Linden’s Rez Zone in Kremer


Today’s destination is different to places I usually choose to write about as it’s all about bacon. Well, not bacon but pigs are involved because today’s destination is Linden Lab’s rez zone located at Kremer found in the Bay of Pigs.

Located on the continent of Sansara which has quickly become a favourite of mine, Kremer is located in a central position where surrounding islands also with rez zones have their own items to see such as the crashed pig spaceship and another has a Linden information section to click on.


The rez zone has a ten minute time limit on your objects being returned leaving you plenty of time to approach by sea or air and disembark without losing your transport the moment you stand. Unless of course you casually approached and took your time passing the ten minute mark.

Features here includes a free sail boat. Touch the panel to receive your little boat and rez to sail this cute little boat. It’s not a true sail boat as there is no bwind. Just tap the forward arrow to move and your left/right arrows to turn. As basic as the scripting is, this is a pretty cool little boat. Quite nifty for a freebie.

I took my Destino boat out for  cruise in the surrounding regions  which was a fun and pleasant trip with hardly any sim crossing concerns. Lag is minimal with so little in the area to affect your trip. There is plenty of room to navigate regardless the size of your boat.

For aircraft, any old seaplane will do while only small land planes should you want to use the airstrip as it is short and able to handle sand. It’s a fun little strip to take off and land on and there’s a big arrow on the ground pointing you in the direction of take off.

Like with boating, flying in this region was easy and fast. Have your draw distance set around 300 if your computer and internet connection is able to process it as the scenery here is beautiful.


As with many Linden locations across the grid, housing is a feature here. More as a decoration since you can’t live in them but you can rez furniture as long as you’re going to use them or they will be auto-returned. And as it is a G sim, don’t do anything naughty. G means General, not G Spot. Well…

If you are looking for a place to travel to by sea, air or teleportation, I highly commend Kremer as a destination to visit. Places you can easily travel from includes Bay City and East River.

It’s the perfect location to spend time with your friends to rez a campfire to sit around as day turns to night.

map kremer


Teleport LINK

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Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree/Post Box – LINK




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