Farewell 2018 Hello 2019

Hey all you crazy Second Lifers. Another year is over as a new year approaches. It’s been a busy year for many of us in Second Life and in our first lives so let’s wash away the year’s stuff both good and bad with the drink of your preference.

Virtually Sheree has not been anywhere busy as I have been. I needed a little break as I wonder which direction to take this blog while remaining focused on destinations and events. With a lot of lazy thoughts, I do have an idea which is to travel which will be documented but where to start?

2018 saw me discover a wonderful community of people in Second Life called Drivers of SL. I gave them a go on recommendation from a friend who was positive this is an activity I would enjoy and boy, they were right. The community spirit among members is outstanding.

I have had a lot of fun participating in weekly activities with driving, flying, boating and camping. Lots of prizes and giveaway. Heaps of camp fun with people shooting each other. Beware the thrower of buses.

A big shout out all who keep Drivers of SL running so well. From sexy creators and group starters through to builders/sponsors who help and not to forget all of you loony drivers out there(Looks innocent).

Of the destinations I explored, Bedstraw Project is up there among my favourites. There are so many places I explored this year but did not cover which are worth being covered. Bedstraw Project is up there among the best with so much immaculate detail.

There are a few clubs I hang. I have covered Venus Beach II and Hidden Desires. I also recommend Shazzam and Harlow’s. All for women only. All have good people who manage and frequent theses clubs. And they offer more than just dancing.

I was finally able to attend my first Lovecraft Festival this year. Not only did I attend, I was accepted as an official blogger to spruik their annual event. Once again, as always, I had a lot of fun looking around and wondering what will happen if I click on this.

Many of us experienced loss in Second Life in 2018. I saw many talk about people they were close with who passed. It felt like so many people left Second Life this year through death or they left to concentrate on their first lives.

This year I said goodbye to a very special friend of mine who I swore absolute loyalty to through submission as her collared submissive pet. I wore Miss Aurora’s collar for most of my Second Life and I’ve now been with Second Life for five years since mid December. Miss Aurora has important things in her life which, of course, take priority. I wish her well with her new life which is very positive. I am very happy her. Doesn’t stop me from missing her as I do love her very much. I highly respect her as a friend first and loyal loving submissive house pet second yet so close to each other that there’s barely a whisker between the two points. I am also serving Miss Onyx who I met through Miss Aurora. Two very special women who have enriched my life.

Abby and I attended some of 2018’s Annual Second Pride Event. I was only able to attend on the first and final day as my computer was in for warranty repair again. What I attended was gay as fuck as well. Gay as fuck is always good.

Did you hear that, Abby? *spanks her butt*

For the second consecutive, I decorated Cafe Sheree or Halloween. I decided to pull everything down and redo my parcel for Halloween which was listed on Linden Lab’s destination list for Halloween which was freaking awesome. Big hugs to everyone who visited and dined with the dead and undead.

Feeding off Olivia

Talking about the undead, both Abby and I were turned from our mortal human form. Abby became a hybrid of vampire and angel while I am a simple bloodthirsty vampire.

I have two tasty human morsels who feed me. Olivia lovingly feeds both Abby and I as you can see in the photo. We don’t go out hunting for new prey but we’re always willing to hear from people who wish to surrender their self to either Abby or I. We are part of mostly women clan called Angels of Cyrus.

So what’s in store for Virtually Sheree in 2019?

That’s something I have not fully decided as of yet however I am seriously looking at documenting my travels which will be shared with you.

I’m looking forward to 2019 and covering destinations from G rating through to kinky fun. I’m thinking of including some seedy destinations for you seedy kinks out there.

And if you know of a destination you think I should consider covering, drop me a line. Look me up. Or contact me through Cafe Sheree at Bay City.

Thank you to all of you have supported me through my highs and lows this year. Now let your hair down and go nuts as we see in 2019. It’s going to be a hot one.

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


Bedstraw Project

There are so many amazing destinations in Second Life. Some of them stand out above the rest due to the exceptional people behind these destinations who pour their creative heart into what they do. Bedstraw Project is one such location where you wouldn’t believe how indepth this build is until you see it with your own eyes.

Claire_004Owner/Builder of Bedstraw Project, Claire(atomic.infinity)

Located at Bedstraw region(Mainland: HeteroCera Atoll) is the best rail set up I have come across in Second Life, among everything here that caters to players of GTFO, people who drive trains just to travel, boaters and explorers who like me, enjoy exploring locations we don’t know.

Bedstraw was once a sand box which was auctioned off by Linden Lab after a griefing issue. Claire purchased Bedstraw which expanded out from Amella where a railway GTFO was initially set up. With the purchase of Bedstraw, Claire was able to expand down to the sea and gave us a breathtaking destination for all of us to enjoy.

Talented at building, Claire builds trains, ships, most of what you see at Bedstraw Project and the rail system mentioned below.

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Driving into Bedstraw from the main Linden road, you’re met with an integrated road/rail set up, an overhead bridge for train, GTFO across from Bedstraw with GTFO and a short road entry into Bedstraw. Thankfully there is a map on the road entry to help guide you around.

The roads are clear of unwanted obstacles and level which navigates you to the warehouse, Bedstraw Docks and Bedstraw Central where I parked my van. Drivers can also access Bedstraw via Route 5.

I parked my car at Bedstraw Central where  there is a diner, shop space for business to rent and a beautiful garden waiting to greet arrivals. I’m already feeling comfortably pleased.

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Also located at the garden is a sign with a diagram of mainland rail networks and a teleport to quickly scout around Bedstraw. I highly recommend exploring on foot to gain an appreciation of Claire’s dedication to the region. Do take the teleport to the drag racing high in the sky.

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Get The Freight Out or GTFO is a game that has been embraced across the grid. Bedstraw Project as well as Amella are both active GTFO points. Bedstraw Project’s GTFO is for shipping, trucks and trains.

If you would like to give GTFO a try, there is a vendor at Bedstraw Docks. Try the free hud before buying the full hud. You can also purchase Claire’s products. Infinity Freight and other products. There is a demo sign to rez a freight ship for five minutes at the dock.

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Bedstraw Project’s rail system has a system unique to Second Life where you don’t steer your train by using your keyboard but the railway’s points system just like real life. When you approach dividing tracks, the green light indicates the direction the train will travel. Click the red light to change track direction if you need to travel in the other direction.

There are several platforms to use. You can also rent space to park your train if you wish. There is a five minute freight train demo available at Bedstraw Central on the same island as the tram. Click the demo sign for a train to rez.

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After you have gone on walkabout to see and experience what Bedstraw Project has to offer, pull out your swimmers and take the water rapids down to the waterfall. The staircase is located near the road entrance. Head down the stairs to pier and click on sign then choose how many people will be riding with you. Up to four people can ride together. One tube per person will rez. Go into mouse view and brace yourself for the ride of your life to the waterfall.

The tube won’t vanish the moment you stand, giving you ample time to stand and walk onto the pier where you can rest on any of the seats, rez a little boat and head out to sea or walk up the stairs to make you way back up. Or take the teleport.

45165636741_c9c220b60a_zClaire and myself standing in the garden courtyard at Project Central

Bedstraw Project is one destination you don’t want to miss no matter who are you. Drivers of Second Life also pass through here occasionally as well.

Visit Bedstraw Project. You won’t be disappointed.


Bedstraw Central
Bedstraw Docks
Drag Racing
Tube Ride
Bus Stop

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark






Women’s Event: Woodstock

This events article is for you, ladies.

Right now at this very moment, I am at the opening of Woodstock held at Harlow’s Dance & Party Club for women only. Twenty hours of music from many women DJ’s in Second Life.

DJ Andi opened Woodstock with Janis Joplin, Piece of my Heart, Live at Woodstock beautiful as sensual hippie women letting down their hair.

The atmosphere is amazing  so come on ladies, come join us for the 20 hour event. Love Woodstock. ♥

30261176658_2bb2c90210_zDJ Andi of SHAZZAM at Harlow’s Woodstock Event

Come over ladies. Live and let love at Woodstock. A 20 hour event!



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Harlow’s Woodstock Event – Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Event: LoveCraft Festival

In the realms of a murky darkness is where the mysterious awaits. Is it dark and murky or is it madness. Or are you the mad person here?

Is that a tentacle curling up around your thigh or have you lost the plot?

28835977287_5a4f265732_zClothing top is Lovecraftess by DSO – Link Below

Officially opening at 8pmSLT on 17 August until 26th August, The 2018 Lovecraft Adventure invites you to walk the path to madness where you will find vendors for clothing, furniture and other creepy items to further your descent into insanity where we’re waiting for you.

And there’s entertainment to get those creepy sensations running through spin to your legs to boogie till you feel your legs wiggle like an eight tentacle sensation.


Friday August 17
8-11PM SLT – Opening Gala with DJ Fitch Lekvoda

Saturday August 18
3-5PM SLT – JoAnn Hax
5-6PM SLT – Lovecraft Readings with Misk Firethorn
8-11PM SLT – Music in the Key of Dark with DJ Fitch Lekvoda

Sunday August 19
2-4PM SLT – Seanchai Library Presents
8-10PM SLT – DJ io Mooncheeks

Monday August 20
2-4PM SLT – Lovecraft Readings with Arik Metzger
6-7PM SLT – RP Workshop with Beryl Strifeclaw
7-8PM SLT – RP Workshop with Beryl Strifeclaw
8-9PM SLT – Gallery of Curiosities Podcast:

Tuesday August 21
5-6PM SLT – Lovecraft Readings with Misk Firethorn
6-7PM SLT – DAVID CSISZER / Host Nyna Slate-Sands
8-10PM SLT – Whimsycallie Pegler / Thandi Rhiadra

Wednesday August 22
2-4PM SLT – Belleen Morte
6-8PM SLT – Wain Arun
8-10PM SLT – Vintage Horror Movies with Doctor Avalon

Thursday August 23
2-4PM SLT – JoAnn Hax
5-6PM SLT – Lovecraft Readings with Misk Firethorn
6-8PM SLT – Gabrielle Riel
8-10PM SLT – Erehwon Texeira

Friday August 24
2-3PM SLT – ~DRUM~ Divine Rhythms of Universal Music
7-8PM SLT – Guided Roleplay Session with Beryl Strifeclaw
8-10PM SLT – Vintage Horror Movies with Doctor Avalon

Saturday August 25
2-4PM SLT – Seanchai Library Presents
5-6PM SLT – Lovecraft Readings with Misk Firethorn
6-7PM SLT – DJ Cherry
8-11PM SLT – Closing Gala – The Lovecraft Masquerade! with DJ Fitch Lekvoda and Host Belleen Morte

Sunday August 26
No Programming


~DRUM~ Divine Rhythms of Universal Music


Vintage Horror Movies with Doctor Avalon
Lovecraft Readings with the Seanchai Library
Lovecraft Readings with Misk Firethorn
Lovecraft Readings with Arik Metzger
RP Workshops with Beryl Strifeclaw
Lovecraft Podcast with the Gallery of Curiosities

Fitch Lekvoda
JoAnn Hax
Wain Arun
Whimsycallie Pegler / Thandi Rhiadra
Erehwon Texeira
Gabrielle Riel
Belleen Morte
io Mooncheeks

Vendor of Lovecraftess worn in photo above by DSO – LINK

Catch your LoveCraft Festival information at LINK

Entry TP from 7pmSLT to 7:30pmSLT 17th August. Click HERE for TP

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Drivers of Second Life

I have said before many times that there is so much to do and see in Second Life. The grid is large and the organic nature of evolution of landscapes makes Second Life an ever changing world one just can’t explore enough to keep up and see everything.

And then there are social groups and clubs from sailing to aviation and dancing. Also groups for families, fundraising events and more adult activities. There is so much to do. So many interesting people and activities.

Today I would like to share with you a social group in Second Life which has to be one of the friendliest and active groups I have experienced.


Drivers of Second Life is an active group with several team members who work together to provide a new weekly drive across parts of Second Life. Created by Christi Charron and Patty Croquet, a new scripted hud is provided free weekly which directs you to your destinations.

Drive activities involve driving road vehicles, watercraft and aircraft. While you are expected to have your own vehicles, you don’t have to spend much at all and even better, sometimes there are free vehicles given along the way for people who don’t have a vehicle and also a prize at the end of a drive. As example, I have collected cars, one or two trains, amphibious cars and a plane. Not to forget all terrain vehicles.

Some drives are just a single activity for the week. A recent drive was a story and adventure taking several weeks of driving with each drive a new hud. When I joined Drivers of Second Life a few months ago, they were in the midst of a secret mission. I don’t know much I missed out on but it was a lot of fun and I have met many people.

The most recent activity involved flying where we needed to land a plane of our choice to show we could progress to the next level. The first was a simple landing at Hollywood air mall. The second was flying a small plane to land on a short dirt strip. The third and final landing an emergency landing on a short length of narrow road which was heaps of fun.

One of the funnest activities group activities I have participated was a long weekend camp involving a drive to the camp site and setting up tent. Some of us went along in the first group, some in the second planned wave. Others like myself traveled over in my own time as I was sound asleep when they started. You know, silly timezones and all.

It was fascinating to see the different caravans, camper vans, winnebago’s and tents were set out across the campsite. We received a cosy caravan on reaching our camping destination which I loved. It also came in handy as I didn’t own one at all.

Camping activities included games, dancing to tunes played by a rocking DJ, an all terrain driving challenge with a vehicle provided that we could keep, a bull riding challenge and of course, you’re own fun. This has to be one of the best weekends I have spent in Second Life. I could have jumped into pixel land and lived it.


With approximately 150 to 250 people participating weekly, Drivers of Second Life is the most active group I have come across. Members are friendly and helpful.

While Christi Charron and Patti Croquet are the main two organisers, it takes a whole team of people to make this so successful including owners/builders in Second Life(ie: Aleksandr String and Robi Rossini)  who participate and John Sheppard who has been awesome in helping with directing traffic. Some Second Life businesses sponsor as part of advertising which helps as a two way street such as Second Life Aviation’s ‘Music to Fly By(MtFB)’ radio with Luke Flywalker providing an online stream for us to listen to while participating.

41763054121_e45c1cc54f_zLuke Flywalker from MtFB and myself

When Christi and Patty, both from Second Life Cheerleader Squad(SLCS) created and sent out the message that they were starting a driving group with a scripted hud, they were not expecting the quick and sudden turn out of people wanting to participate. A group which has only continued to expand and move forward.

If you’re looking for an active group full of the funnest people you’ll meet in Second Life, come join us. I’ll post a weblink below. And don’t worry if you missed a drive in the week of release. Join the group, collect your hud from group notices and take the drive on your own or get friends involved to join you. We’ve even rocketed into space to explore a space station. Each drive hud is left for people to use with a group notice sent so people know when each drive is being removed.

Exploring and adventuring with Drivers of Second Life is a wonderful way to find new places to explore or you might find a shop you want to come back to visit.

Come join us.

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Drivers of Second Life profile – Weblink 

My Flickr Driver of SL Album – LINK

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


10th Anniversary Parade/Party Bay City

The party is on at Bay City’s 10th Anniversary Parade and Party as we celebrate ten years of the best Second Life community in Second Life. Yes, I know I’m biased but not because Cafe Sheree is based here. Bay City rocks as the community spirit here is very impressive.

I quickly felt at home at Bay City.

We gathered at Bay City Municipal Park at Harwich from 12NoonSLT. Everyone was in a jovial mood as we prepared for the parade under the esteemed leadership of Bay City’s Marianne McCann whose our Not Quite the Mayor.

Then off we left. A parade of fun loving Bay Citirians who showed off their Bay Pride.


There were four parade groups. Each of us strutting our stuff. Each of us with our own Bay Pride on as we headed to Bay City Showgrounds.

What a crowd. So many happy here wearing their Bay Pride. It makes me happy that I chose Bay City for Cafe Sheree. I got a chance to wiggle with well known Second Life adventurer/blogger, Daniel Voyager. Hey may not be hopping mad but he has the hippity hop.

Lindens also attended to party with us. Yay!

Four hours of entertainment with live performers and DJ’s.

I love you, Bay City! ♥

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Bay City Showgrounds Landmark

Party coverage by Ryan Shultz(Heath Homewood) – Link

Party coverage by Bixel Shuftan on Second Life Newser – Link

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Event: Bay City 10th Annual Parade

This year will mark the tenth anniversary of Bay City which will be celebrated by a street parade to Bay City’s showground where there will be a party with music and dancing.

Bay City 10th Anniversary Celebration

Tenth Concert Poster

2018 Parade Route

Parade: Meet at Bandshell at Bay City – Harwich at 12pmNOON SLT
Party: Bay City Showground at North Channel at  12:30pmSLT to 4:30pmSLT

Come join us for our 10th anniversary party.

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Sansara Touring with Z-Finest Adventures

When it comes to touring the grid to see what’s what in Second Life and learn about its features, one of the hardest sells is to convince someone to pay for a tour to see and learn about Second Life.

Why would you? Why would one pay when we can read about these things from information provided by Linden Lab? Right?

This is a point of view which I have long held so when I was offered the chance to experience one such tour, I jumped at the chance to see if my thoughts could be challenged.

I stand corrected.

Charley Johnson Tour Guide_003
Departing from Abbotts-Blacktip Historical Airport

Both tours I took departed from the Abbotts-Blacktip Historical Airport where I met with my tour guide, Charley Johnson for the Beanstalk and Bay City tours.

The first tour was the Beanstalk Tour which I found extremely interesting. I learned so much on this tour like how I didn’t know I could travel to the centre of the grid from my home by air and sea. And let’s not forget the final destination of the Beanstalk Tour, the beanstalk which I did not know was the first object built in Second Life and there it stands, tall and proud, open for all to hop up its leaves to the very top. If you can make it without splattering on the ground.

The second tour with Charley Johnson was the Bay City Tour explores interesting historic sites. Important sites of historical nature include Nexus Prime with a cyber punk theme located at Gibson and Bonifacio. This was once a busy location with tall buildings, shops, sewers and more.. This was one of the busiest regions in Second Life. The reason for the demise of Nexus Prime is provided by the tour guide.

With a flight over Bay City’s attractions pointed out as we flew over in a blimp at the right speed for the view to rez and take in the beauty of Bay City, I was fascinated to learn what I didn’t know about the community where I opened my coffee house, Cafe Sheree. Seeing the marina, unused tram tracks and a final destination including a short walk to Hairy Hippo Fun Land, ending with a ride on Loller Coaster.

Walking to Hairy Hippo Fun Land
Walking to Hairy Hippo Fun Land with my tour guide, Charley Johnson.

What do you need to know before you choose which tour to venture on?

Information from the Tour Guide on the Beanstalk Tour is by text while Bay City Tour is by mic. Please keep in mind that you do not need to talk. That’s your personal choice. The Tour Guide uses mic to talk throughout the Bay City Tour.

Up until now, I would never have considered paying for a tour of Second Life but Charley Johnson from Z-Finest Destinations has brought me around to saying that some tours are worth paying for and I would pay for this. I stand by my word on this by admitting that I have since gifted a single ticket to a dear friend of mine who loved exploring Second Life and learning new things.

You can purchase your ticket in Marketplace at the cost for L$250 for a single ticket or a 5 ticket package for L$1,000.

I highly recommend Z-Destination Adventures’ tours. Give it a go. It’s worth the Lindens.

Weblinks and Landmarks

Z-Destination Adventure’s Marketplace – Link
Abbotts-Blacktip Historical Airport – Landmark

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Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Breaking News: Bunny Captured!

Police have revealed that Abby Honeyflower’s killer has been apprehended while caught hiding in bushes.

In late February this year, the dead bloodied body of Abby Honeyflower was found in bushes where she was slain by a hopping mad bunny with evidence quickly pointing to the Easter Bunny which was quickly questioned by friends of the Easter Bunny who demanded it was an impersonator who committed this crime, not the Easter Bunny.

bunny kahvy_007Owner of Land of Rainbows and Morning Jogger, Kahvy Smith

Owner of Land of Rainbows and morning jogger Kahvy Smith addressed the media from his hut that he was very happy with the capture of the killer, “OMG OMG OMG I’m so happy the Police captured that rascally rabbit. I even wore my sexy yellow short shorts for my morning run today. I also wore my amazing bunny ears.”

Still grieving the loss of her beloved partner at the hands of the bunny, Sheree Honeyflower told a reporter over the phone from her location at hideaway at Club Purr that she was happy that her love’s attacker has been caught and that it was safe to go back out among the bluebirds and buttercups.

Criminal defence laywer, Rodger Wabbit of  Tortoise & Hare Assoc. said only that they will only respond to allegations in the Court despite claiming that his arresting Police Officer used excessive force, “Teets! BBQ teets. That’s all!”

A witness claiming to have been standing behind glass doors is reported to have said that the bunny’s solicitor had his paws crossed.

bunny arrested_006Arresting Police Officer Constable Hayo

Police Constable has been praised for his bravey in catching a violent axe weilding killer bunny on his own. Owner of Cacao Eggs was so pleased that he forwarded a box of chocolate egg flavoured donuts to Constable Hayo for making society safe by removing the bunny, “This is eggthelent!”

Police Constable Hayo spoke to the media via his union representative, responding that he was just doing his duty and he wasn’t fond of carrots that much at all.

bunny arrested_022

Last seen in public led away in a Police car with only his ears protruding from the partially open roof top, family of the accused bunny made it known that he was the dark bunny of the family, “We’re disappointed that he took this path instead joining in the family business. It’s not as if it was a stressful life. He only had to work during the chocolate season and meet up for annual mating bunny swap. He was always hopping mad.”

Easter egg hunt Flyer - cropped
Land of Rainbows is now closed to public while bunnies are busy digging for places to hide their eggs for you to find when the Land of Rainbows Egg Hunt starts 23rd of March to the 6th of April, 2018. There are plenty of eggs to find from heaps of designers and builders for you to find and enjoy.

Land of Rainbows – Landmark

Wanted for Murder: The Easter Bunny – Link

Happy Easter and Blessed Eostre

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Wanted for Murder: The Easter Bunny

Police have revealed the shocking revelation that the Easter Bunny is wanted for the suspicion of murder after the body of Abby Honeyflower was found butchered to death, her body left under trees at Land of Rainbows.

Owner of Land of Rainbows Kahvy Smith said he was shocked that this happened at his normally peaceful parkland, “I really don’t know what to say. The last thing I expected to see while on my morning run was to find a dead body here. Why Abby of all people? I don’t think I can wear these tight short shorts while running ever again.”

Snapshot_004Abby Honeyflower

Distraught, local crazy woman and Abby Honeyflower’s partner, Sheree Honeyflower spoke briefly to the media about the murder of her lover.

“Why? All Abby does is visit places to take photos. She wouldn’t hurt anyone. If anyone finds that bunny, tell him I have a hot pot waiting for him on the fire.”

37792588106_8beb5a6023_zFormer Honeyflower residence

Investigating Police have released security footage of the Easter Bunny in what looks like a serious case of stalking Abby Honeyflower. One photo allegedly shows the Easter Bunny carrying a weapon said to be an axe in the house where Abby Honeyflower once lived.

Police ask people not to approach the Easter Bunny on the belief that he have more than cocoa hidden on his body. Detective Fox said, “Please, whatever you do, do not approach the Easter Bunny. You never know what nasty surprises he may have waiting for you.”

“The worst of the worst evidence will remain under secrecy for the benefit of a fair trial. The photos we are releasing today have only been released to allay conspiracy theories of what really happened. It’s clearly evident that the Easter Bunny has been visiting homes and places of interest to Abby Honeyflower.”

37840760351_76c1b8d23a_zThe Easter Bunny blending in as he stalks his victims

Spokesperson of the Cult of Cacao called on the Police and public to stop this witch hunt of the Easter Bunny, claiming that the bunny didn’t do it and that they have evidence leaked from the Police investigation showing that not only did the Easter Bunny not commit this horrendous crime but someone has set the bunny up.

“How dare they accuse our esteemed leader of killing this woman!”

“The Easter Bunny is kind and loving. He would never do anything like that and I challenge the Police to prove that this is even the real Easter Bunny but a maniac in a bunny suit disguised as our beloved bunny.”

“For this reason, we are releasing photos leaked us which the Police were hiding. Photos showing that Abby Honeyflower was murdered by a lover, the Easter Bunny whose so gay that he leave rainbow paw prints everywhere he goes.”

Media sources tell us that Abby Honeyflower’s partner, Sheree Honeyflower has gone into hiding. Some say that she’s not hiding but seeking solitude away from prying media and that the Police know where she currently is staying.

Friend of the Honeyflowers, Ripper Gigglesnort requested that the media give some space, “Go fuck yourself ya mangy bastards!”

Below are images taken by parkland security footage of this grisly murder scene.

bunny murders_013bunny murders_019bunny murders_016bunny murders green hue