesbian to visit, just female.

Groups to join: Hidden Desires Women’s D/s Club and Pony Girl


Linden Profile – Link
Main Entry – LM
D/s Lounge – LM
Beach House – LM
Beach Club – LM
Art Gallery – LM
Art Karma – LM
Alien Exam – LM
Gym – LM

There are many other locations found in the vast range of activities in Hidden Desire’s Lesbian Resort’s teleport system.

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark




Women’s Event: Woodstock

This events article is for you, ladies.

Right now at this very moment, I am at the opening of Woodstock held at Harlow’s Dance & Party Club for women only. Twenty hours of music from many women DJ’s in Second Life.

DJ Andi opened Woodstock with Janis Joplin, Piece of my Heart, Live at Woodstock beautiful as sensual hippie women letting down their hair.

The atmosphere is amazing  so come on ladies, come join us for the 20 hour event. Love Woodstock. ♥

30261176658_2bb2c90210_zDJ Andi of SHAZZAM at Harlow’s Woodstock Event

Come over ladies. Live and let love at Woodstock. A 20 hour event!



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Harlow’s Woodstock Event – Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Event: Theatre West Side Story

If you are fond of live performances then you will adore the River Island Performing Arts(RIPA) whose dedicated staff work tirelessly to bring stage entertainment to your Second Life.

West Side Story starting on Friday 6 July at 2pmSLT is presented in memory of Maik Visions whose creativity, generosity and kindness is being celebrated with the presentation of West Side Story.


All shows start at 2pmSLT.

Please leave unnecessary huds and attachments at home to help with lowering lag.

River Island Performing Arts – Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Being Found Out

In a forced break from Second Life blogging with my gaming computer in for warranty repair, I thought I would write about being caught in a D/s relationship after reading a young woman’s account of how her and her boyfriend’s kink life was discovered by his mother and the ramifications.

Just in time for America’s Pride Month which is also being held in Second Life this week until the 24th of June, 11amSLT to 11pmSLT.


My first girlfriend and I were more than just close friends. We were lovers joined at both ends of the whip and bound by love. A relationship connected so intensely that we are still close friends today, serving each other as Domme and Submissive for much of our lives.

Without hiding details and over sharing, we became friends and lovers in our first year of high school where we met. Her parents were liberated while my family was socially conservative with an expectation on girls to remain pure while boys were expected to learn how to be men by having as much sex as they could with other women.

We were a few months in self discovery where I lay on my bed, completely naked with soft material strong enough to bind my wrists and ankles to my bed without hurting as I wore her boxing gloves to further disempower me. I remember the darkness from closed eyes and being unable to speak for the gag as she sat over me when I felt a sudden foreign presence as if it barged in.

I opened my eyes to see her, my girlfriend watching me with her cheeky smile on her face. And then I looked over to see him. My brother closest to my age, three years older than me standing there with an expression saying that this was the last thing he expected to see. His younger and only sister strapped to her bed, gagged under her girlfriend’s whim.

I always feared this but she didn’t know the fear in the back of my mind, coming from a free thinking sexually liberated household. To her credit, she stood up and walked over to him and spoke with him with the ruler in her hand that made the clearly visible red lines on my thighs. She stood there confidently wearing nothing but her underwear as she spoke to him before expertly shooing him out of my bedroom and pushed my table against the door so we could be left alone where she made me yell and scream, knowing that my brother would have heard. As uncomfortable as this reads and felt, the natural domme shone as she put me through shaming that pushed both of us beyond our boundaries.

As it turned out, he was okay with this. As it turned out, he’s bisexual. As it turned out… I’ll mention this later.

Photo of myself taken at Shazzam.

We decided to take our dirtiest play to her home where I felt more comfortable, away from being further discovered by those whom I feared would find out. Like my eldest brother who had already said many times that homosexuals should be put in prison or killed to keep the streets clean. It was the 1980’s after all.

While nobody ever walked in on us at her home where she lived with her mum and dad, there was one day when her mum asked us to sit with her for a chat while nobody else was around.

We sat at the dining table where there two bags placed there for us. They were gifts. I heard her mum tell us everything in the bag was for us and that she knew we were having sex. I remember hearing her words to her daughter, “We know you’re having sex because we can hear it. There’s a gag in there for (my name) so we can get some sleep at night.”

I was very nervous. I was feeling scared while my girlfriend emptied both bags as her mum and I sat watched, explaining what some of the items were. Many nights were spent there. I must have spent most weekends there.

Being able to explore in the safety of her parents home was something I cherish to this day. As well as the not so safe things we did elsewhere.

My home was violent for me. It was dangerous and I suffered the repercussions for being who I am, I never let my girlfriend know much of, and none at all with her family as I found a middle aged lesbian couple who could truly understand and guide me(not sexual). They give me the life tools I needed to survive.

Photo taken at Shazzam.

This young woman whose blog I read today, her boyfriend dumped her at the behest of the bullying of his family when his mum came across their shared kink blog while her mum gave her all the love and support she needed. Her mum loved her and gave her the trust she needed, just as my girlfriend’s mum did for her.

It’s hard to know who to tell when your home environment isn’t safe and those you turned to for help all rejected your pleas, only to leave you experience further abuse.

In hindsight I wish I told my girlfriend what happened to me instead of turning cold and unresponsive to her. Her parents would have helped as well just as the mother of the young blogger did. I could have told her as I did later that it was my brother who did not mind us being together who assaulted me under the orders of our mother for being me.

I said earlier that the bond between my girlfriend and I was strong. We drifted a little until I told her what happened to me. We reconnected as friends. I fell in love with another woman who I spent a lot of time in our Owner/Kitty relationship until I panicked. Yes, healing takes time. But my girlfriend from high school supported me and soon I was owned by her once again but not as girlfriends.

She was my Mistress.

She owned me.

I was hers.

I had my own bedroom in the home where she lived with her husband and children. She had places to keep me when we visited their semi rural property on acreage. I was under ownership lasting well over a decade.

Even when I moved away to live in a fake marriage with a man who was hiding in his closet but we did care for each other, she was still my Mistress and if she booked me a flight to stay with her, I was on that plane bringing only what she told me to bring. Often nothing but the clothing I was wearing. The clothing she instructed me to wear.

She released me two years ago due to my health and risk of injury to myself if we were to continue. Our love for each as friends today is stronger than it was as lovers in high school. She’s part of my first life’s inner circle of friends of my girlfriend and mine. A tight knit and kinky as latex, leather & lace sisterhood of lesbian and bisexual women.





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D/s relationships come in many forms. A D/s relationship may be soft and sweet through to as punishing as a mutual consensual agreement between all parties may be. Some involve sex, some don’t. Some are purely psychological/emotional while some are as physical as they wish it to be.

I enjoy serving two Mistresses in Second Life whose personalities and styles are far different from each other. I love them both. And not least, I love my love, Abby in Second Life. I live such a complicated life in the eyes of many. And no, people who see this as me being someone whose constantly horny are incorrect. Please don’t judge what you don’t understand.

If you should learn that someone you know is involved in a D/s relationship, don’t prejudge them and don’t intrude. Ask if you may ask about their D/s before you ask and please keep it respectful. None of this is abusive as long as there is mutual consent and each party respects each other’s boundaries.

And if you or you know someone who are young, be they in their early teens or even early twenties, I urge you to be open to them. Self discovery can be painful. Especially in this era of rising global religious fascism, it is important to be inclusive.



If you are in Second Life, please consider visiting this year’s Second Pride event currently held until 24th June and donate as little or as much as you wish or can afford. This year’s Second Pride event is fundraising for The Trevor Project. Partying 11amSLT to 11pmSLT.

And remember to get kinky!


Second Pride Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Second Pride: This Is Me

June 1969 saw the Stonewall Riots(Manhattan, USA) which gave birth to the rise of rights for LGBTQI communities through global activism. It is for this reason America celebrates their Pride Month in June and we in Second Life also celebrate Pride in June, Second Life being American founded, owned and located.

second pride logo

Last year’s Second Pride was very exciting for me as it was my first virtual pride celebration to attend. It was like experiencing a reawakening of who I am.

There was the moment of love where a gay man broke down through all the built up guilt and abuse placed on him over the years. The biggest virtual group hug supported him offering all the love and support he had been denied all his life, I was reminded why I love my rainbow communities. And in days where there are Governments, political movements and some religious institutions pushing hard to bring back all of the bigotry long defeated, now is more important than ever to stand proudly together and say ‘This is me’.


2018’s Second Pride Event, ‘This is me’ is a celebration of community with monies raised to support The Trevor Project;

“Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.”


Trevor Project logo
This is going to be one exciting celebration for nobody puts on a party like us rainbows do.

Starts: Friday, 15th June at 7pm to 11pm SLT

Every other day 16th to 24th of June is open 11am to 11pm SLT

Cafe Sheree. Proud sponsor of 2018 Second Pride Event. This Is Me.

cafe sheree logo with bay city seal

I am also excited to announce that I am a sponsor for this year’s Second Pride Event under the name of ‘Cafe Sheree’ located at Bay City – Harwich.

I look forward to seeing you there. ♥

Pride Love 2018

Second Pride Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


The Bunny’s Timeful Gift

It’s late, it’s late, for a very important date. My fuzzy legs took me for way too long to shave. Lucky for me I had a back up plan to save the evening and I made it by a hare-line.

I’m sure she won’t mind.

1st egg hunt blog pic

I was ready for my exciting date, armed with flowers and my hare on display. As you can see, I had good timing.

vase bunny sign clock Egg Hunt Logo

This is no yolk. You too can get eggcited by hunting for eggs at the Land of Rainbows Egg Hunt opening on 23 March which is has no cost. Don’t rabbit away your Spring time. Get eggcited with eggticipation for an egg hunt. Heaps of eggs to find, each containing a gift from one of many eggtastic builders and designers in Second Life.

Products are;

Easter Bunny Welcome by, Chez Moi
Rainbow Tulips in Pitcher by, aslo Known as
Clock with Flowers by, Granola

Easter egg hunt Flyer - cropped

Land of Rainbows Egg Hunt – Landmark

Happy Easter and Blessed Eostre

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


RSYC Annual Meeting 2018

On the 23 February 2018(SLT) the Rainbow Sails Yacht Club(RSYC) held their Annual Meeting where hard working and charismatic leader, Titus Tobias stepped down from the role of Commodore after serving in this role for three years.

titus tobiasTitus Tobias

In the time I have been a member of RSYC, I have found Titus to display leadership which was without drama and open to every sailor whether they were members of RSYC or not. Such leadership skills don’t come by easily so for this, every member to have Titus as part of our membership.


The annual meeting covered our move from Vindar to Osprey Ridge which is closer to the community of sailing clubs and as well sitting in one region instead three parcels in three adjacent regions. This move saw lower lag and lower club expenditure which is always a plus.

After much thanks given to Titus for his leadership as he stood down from the position of Commodore, much merry banter filled the room as we nominated a new Commodore and a new Rear Commodore as the serving Rear Commodore stepped into the role of Commodore.

40412704972_d1b1e657aa_zCommodore Flower Power

The assembled members voted a new Steering Committee in:

Commodore: Flower Power (Newly elected)
Vice Commodore: Otto Eriksen (Continuing)
Rear Commodore: Bhakti Mimulus (Newly elected)

I’m a looking forward to witness where RSYC’s new leadership takes us. Flower is a powerhouse with active club membership as she steps up to take us forward along with Otto and our newly elected Rear Commodore Bhakti Mimulus whose sense of humour will be a fun addition to club leadership.

40456927891_47a5f7ee84_zBlue Pelican

Then it was time to set off to Blue Pelican to let our hair down as we celebrated what waits for us over the horizon. Let’s hope the flat earther’s weren’t correct and there’s an ice dragon waiting to gobble us all up.


RSYC – Landmark
Blue Pelican – Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


Egg Hunt – Call Out for Creators #SecondLife

I don’t normally spruik such articles but I’ve made an exemption for this.

The following is the call out information for Second Life creators from Land of Rainbows.

Easter egg hunt Flyer - Creator Call 2018

Application Form: https://goo.gl/u7iiwv

Blog: https://landofrainbows.wordpress.com/2018/01/15/easter-egg-hunt-creator-call/

Want to promote your product? Your store? Get some free attention and traffic? Keep reading!

The Land of Rainbows Gay Hangout wants to invite YOU to our annual Easter egg hunt!!! Become a participant and let people hunt for your egg! We will be hiding Easter eggs all over our sim and are hoping YOU will help us give out cute gifts to our visitors! Let them search for the eggs!

What do we offer?

🐥 A fun and entertaining event for your (potential) customers from March 23 – april 6 2018

🐥 Entering is Free of charge. You do NOT have to pay anything to join!

🐥 Well visited destination guide featured sim that draws over 100 unique visitors a week under normal circumstances

🐥 We will list this event in the destination guide *

🐥 Regular promotion in-world and on various social media before and during the event – Media Partnering with Big Outlets such as Love to Decorate – Seraphim – HuntSL – Teleport Hub and participate in the Madpea Easter Egg Hunt for extra traffic

🐥 Your logo displayed during the event – Your Storename on all Press Releases

🐥 Full freedom as to what you want to give away (* please see notes below on adult content)



What do we need

* Rezzing of the Egg containing your gift in the designated rez area before March 23. Eggs must be shared with the Huntgroup to allow for hiding. Eggs will be provided for you at full permissions so you can use and texture them however you like.

* All Promotional items you want to include ( notecards, landmarks) in your egg.

* A full perm copy of your store logo Send to Kahvy Smith (kahvy.sands)


** Notes **

You are free to create whatever you want. The item does not have to be exclusive for the event nor does it have to be a new item, of course we welcome a new creation with open arms. No items that are already free. You’re welcome to sell the item in your store before, during or after the hunt. Please don’t give the item away for free until after the hunt.

The item does not have to be easter themed, but it would be extra fun.

The item can be PG or adult and/or sexual in nature but please don’t give items specifically targeted to children/child avatars. We are an adult sim with (some) adult content.

All responsibility for the items compliance with LL TOS as well as Template Creator TOS ( where it applies) lies with you

Are you in for a FUN easter season? Then join NOW! Contact Kahvy, RickJ or Garrett ( please send IM + Notecard inworld since IM’s do get capped ) or fill in our Application Form here: https://goo.gl/u7iiwv

Kahvy Smith

Garrett secondlife:///app/agent/58c04111-82aa-4a15-b081-6246c40fe0d1/about
RickJ secondlife:///app/agent/80efee6f-aeaa-4bf3-9585-1ba451b00926/about

Happy Easter 😉

* provided LL picks up the suggestion, we cannot control that but have been successful in the past,

Day 3 Winter in Oz 17th December

It’s been one funtastic weekend with Second Pride hosting Winter in Oz to celebrate Christmas along with any holiday season you participate in and what an event it was. Whew, I’m almost full of brandied egg nog from all the fun I had.

39119053801_2ef0f251bf_hDJ TarZan

Today’s music was across a range of genres like old style rock, night club dance music and Christmas music. The number of people at Second Pride to celebrate was impressive and I was happy to see my friend, Megan find her way to a Pride event. The bug has bitten yet another.


As we partied below, Santa spun is sleigh around the block however he did come down to dance with us on the floor, as did a reindeer. Check my youtube video embedded in this article to watch them.

And I must say how nice it was for Second Pride event to hold the finale on the day of my rez day. Yes, thank you DJ Kahvy for sending out your notice. Very cheeky indeed.


Top marks goes to the photo bomber. I don’t know your name but your photobomb was perfect timing so I gave you a special place or two in today’s video round up of Winter in Oz.

Thank you to everyone at Second Pride, performers and sponsors whose dedication makes all this possible. What a freaking funtastic weekend I had.


May your holiday season excite you. Enjoy your holiday and we’ll see you in 2018 with your pride on full glow.

Second Pride – Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


Day 2 of Winter in Oz 16th December

On the twelve hours of Saturday, my Second Pride gave to me…


…dj’s to play while a woman dances closes up against me.

I rocked over to Second Pride three times today, starting off in the morning wearing nothing but a summer bikini as I was dressed for a weekly boat touring cruise with three friends. To wake up in the morning and have beats to become more aware of the day is better than coffee.

My second wiggle over to Winter in Oz after the ocean cruise was with my girlfriend, Abby who got her groove on with me before she was tucked into bed but not before some dancing to let our hair down.

The crowd by then had built up and it was, as expected, freaking funtastic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was a prize awarding orb spinning over the dance floor, occasionally handing out prizes to the lucky people who won a prize.

Sunday will be the finale of Winter in Oz held by Second Pride with DJ’s and a community to have your feet tapping in your sleeping when you make it to bed. There is festive event in Second Life like an event organised by Second Pride. Come and feel your festive pride.

second pride logo

Ride your Rainbow HERE

See you there!

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark