Paris Love Affair: Adventurous Farewell

Paris fair_007



Three weeks in Paris and what a holiday it has been for Abby and I. An exciting first week with an exploration by foot, romantic dinners and dancing. A second week of dancing, relaxing, plenty of Parisian love and the final week, our finale was adventure time.

abby flying fox_006

Starting with a trip up the Eiffel Tower, we hopped onto wire for a ride down the flying fox. I sent Abby down first to taste how safe this ride is. Even as a splattered tomato mess I’m sure she would look edible. Away she sped off across Paris along two lines to meet up at the fair.

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We had a ball at the fun fair with two psychics trapped in their boxes. Probably for their own safety from being mugged by adorable women(especially those with a name starting with the letter A), won prizes at the ducks and discharged some fun at the shooting gallery. Topped off with a horse ride, Abby stuffing me into a canon to send who knows where and a ride on the carousel.

So much fun and craziness.

A stroll back to our room, a cozy snuggle and after packing up our bags, we had our final Parisian snog and left for trip home.

And what a holiday we had in Paris. We will definitely be returning for some events and to visit in general. We loved it so much that we could have stayed never returned. As there was more to see and do, Abby and I will definitely return for more Parisian.

Love you Paris. You’re awesome.

Paris 1900 Landmark

Paris Information Landmark



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