Ladies, the destination of choice for this month of August is a women only location for you to enjoy. Sorry guys, women only. Sorry not sorry.

With so many women only destinations in Second Life, it can be challenging to find that right location for you so I recommend you sink your woman into SHAZZAM.

A little disclaimer: I have been a regular at Shazzam since it’s early inception. I think I attended the official opening and have been returning since. I have seen changes from the initial presentation to the wondrous place Shazzam has grown into.

First I want to let you know that the atmosphere at Shazzam is warm and hospitable with owners Andi & Ashlee Cadell-Leigh(& family) always greeting with open arms.

Located on a whole private region, the entry to Shazzam is by teleport only where you will be within a few steps of several dance platforms.

Initially, you will see three dance floors with white sail covers but wait, there is more tucked into this neat little corner. Underneath is for mermaids who love to swish their tails in a watery dance. Also underwater is a tunnel system to explore which is currently under construction.

Dance events includes the weekly events – Wet Wednesday and Saturday Night Live with DJ Andi. – Special themed parties are held occasionally. One of my favourites was the circus tent.

Inside the building at the entry point you will find another dance floor and some BDSM devices. On the roof of this building is a lounge area with women only erotica surrounding the lounge for sharing events. Here is where you will sit for Shazzam’s weekly munch sessions.

And it does not stop there. Oh yes, on the other side of this beautiful white building are cages to park your submissive if you wish. Or in any naughty device inside the building. And just a little beyond the building when you enter garden, is a little Japanese Shibari scene. Just look for Nymph then head up the hill.

While Shazzam does have BDSM & D/s, Shazzam isn’t another cheap Second Life fuck sim. You won’t see desperate motionless avatars hoping for a quick cheap fuck. We like ours with fine wine.

Still in entry corner is a dome, a beach with an off sim to sit on for a splash, so put on your swimwear or skinny dip. On the other side of the beach’s retaining wall is a small garden with statues and plaques for women who generously donated a little Linden Currency(L$) for the creation of Shazzam’s new location. A region named, Shazzam.

Would you like to take someone on a date? Rick’s Cafe has dining and dance floor outside. Maybe a dinner date before a dance event.

Pssst, there is more. We aren’t done yet.

Shazzam has a large nature area to explore on your own, with friends or your special someone. Along both sides of the creek cutting through the region are places to sit to rest including cuddles. If you can find the mushroom I planted, cam down to it and sit for single or couples to have a snuggle. Or enjoy a picnic scene, camp fire scene, a romantic row boat to enjoy or, well, there is more.

How much more?

In the south east corner of Shazzam is a community garden includes homes for rental at reasonable prices. My little retreat is here. You cannot miss it. Just look for the overgrown flower generating power. Or is it pumping water for my retreat?

*Wine on tap maybe?*

Please refrain from entering private residences but do walk in and explore vacant homes. They are there for living in. The more of us the merrier. A home without men. Purrrrr

In the community gardens are more places to sit including a picnic table with a setting for four. Just click the placemat for your menu. Don’t forget the BBQ near the picnic table.

As you walk through the gardens, you might find a small outdoor bar. Woots! Where we be without alcohol saturated socialising?

And spaceships. Find the spaceship which is another dance venue.

For entry to Shazzam, your avatar must an adult female. That’s it. While most avatars at Shazzam are human, you can be neko, a furry, mermaid… and don’t have to be LGBTQ+ to visit or move in. Be an adult female including boi, trans gender…

And most of all, have fun.

SHAZZAM Ladies Club Information

Shazzam Group Key

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree at
Second Pride
(Office & Social Point)