Today’s destination is for all of you who enjoy connecting with their ‘self’ in beautiful gardens. This destination is for all of you who are looking for that special someone you want to impress, to propose to your special someone or other date.

*Also good for grumpy bums who need to chill.*

Located on mainland at Malrif, this G rated region presents a beautiful zen/tao like garden for you to enjoy. This is a G region so remember G region etiquette.

When you arrive, you will be met by humming birds, warriors and dragons. You will see the Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree. Take the stairs in either direction to explore this stunning garden.

Darryl Kerrigan in the Australian classic comedy ‘The Castle’ described his favourite holiday destination as, “The serenity. It’s the serenity. Don’t you just love the serenity of this place?”.

When you step into gardens, you feel yourself absorb the serenity of Dim Sum Gardens with places to sit alone, with your other or friends. With plenty of places to sit together on land and the lake, or even the dining room or maybe sit together for a drink of tea. Or any of the many other small scenes, you will feel the serenity of this destination.

The serenity. Ahh, the serenity of this place.

The elegance and love feel pulling you to the earth saw me remove my shoes so I could touch this connection with bare feet to the land. There is so much to take photos of and show you. I don’t want to hog bandwidth. I don’t want to steal the feels you will experience when you explore Dim Sum Gardens.

If you wish, Dim Sum Gardens have a group you may join(Group members can create and run scripts). No rezzing. Please note there the no script option is active so if you need to fix something on a hud, do this before you head in or pop out quickly to do what you need to do with your hud.

If you are anything like me where you feel your body just pour out a love connection with nature, you will truly enjoy Dim Sum Gardens.

Your TAXI to Dim Sum Gardens is HERE.
Dim Sum Gardens at Second Pride is HERE

Traveling by air? Aerodrome Emelia Earhart is located an adjacent region HERE.

Dim Sum Gardens are current sponsors for Second Pride. This is a LGBTQ+2 friendly zone.

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree at Second Pride
(Office & Social Point)