Summer, Bondi Beach Sydney

It’s January 2018. For much of the world this is a cold time of the year but for those of us on the bottom half, it is summer or wet season, depending on how close or far you are from the equator.  Now with the holiday seasons out of the way and a holiday from blogging, it’s time to get stuck into it so where is best to start the new year but somewhere I know for real…


Sydney is my city of birth so I decided to spend some time relaxing inworld at Sydney and Bondi Beach regions inworld. It has been a long time since I have visited here as it this was very new at the time.

I can’t remember what Sydney looked when it opened in Second Life but I am happy with almost all of what I see. The inclusion of iconic sites has me feeling like I am at home. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is better than I thought it would be and the Australia Square Building is a must for any inworld Sydney build. Alterations of what’s real and what are rather interesting like Circular Quay where there is a display of Australian cars, minus the British Ford Cortina. The details of Australian cars has me very impressed.

I found a lovely place to lay down and relax at Circular Quay with the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as towers of North Sydney stand proud in the background. This Holden V8 ute was rather comfy to lay on to rest my poor feet from all the walking along Sydney streets.

Now, there are several venues to dance your feet away so I would recommend you join Sydney’s local group ‘Sydney City, Australia’ to be in the loop of what’s hot. There’s also shopping for clothing and other items.

“Welcome to one of the best groups in Second Life! We enjoy all the great things in virtual Sydney and Bondi Beach including the best events featuring original talent acts entertainment, surfing, shopping and awesome events!”

Group key: 70caa33f-f0d8-c896-0af1-4212d7634d44

I experienced nostalgia plus at the ferry terminal which is located at Circular Quay in real world of Sydney. Blue and white transport colours is old hat now and the hydrofoil is long retired but it was awesome to see it. They cut the length of the trip between Sydney and Manly by half. I personally prefer the large ferries.

There are two regions for Sydney and Bondi Beach. Sydney does have Luna Park with the crazy clown face to walk through its mouth but it looks like a dance venue. I’m not sure how they work it but it does look posh.

Bondi Beach is set up with the iconic building at the beach. There are sunbeds to lay out on your own or with a friend. Seschmet joined me to relax at Bondi Beach. We didn’t use the water floaties but rested on one of the many sunbeds.

I do have one personal criticism of Bondi Beach and that’s the dead shark hanging on the beach. Killing sharks as a sport no longer pleases most of us and we are mostly against shark nets so I was disappointed to see a dead shark hanging for all to see like some sports trophy.

We sat outside the pizza shop which has a dine in table set up inside and this outdoor garden furniture which needs adjusting for seating and photo comfort.

Bondi Beach has beautiful big waves however you can’t rez anything to enjoy the water but you can easily relax here. This area is well spread out for people to relax without getting into each others hair. Bondi Beach has a stunning presentation so why not put your togs/cosi(swimmers) on and lay out at Bondi Beach.

Don’t forget your walking shoes to explore Sydney. There are iconic buildings to admire and take your photos of.

Sydney – Landmark
Bondi Beach – Landmark
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



Day 3 Winter in Oz 17th December

It’s been one funtastic weekend with Second Pride hosting Winter in Oz to celebrate Christmas along with any holiday season you participate in and what an event it was. Whew, I’m almost full of brandied egg nog from all the fun I had.

39119053801_2ef0f251bf_hDJ TarZan

Today’s music was across a range of genres like old style rock, night club dance music and Christmas music. The number of people at Second Pride to celebrate was impressive and I was happy to see my friend, Megan find her way to a Pride event. The bug has bitten yet another.


As we partied below, Santa spun is sleigh around the block however he did come down to dance with us on the floor, as did a reindeer. Check my youtube video embedded in this article to watch them.

And I must say how nice it was for Second Pride event to hold the finale on the day of my rez day. Yes, thank you DJ Kahvy for sending out your notice. Very cheeky indeed.


Top marks goes to the photo bomber. I don’t know your name but your photobomb was perfect timing so I gave you a special place or two in today’s video round up of Winter in Oz.

Thank you to everyone at Second Pride, performers and sponsors whose dedication makes all this possible. What a freaking funtastic weekend I had.


May your holiday season excite you. Enjoy your holiday and we’ll see you in 2018 with your pride on full glow.

Second Pride – Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


Day 1 of Winter in Oz 15th December

While it’s summer where I live, it is winter in Second Life and it’s time to get some pride on with Second Pride’s Winter in Oz event held over three days from 15th to 17th December.

Today was the first day with the official opening by Second Pride Chair, DJ ReZ who was the first of two dj’s. The second dj being DJ Weylin from Spurt Beach who brought along Second Life’s Kylie and Danni Minogue entertainers during the extra hour of amazing fun.

I love my Second Pride.

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There are two days left to let your hair down, get your body wiggling and turn your pride up to full blast.

From 10am SLT to 10pm SLT for Saturday and Sunday.

Winter in OZ

second pride logo

Ride your Rainbow HERE
See you there!
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


BLM’s Official Opening Party

Earlier this year I wrote a destination article on Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate(BLNE) created by Marcy with the help of her team. BLNE is now owned by Alan West as Marcy decided to return to her roots in running a marina where clothing is optional and furries are accepted. All people are accepted.

Tucked in behind Fiji Islands Airport and Malolo Island Marina, north of the Blake and south of Corsica and Gaeta V, the Blue Lagoon Marina(BLM) is located at Chalands Isle.


With 28 moorings and 3 houseboat parcels, long beach and access to Fiji Islands Airport and Malolo Island Marina by series of tunnels, Blue Lagoon Marina is easily accessed by sea and air. Boating into Blue Lagoon Marina is by heading east between Fiji Islands Airport and the AEB & Wings Tuarua Fiji Military Airport, then turn south behind the airport where you will quickly navigate to Blue Lagoon.

Facilities are moorings, parcels, a club house, beach and dance floor located at this laid back homestead region.


To officially open Blue Lagoon Marina on Saturday, 12 Noon SLT was the cheeky man himself, DJ Trey whose humour and music had all of us wiggling our wiggles in a vibrant atmosphere. And as a special treat, we were treated to some entertainment by live entertainer, TrickyLicks.

What a fun party we had with residents and visitors partying on until 2pm SLT. There was even a gesture call for an encore when the party came to a close. This was a full region as we partied hard. There was no rest for the wicked.

Come visit and relax at Blue Lagoon Marina. A relaxing clothing optional marina. You might never leave.

Blue Lagoon Marina – Landmark


Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Hangar – LINK





Second Pride: Voodoo Festival

Scaretober is drawing near the end as Halloween approaches which means themed dances across the Second Life grid. Second Pride is holding Voodoo Festival.

Halloween-voodoo 2017

This Saturday Pride is having it’s annual Voodoo festival. For fun, and fundraising for the 2018 festival!

We’re late to the party but should you have time, here’s some info for your blog and the poster:

👻 👻 SATURDAY October 28 – 12 am – 12 pm SLT 👻👻


All the spooks are in there places. All the ghouls are hiding and some of the best DJ’s on the grid will be in attendance for the spooktacular event slebrating our diversity!

The amazing Line -up for this event :

12 – 2 pm – DJ Ari | 2-4 pm – DJ Rez | 4-6 pm – DJ Apollo | 6-8 pm – DJ Junior | 8-10 pm – DJ Nicco | 10pm – Midnight – DJ Tarzan Tom

No Dresscode but do Dress up! Dress to impress for the biggest, baddest, spookiest Halloween event on the grid! Raise money for the Pride 2018 festival while you party till you drop!

More info –

Teleport Landmark – HERE!

second pride logo


bunny axe killer

See you at Second Pride’s Voodoo Festival where you never know who or what you’ll run into no matter how innocent looking they or it may be.
Second Pride – Teleport
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


The Forgotten


Somewhere in the realm, there is a place where those who are trapped turn mad as they are enveloped by a world which opens up our inner portal to darkness with each confrontation of fear, feelings of confusion and being lost.

Are you prepared to become one of The Forgotten?

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Before you enter, read the note card and the information signs up for everyone to read. You cannot miss them. I  have included them in a photo slide above.

Important notes from their note card includes;


For added experience:
1. Mouselook (press the mouse in your camera tools or toggle m)
2. Sounds on high
3. Be on mic (we love to hear your reactions to our sim)
4. Please allow yourself time to load before exploring so you can lag less in some meshy areas.
5. Please respect our staff or will be removed and banned.
6. If you lose your group please look for a staff member to assist you.
7. Please do not overflow the TP points because you will break them. So one at a time please.
8. When you walk towards the door you will be given the flashlight automatically and it will be located in your inventory. The sim is an experience so you will be automatically TP’d.



Once you pass through the sign, accept the torch, wear it and accept it’s permission request as you’ll need this to teleport as you travel through The Forgotten. You must wear the torch for this to work.

As you pass through, you enter the darkness facing beasts and monsters and other forms of darkness along the way. Are they really the monster of your fears? Push on. Walk on. Explore but don’t, whatever you do, become one of the forgotten.

Among the shadows, the blood and loon, there is something waiting for you and it could drive you mad.

Are you daring to enter and seek your escape?


This is one Halloween destination you must visit. Alone or with friends. They will provide a special group tour if you wish to organise a group tour with friends. Just send a message to Maყ Noɳҽყα ℛõsαttḯ (maylessa.fehr).

Should you survive, there is a guest book to write in. And please consider tipping them. There is so much thought and love put into The Forgotten that a tip is worthy.Whatever you can afford afford to depart with.


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The Forgotten

Sheree Honeyflower
Cafe Sheree – Landmark



Haunted School Grounds

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true
– Judy Garland




I don’t know where Judy Garland and her song, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ got their ideas from but I have seen the other side of the rainbow and it’s freaking scary. Many times I have traveled to the rainbow and enjoyed its gaiety but beyond the rainbow, nope, no way. There are no sweet little blue birds because it’s Scaretober on the other side of the rainbow at the Land of Rainbows.

Owned by Kharvy Smith and Garrett Smith who are a sweet loving couple with freaky ideas of this magical land where blue birds are supposed to live. And the children. Somebody think of the poor little children as we enter Haunted School Grounds.


Should you take the teleporter direct from the main greeting point at Land of Rainbows to Haunted School Grounds, you will find yourself more in the middle of frightening activity however I like the idea of waddling through the beautiful picturesque nature currently in autumn where a young woman on her own on walkabout happens to come across aging stone stairs leading up to what looks like a fascinating must look at historical site, only to release all too late that once again her curiosity got her in trouble.


What’s in the cemetery?


To the side of the cemetery is where you’ll find an attention drawing historic school building but what’s inside?

Is it the smell of old wooden school desks collecting dust over the years or cobwebs and spiders scattering as your feet cause the old wooden flooring to creak?


Oh why does the victim always head upstairs? What could be waiting up there?


Remember to be careful. For some of us the writing is on the wall and if you’re not careful, you may find yourself on the floor.

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Land of Rainbows – Landmark

Haunted School Grounds – Landmark


Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark