10th Anniversary Parade/Party Bay City

The party is on at Bay City’s 10th Anniversary Parade and Party as we celebrate ten years of the best Second Life community in Second Life. Yes, I know I’m biased but not because Cafe Sheree is based here. Bay City rocks as the community spirit here is very impressive.

I quickly felt at home at Bay City.

We gathered at Bay City Municipal Park at Harwich from 12NoonSLT. Everyone was in a jovial mood as we prepared for the parade under the esteemed leadership of Bay City’s Marianne McCann whose our Not Quite the Mayor.

Then off we left. A parade of fun loving Bay Citirians who showed off their Bay Pride.


There were four parade groups. Each of us strutting our stuff. Each of us with our own Bay Pride on as we headed to Bay City Showgrounds.

What a crowd. So many happy here wearing their Bay Pride. It makes me happy that I chose Bay City for Cafe Sheree. I got a chance to wiggle with well known Second Life adventurer/blogger, Daniel Voyager. Hey may not be hopping mad but he has the hippity hop.

Lindens also attended to party with us. Yay!

Four hours of entertainment with live performers and DJ’s.

I love you, Bay City! ♥

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Bay City Showgrounds Landmark

Party coverage by Ryan Shultz(Heath Homewood) – Link

Party coverage by Bixel Shuftan on Second Life Newser – Link

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Event: Bay City 10th Annual Parade

This year will mark the tenth anniversary of Bay City which will be celebrated by a street parade to Bay City’s showground where there will be a party with music and dancing.

Bay City 10th Anniversary Celebration

Tenth Concert Poster

2018 Parade Route

Parade: Meet at Bandshell at Bay City – Harwich at 12pmNOON SLT
Party: Bay City Showground at North Channel at  12:30pmSLT to 4:30pmSLT

Come join us for our 10th anniversary party.

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Coming Event: Miss Parallel Universe

There are beauty contests and there are beauty contests. Starting this 14th of April in 2018 will be a new beauty contest – Miss Parallel Universe.

Held at Amazing World(Dreamville Estates), the 1st Annual Miss Parallel Event is going to be a spectacular addition to Second Life for women who enjoy being involved in beauty pageants to celebrate womanhood.

contest stage photos_002

Owners of the Miss Parallel Universe Pageant Abby Alexander & Leon Gearhead are proud to bring this beauty pageant event to all of you to share celebrating women and womanhood, beauty and intelligence.

Miss Parallel Photoshoot_012
Contestants(Left to Right): Ϻịɱị Đạṙḷḯṇḡ, Angelika, Ďιαήα Ďιgℓιαn, Laura Ross Shim, Amanda Day, Estell Queen Denver, Elfy Kristen & Patricia Colombo

The Program

Venue: Miss Parellel Universe Theater – Amazing World

– Welcoming and Introducing Miss Parallel Universe , 2018
– Introduction of Panel of Judges

-Sponsored by BellaDonna Creations

-Sponsored by Paris Metro Couture.

– Current pop music sensation in Second life with over thousands of followers – managed by The Keys Management Group

– Sponsored by Make it Perfect , Event and Weddings .


– The swim suit round

– Question and answer

– The Mistress Of Comedies



Emcee : Mr Luke Flywalker

Entry is by ticket only. Please contact Abby Alexander (abhisshhree) or Bella Veliz (karabella.veliz) to request an entry ticket.

contest stage photos_005

Landmark & Sponsors

Venue: Miss Parellel Universe Theater Guest Landmark

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Profile: Marcy

Six and a half years ago, Marcy joined Second Life(25 September, 2011) where like most of us, Marcy roamed the grid to explore and learned the tricks of Second Life where she set out on different ventures to make some Lindens at the same time.

Marcy’s first venture was working in a club as a pole dancer and escort before owning her own club, Red Delight. Marcy co-owned Red Delight with her girlfriend in Second Life at the time until she decided to leave Second Life.

At a later point Marcy moved to the Eden Naturist Estate to relax in her retirement from Second Life adult industries. The relaxing tropical environment of the Eden Naturist Estate became an important part of Marcy’s Second Life where she set up a few moorings for rent before setting up her first full marina, Blue Lagoon Marina which was full within a week.

Marcy and Blue Lagoon Marina have become so entwined that one cannot be mentioned without the other like life long partners.

Interview with Marcy of BLM_001Sitting with Marcy at Blue Lagoon Marina – The Jungle

Blue Lagoon Marina(BLM) started as with one region(Eden Dove) then expanded to two regions taking in Eden Grouse for houseboats which was a popular destination and often a waiting list for a boat mooring or houseboat parcel. Twi who later changed her name to Jenny and now owner of Fiji Islands Airport helped Marcy to manage BLM. Later Marcy expanded to Eden Jakana which soon became the main boat mooring parcel  and then a fourth region, Eden Wagtail.

Having grown to four regions with Eden Naturist Estate, Marcy’s business venture was a popular destination with visitors and local residents. As BLM evolved, a new location was necessary to cater to the changing needs of Marcy’s business which moved to the Fruit Islands, only to later relocate to a new estate, Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate.

Interview with Marcy of BLM_006BLM Management(left to right): Marcy, Lace, Shelley

With a faithful following of tenants, Marcy has been able to continue her business without the usual struggles experienced by business which move with Shelley and Lace helping Marcy’s management team for much of Marcy’s BLM business venture.

Marcy, Shelley and Lace all play important roles in Blue Lagoon Marina that the mention of one means the mentioning of all including BLM which is now located in the Fiji region with connections mainland sea, several mainland continents and airports.

With the location of BLM to Fiji Islands at two regions, Chalands Isle & StFrancois Isle, Fiji Islands Airport owned by Jenny adjacent to BLM, it’s like a reunion of old friends and BLM’s Team together though separate business venture from Jenny’s Fiji Island Airport.

BLM Jungle_004Pathway through The Jungle

Marcy’s business(co-owned with Shelley & Lace) venture consists of two regions diagonal to each other. Chalands Isle is a boat mooring marina with a few parcels for houseboats while St Francois Isle is BLM’s housing estate which comes with a house provided or residents may use one of their own which suits the region’s theme.

Marcy’s heart winning approach for a loyal following over several years is her honesty and responding to peoples needs. This I write having been friends with Marcy for almost all of my Second Life and one of her residents for almost just as long. BLM today could not be as it is today without Marcy, Shelley and Lace who provide one of the very best living estates in Second Life. A genuine friendship is one of the keys to Marcy’s success.

BLM Jungle_020

Marcy is also open to furries so all can live and enjoy their second lives at BLM which is a clothing optional estate.

Also part of Marcy’s loyal friends are DJ’s who perform at both regions as well as some performances at the pilot’s bar at Fiji Airport at weekend parties. Some readers may recall I covered the official opening party for Blue Lagoon Marina at Fiji region.

BLM Jungle_005

The Jungle was made by Shelley and Lacy which has a picturesque theme of nature and a temple on the mountain.

I asked Marcy how she would define Blue Lagoon Marina and herself as a combined concept, Marcy replied, “A friendly peaceful community. That is close who I am.”

Marcy’s open policy extends to naturist families who follow Linden Lab’s policies and the legalities. Young naturist families are welcome. Incest roleplay is not welcome.

Marcy is one of Second Life’s unsung with a well earned following and a good grasp in Second Life business venture for the sailing and clothing optional communities. As a friend of Marcy and a long term tenant, come along and say hello to Marcy and tell her that I sent you to have a ponder. I guarantee you’ll enjoy the atmosphere. You might not want to leave.

Marcy’s Profile – Link
Blue Lagoon Marina Profile – Link
Blue Lagoon Marina – Charlands Isle
Blue Lagoon Marina – St Francois

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BLM – Fruit Islands
BLNE – Naturist Estate

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RSYC Annual Meeting 2018

On the 23 February 2018(SLT) the Rainbow Sails Yacht Club(RSYC) held their Annual Meeting where hard working and charismatic leader, Titus Tobias stepped down from the role of Commodore after serving in this role for three years.

titus tobiasTitus Tobias

In the time I have been a member of RSYC, I have found Titus to display leadership which was without drama and open to every sailor whether they were members of RSYC or not. Such leadership skills don’t come by easily so for this, every member to have Titus as part of our membership.


The annual meeting covered our move from Vindar to Osprey Ridge which is closer to the community of sailing clubs and as well sitting in one region instead three parcels in three adjacent regions. This move saw lower lag and lower club expenditure which is always a plus.

After much thanks given to Titus for his leadership as he stood down from the position of Commodore, much merry banter filled the room as we nominated a new Commodore and a new Rear Commodore as the serving Rear Commodore stepped into the role of Commodore.

40412704972_d1b1e657aa_zCommodore Flower Power

The assembled members voted a new Steering Committee in:

Commodore: Flower Power (Newly elected)
Vice Commodore: Otto Eriksen (Continuing)
Rear Commodore: Bhakti Mimulus (Newly elected)

I’m a looking forward to witness where RSYC’s new leadership takes us. Flower is a powerhouse with active club membership as she steps up to take us forward along with Otto and our newly elected Rear Commodore Bhakti Mimulus whose sense of humour will be a fun addition to club leadership.

40456927891_47a5f7ee84_zBlue Pelican

Then it was time to set off to Blue Pelican to let our hair down as we celebrated what waits for us over the horizon. Let’s hope the flat earther’s weren’t correct and there’s an ice dragon waiting to gobble us all up.


RSYC – Landmark
Blue Pelican – Landmark

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Summer, Bondi Beach Sydney

It’s January 2018. For much of the world this is a cold time of the year but for those of us on the bottom half, it is summer or wet season, depending on how close or far you are from the equator.  Now with the holiday seasons out of the way and a holiday from blogging, it’s time to get stuck into it so where is best to start the new year but somewhere I know for real…


Sydney is my city of birth so I decided to spend some time relaxing inworld at Sydney and Bondi Beach regions inworld. It has been a long time since I have visited here as it this was very new at the time.

I can’t remember what Sydney looked when it opened in Second Life but I am happy with almost all of what I see. The inclusion of iconic sites has me feeling like I am at home. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is better than I thought it would be and the Australia Square Building is a must for any inworld Sydney build. Alterations of what’s real and what are rather interesting like Circular Quay where there is a display of Australian cars, minus the British Ford Cortina. The details of Australian cars has me very impressed.

I found a lovely place to lay down and relax at Circular Quay with the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as towers of North Sydney stand proud in the background. This Holden V8 ute was rather comfy to lay on to rest my poor feet from all the walking along Sydney streets.

Now, there are several venues to dance your feet away so I would recommend you join Sydney’s local group ‘Sydney City, Australia’ to be in the loop of what’s hot. There’s also shopping for clothing and other items.

“Welcome to one of the best groups in Second Life! We enjoy all the great things in virtual Sydney and Bondi Beach including the best events featuring original talent acts entertainment, surfing, shopping and awesome events!”


Group key: 70caa33f-f0d8-c896-0af1-4212d7634d44

I experienced nostalgia plus at the ferry terminal which is located at Circular Quay in real world of Sydney. Blue and white transport colours is old hat now and the hydrofoil is long retired but it was awesome to see it. They cut the length of the trip between Sydney and Manly by half. I personally prefer the large ferries.

There are two regions for Sydney and Bondi Beach. Sydney does have Luna Park with the crazy clown face to walk through its mouth but it looks like a dance venue. I’m not sure how they work it but it does look posh.

Bondi Beach is set up with the iconic building at the beach. There are sunbeds to lay out on your own or with a friend. Seschmet joined me to relax at Bondi Beach. We didn’t use the water floaties but rested on one of the many sunbeds.

I do have one personal criticism of Bondi Beach and that’s the dead shark hanging on the beach. Killing sharks as a sport no longer pleases most of us and we are mostly against shark nets so I was disappointed to see a dead shark hanging for all to see like some sports trophy.

We sat outside the pizza shop which has a dine in table set up inside and this outdoor garden furniture which needs adjusting for seating and photo comfort.

Bondi Beach has beautiful big waves however you can’t rez anything to enjoy the water but you can easily relax here. This area is well spread out for people to relax without getting into each others hair. Bondi Beach has a stunning presentation so why not put your togs/cosi(swimmers) on and lay out at Bondi Beach.

Don’t forget your walking shoes to explore Sydney. There are iconic buildings to admire and take your photos of.

Sydney – Landmark
Bondi Beach – Landmark
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Wishing All A Fun Festive Season

What a year 2017 has been for Virtually Sheree.

Virtually Sheree was happily plodding along but then 2017 happened and wow, just wow. What a year it is has been.

First big event for Virtually Sheree was being accepted as being part of the blogger team for the Medieval Faire held to raise monies for Relay For Life.

Then it was straight into my first Second Pride event. Not only was it my first time to attend but I was part of the team. Their blogging team. I was only going to put in a maximum of three hours a day all but nope, I was there in my pride colours. Pride Kitty went from a purr to a purrrrr.

There was also starting SLAD or Second Life Airport Destination which covered airports in Second Life. This lead to an offer of employment with SL Aviation Network which I enjoyed but was short lived as it wasn’t me and I don’t believe they had the right person for the job as a reporter.

My Second Life has barely slowed down for me as a blogger since Second Pride got hold of me and threw me into the glitter pond which I am eternally grateful. Virtually Sheree soon started to cover LGBTQI friendly events, clubs and other destinations.

Most recently was Second Pride’s winter festival over a course of two and bit days.

Of importance for me though not related to Virtually Sheree was starting what is pretty much something like a world cruise of Second Life seas as four women sail around mainland continents exploring the world out there. Our crew of four being Dariah(skipper), Dahlia(navigator), Abby and myself as general lazy butt crew members who are in it for the exploring with little responsibilities but to be happy and perve on each other.

sunset kiss altered rainbow

While I’m taking about Abby, we’re now partnered, engaged to be married sometime around Spring next year, Second Life time.

And Miss Onyx has returned to Second Life.

With 2017 being so busy, I do feel as if I have neglected many friends as I have not been as freely available was I once was so maybe next year I’ll photo bomb them.

Also, I found myself approached to answer a question for an e-magazine regarding Second Life. Eclipse included me in From the Grid section which was amazing.

Who knows what 2018 will see. Here’s to looking forward to seeing what 2018 has to offer next year.

I will still be there. Virtually Sheree will be here and Cafe Sheree will also be here in Bay City(Harwich).

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Wishing you the very best on this your holiday season and a happy new year 2018.


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