Venus Beach II – Ladies Only Venue

Ladies, there are two women only venues I frequent in Second Life, both which I plan to cover. Both have plenty of activities to keep you entertained in a fun women’s only environment owned by Laura Garmes and Avion Luminos.

Venus Beach II is a two region destination with much to do with dancing up the top with a weekly round up and changing dress themes, varying music styles and a relaxing chat as we discuss many things like music that’s playing.

venus beach teleport panel_001

When you arrive at Venus Beach II, the entry point will take you to many directions either by foot or teleport. Dancing areas(there are a few dancing areas) are at a short walking distance from the entry point.

If you prefer to walk to explore like I do, there is plenty to see and do as you take in the beauty of both regions here. Or you could select from the teleport board if you prefer. From dancing to shopping, driving, their amusement park, hopping to your death by sky dive should you not release your parachute which can be a bit messy so best you pull that cord so we can enjoy you alive.

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With dances at Venus Beach II, I have attended dances covering themes such as food. Dress theme I have been to includes Halloween, rock, medical and mermaid. Yes, there is an underwater dance floor for mermaids as well. You just might get wet at Venus Beach II.

While Venus Beach II is a women’s only venue, you don’t have to be LGBTQI to visit. Bring your adult female avatar and get your wiggle on, maybe fly a hang glider or fly a plane.

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Yes, I did mention flying.

There is a small airstrip with a panel to choose a temp rez plane to fly. Landing is the fun part so don’t forget to update your Second Life Insurance before you fly. You can also use one of your own aircraft.

And for you ladies who love driving hard and fast, there is a racing track, again with a temp rez selection of what to drive or rez one of your own. It’s at this location where you may take a parachute and leap 500 metres for the stunning view as you lower to the ground.

amusement park_001

Or come to Venus Beach II to play with friends or bring a date and let your hair down at the amusement park. With rides like dodgem cars, ten pin bowling and hair raising rides, you will have the time of your life.

There is so much to do here from mellowing to blood rushing fun. And if you are looking to meet new people, maybe meet new friends, come to Venus Beach II as everyone is friendly here.

And while you’re here, you might find something you would like to buy to wear. I recently bought myself a pretty dress.

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Entry Point – Landmark
Venus Beach II Webpage – Link

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark




BLM’s Official Opening Party

Earlier this year I wrote a destination article on Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate(BLNE) created by Marcy with the help of her team. BLNE is now owned by Alan West as Marcy decided to return to her roots in running a marina where clothing is optional and furries are accepted. All people are accepted.

Tucked in behind Fiji Islands Airport and Malolo Island Marina, north of the Blake and south of Corsica and Gaeta V, the Blue Lagoon Marina(BLM) is located at Chalands Isle.


With 28 moorings and 3 houseboat parcels, long beach and access to Fiji Islands Airport and Malolo Island Marina by series of tunnels, Blue Lagoon Marina is easily accessed by sea and air. Boating into Blue Lagoon Marina is by heading east between Fiji Islands Airport and the AEB & Wings Tuarua Fiji Military Airport, then turn south behind the airport where you will quickly navigate to Blue Lagoon.

Facilities are moorings, parcels, a club house, beach and dance floor located at this laid back homestead region.


To officially open Blue Lagoon Marina on Saturday, 12 Noon SLT was the cheeky man himself, DJ Trey whose humour and music had all of us wiggling our wiggles in a vibrant atmosphere. And as a special treat, we were treated to some entertainment by live entertainer, TrickyLicks.

What a fun party we had with residents and visitors partying on until 2pm SLT. There was even a gesture call for an encore when the party came to a close. This was a full region as we partied hard. There was no rest for the wicked.

Come visit and relax at Blue Lagoon Marina. A relaxing clothing optional marina. You might never leave.

Blue Lagoon Marina – Landmark


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Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Hangar – LINK





Halloween Party Crawl

On the 31st of October came the day of Halloween celebrations across the grid of which there were many. There were so many parties across the grid that I felt like I needed an alt or three of my first life to party on in Second Life.

As I live in way ahead of SL Time, my timeline saw my Halloween Party Crawl starting at 6am through to 4pm with only a few short breaks including a quick grab of lunch and drinks, and a leg stretch. With the company of Tia for parts of the day, it was time to party!

Jillian’s Female Resort

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First stop was Jillian’s Women’s Resort where you’re greeted by a big marshmellow man from Ghostbusters who I swear could have been easily defeated with the world’s largest hot chocolate.

I have not spent much time at Jillian’s Women’s Resort. I think this is probably my first time to dance there. Here they had two DJ’s playing for four hours. With Tia, the sexy angel of death with me and a fun group of women, three hours went by quickly. Tia left to do her stuff and I had thirty minutes to add more to my Halloween costume as a mad butcher, attend to something quickly inworld and a quick stretch of the limbs before I was off to my second party destination.

SL Aviation Network with Luke Flywalker at Flying Burrito Brothers – Unity Airport

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Halloween Party Crawl stop #2 was at Flying Burrito Brothers – Unity Airport with Luke Flywalker streaming through Second Life Aviation Network for a ninety minute fun fueled Halloween dance. There were two costume prize boards. One for women and one for men.

SL Aviation Network as a radio studio at Flying Burrito Brothers which Luke DJ’s from. The dance floor at the beach is also a weekly segment for Luke every Wednesday. This weekly slot was moved to Tuesday for Halloween.

Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort & D/s Lounge

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It’s now 12 Noon in my RL time and it was time to fetch myself a  bowl of noodles as I travel to my third destination of my Halloween Party Crawl at Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort & D/s Lounge where the sexiest voice on SL had us dancing for two hours which felt shorter.

DJ Masie or as I fondly called her on the night, Nana Masie was there in her Grandma costume. Nana Masie pulls in a crowd and Halloween was no different with dreadfully beautiful creatures of the night wiggling away. There was a fish bowl pool which reached the L$4,000 prize mark.

Hidden Desires is one of the best women only clubs in Second Life. I enjoy going to Hidden Desires to dance with other regulars and everyone else who comes to dance here. If anything, I don’t go anywhere near enough as I should.

Tia was back and with me to to wiggle off. This was Tia’s first time at Hidden Desire so I’ll have to take her on the royal tour. There is a tour pod here for your tour of this purrfect destination.

The Bourbon Street Arcade

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It’s 2pm in my RL time when Tia asked me if I was going to any more parties to which I said, no, I had nothing planned. Then as soon and Tia and I wondered what we would do after Hidden Desire’s amazing dance, a friend of mine, Viktor sent me an invitation to the Halloween dance at The Bourbon Street Arcade. A quick consultation with Tia, the sexy angel of death and we were off.

I had not been to The Bourbon Street Arcade before. This is a gay club for men though not exclusively for men only. This is one club set up I had not seen before which is refreshing. It was bright. Very bright. Energetically bright.

The scene here was fantabulous with such an enthusiastic energy similar to Second Pride’s annual event. Everyone here was positively loud to match the loud wall painting. Tia and I truly enjoyed our time here. There was a costume prize here. If you ask me, their judges picked the right costume. All that yellow. All those feathers. That would have been my judge’s choice were I a judge for this competition.

And then it was another two hours later, the party was finished and it was 4pm in my RL time. That’s ten fun packed hours and it was time to give my computer a Sheree break.

Each destination are destinations I highly recommend, as are the clubs I wanted to attend but there is only one of me and I had to make some difficult decisions on where to go.

Scaretober as I have nicknamed October this year was brilliant. Thank you to everyone responsible for these parties.

Big hugs to all of you. Especially for Nana Masie. Who can resist a loving Nana hug? ♥

Jillian’s Women’s Resort – Link
Burrito Brother/Unity – Link
Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort – Link
The Bourbon Street Arcade – Link

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark




Second Pride: Voodoo Festival

Scaretober is drawing near the end as Halloween approaches which means themed dances across the Second Life grid. Second Pride is holding Voodoo Festival.

Halloween-voodoo 2017

This Saturday Pride is having it’s annual Voodoo festival. For fun, and fundraising for the 2018 festival!

We’re late to the party but should you have time, here’s some info for your blog and the poster:

👻 👻 SATURDAY October 28 – 12 am – 12 pm SLT 👻👻


All the spooks are in there places. All the ghouls are hiding and some of the best DJ’s on the grid will be in attendance for the spooktacular event slebrating our diversity!

The amazing Line -up for this event :

12 – 2 pm – DJ Ari | 2-4 pm – DJ Rez | 4-6 pm – DJ Apollo | 6-8 pm – DJ Junior | 8-10 pm – DJ Nicco | 10pm – Midnight – DJ Tarzan Tom

No Dresscode but do Dress up! Dress to impress for the biggest, baddest, spookiest Halloween event on the grid! Raise money for the Pride 2018 festival while you party till you drop!

More info –

Teleport Landmark – HERE!

second pride logo


bunny axe killer

See you at Second Pride’s Voodoo Festival where you never know who or what you’ll run into no matter how innocent looking they or it may be.
Second Pride – Teleport
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Cafe Sheree – Landmark


Halloween at Cafe Sheree

OMG OMG OMG OMG… It’s Halloween Time!

Yesss, it’s that time of year where Halloween blasts across Second Life with many highly imaginative halloween themed regions and parcels. I love visiting them.

This year it’s my turn to participate in Halloween at Cafe Sheree. My beautiful cafe at Bay City – Harwich is all dressed up for Halloween.

Beer and soft drink in the fridge, popcorn in the microwave, treats found in the dining room.

Careful, it’s dark outside.


Halloween at Cafe Sheree – Landmark


Sheree Honeyflower


Seven Hours of Dancing

Thursday is the day I once envisioned as my day of essential blogging to ensure that new posts are ready for the weekend but nope, Thursday rolled out the way I once envisioned. Not Second Life Thursday but my Thursday as it happens here in Australia where I bake in this fake winter some of us are currently experiencing. Seriously, I’m sitting here in the midst of July wearing nothing but a light summer nightie and the window next me open for the gentle breeze at 9pm.

Not that I’m complaining about any of this. I strongly dislike the cold but I do not dislike what my Thursday is for me. Nope. Especially not today.


So I wake up early as I had planned to so I could make it to Zeus Gay Club for their Alice in Wonderland theme which started at Noon, 12 July(SLT) which for me was 5am. Having saved my outfit the night before, it was a quick dress and off to party where I was surprised how there were no doubles but those characters where doubling up was necessary for the character.

Dressed as a red haired Alice, I was expecting to see at least three Alice characters but nope,  was the only Alice which was pretty cool. If one community can put together a celebration, it’s the LGBTQI community. We certainly know how to let our hair down in the brightest way possible.

Through the two hours of this event, two friends and my girlfriend joined me in their own time which helped increase my fun at least. Isn’t that all that matters? *pokes tongue*

What I didn’t expect was to win L$600 with most votes awarded to myself. I didn’t even see prize information in the advertising though it is there. I checked.


Two hours later, another venue for another two hours of dancing. This time it was time to dance at Gay Fun Club for the ‘Best in Panties’ theme. I wasn’t interested in entering this competition. I only wanted to vote for the winner but nope, apparently only contestants can vote on the contest board. My bad. I’ll have to remember this.

And oh my, so many sexy underwear covered bottoms wiggling all over the dance floor like the bottom belonging to DJ Tina.


Four hours down and we’re off to Club Sinnz to help celebrate the birthday of Racheal, co-owner of Club Sinnz with her engaged  to be wife, Holle. Two women who I respect for many reasons including putting up with me as a Host for their club. I wasn’t very good at being a Host really. I was awful. LOL

Sadly we arrived late and missed the crowd and much of the fun. I did get to visit to offer birthday celebrations and catch up. With Abby having left to spend with her partner, Finn before heading off to bed, it was time for my next venue.


Five hours of dancing and a notice for the weekly two hour set by Luke Flywalker spinning tunes at Burrito Brothers/Unity Airport where all tips goes to Relay For Life. The music is streamed through MtFB(Music to Fly By) which is part of Second Life Aviation Network. Which brings me to share with you of my offer of employment as a reporter for MtFB/Second Life Aviation Network.


After seven hours of partying and dancing, it was time hop in my plane and navigate my way to Fiji Island Airport to write up my latest Second Life Airport Destination(SLAD) article about this airport which opened just under a week ago after a major rebuild. If you’re anything like me, it can be a lot of fun to watch object rez as they take different shapes. These tall trees in the distance looked like large flower bulbs waiting to open for the early morning sun. Then it was off to my cafe to send out the notice to my beautiful inworld subscribers to this blog.

And then it was time to log off and spend time with the physical world around me including a cat nap.

I had an immense amount of fun today. An extraordinary amount of fun so from now on, I think I probably should rename Blogging Thursday to Dance My Paws Off Thursday.

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Landmarks and Webpages

Zeus Gay Club – LM

Gay Fun Club – LM

Club Sinnz – LM

Burrito Brothers/Unity Airport – LM

Second Life Aviation Network – Link


Sheree Honeyflower
Cafe Sheree – LM



Second Pride Helped My Pride


I can’t believe it’s all done. In the past like a dream you don’t want to end yet seven days later, I’m still feeling pumped from attending my first Second Pride event. To say that I miss it might be understating a little as I long for more. Somebody give me more.

How did I not not know of Second Pride until shortly after last year’s event?



I invested far too much of my life living in giving in to those whose whole meaning in life to oppress others. They aren’t good people at all and yet we are expected to kneel to them in submissiveness. I’m not playing down why I became like this and why I feared having anything to do with anyone like myself but I can’t but wish I had done what some tried to encourage me to do and just go.

The past few years has been driving my insane with living my pretend life which nobody believed anyway. Those who I hid it from knew because I suck at hiding my sexuality. Like my friend who told me that I should stop hiding when everybody notices how I respond to a woman who catches my attention, whether I know what I am doing or not.

This isn’t a post about sadness but joy. It’s a huge thank you to everyone of you at Second Pride. Not just those on the Pride Committee, their sponsors and volunteers. It is to all of you including those of you who came to support and those who came to party. The camaraderie was amazing.

My original intention was to help by blogging for Second Pride and turning up once or twice but no, I was there every single day. Each day seeing my attendance taking up more hours in the day where on the final was my ultimate for never leaving but for the enforced absence by a crashed viewer and that was only five to ten minutes.


You opened my heart and filled it with rainbow. I could not list the names of every amazing person I met at Second Pride to who I am eternally grateful. There are so many of you. I hid among ‘mainstream society’ for far too long and all of you helped take that extra step beyond the major steps I have taken in the past year such as moving in with my very real girlfriend whose family still feels surreal to me with their level of acceptance and humanist belief systems.

I sit here writing this, listening to Boy George’s beautiful voice playing in my ears as I tear up just as I did in closing moments of 2017’s Second Pride as it filled me with what I needed all those year ago. All of you are some of the beautiful people I have met in my life. I lived in secret and I lived out there at the same time. That’s how useless I am at hiding who I am.

People like Kahvy, LLedge, Viktor, Bock, Evan and who could leave out beautiful women like Belle and so sooo many others of you. Thank you.

There are those before Second Pride who played a role. Especially Jenny who despite our ups and downs, will always be important to me and who I will always love intensely.

I found being there in the midst of celebration was healing. As healing as drawing energy of the full moon. Bring on 2018 Second Pride for I cannot wait.

All of you inspired me to attempt recording parts of the final day of Second Pride to make a video which, after all the cuts an digital tape left in megabits of mess all over the editing floor, I put together this ten minute video which I hope you enjoy. I have tried to present Second Pride as it felt to me.


love is love


rainbow heart



♥ Love you all. ♥


Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree Landmark