Happy 5th Anniversary RSYC

The Rainbow Sails Yacht Club  turned five years old in Second Life at Dutch Harbor. I set sail to Dutch Harbor in my Bandit 60 to join my fellow rainbow sailors to celebrate five years.



I previously wrote about Rainbow Sails Yacht Club as sponsors of Second Pride, a club which I enjoying being part of and its community so I was happy to sail Melissa to Dutch Harbor to join the festivities in celebrating five years.

And what a celebration it was. The party started at 6am(SLT) with DJ Arjuna hitting all the tunes, one song after another as our feet caressed, tapped and stomped the dance floor. Followed by our very own DJ Flower who continued to keep all of us dancing the night away as music blared, our hearts glowed and brilliant fireworks lit the sky with thanks to Bianca.


Sunday saw the weekly cruise at the regular Sunday time of 10amSLT. While I did not make this sail cruise, I’m sure that cruise #250 was a success and a tonne of fun.

To all on the RSYC Committee and every sailor with this most amazing sailing club, may we see another five years of sails, music and laughter.

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Rainbow Sails Yacht Club – Vindar
♥ Happy Sailing ♥
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



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