Rainbow Sails Yacht Club

RSYC Vindar_008

Somewhere under the rainbow, sails pass by…

Being a week of Pride in Second Life this week, I give you one of the best rainbow clubs I have been involved with. The Rainbow Sails Yacht Club(RSYC).

About Rainbow Sails as quoted from their tumblr;

A sailing and social club in Second Life for the gay and lesbian community and their friends.
Our clubhouses and marinas are located in Vindar region – Second Norway (part of the United Sailing Sims) and St Martin (Sailors Cove South)

RSYC has two locations. One is Rainbow Power Boat Club at St Martin. Weekly dancing every Wednesday is held here on the beach.

Their second location is the Rainbow Sails Yacht Club which is their main club house. From here you can access information on weekly sail cruises held every Saturdy at 5am(SLT) and Sunday(10am). You can also access from the board upstairs previous cruises which you can take a copy of by clicking on the map your would like information of. Each notecard has basic information about the cruise as well as map and waypoint coordinates.

Both locations have slips for rent. Rent of slips and donations help pay for the running for RSYC. Club membership is free to join.

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Rainbow Power Boat Club – St Martin

Rainbow Sails Yacht Club – Vindar

RSYC also hold weekly races where small catamarans compete and the Rainbow Sails Commodore Cup for those racing their Trudeau 12M yachts.

Weekly cruises is a social event where members and friends sails their yachts, some sail with friends on their boat. If you would like to see what a cruise is like without piloting your own boat or you don’t have a boat, announce yourself and ask if anyone would like to take you. I have never seen anyone refused.

The community spirit among RSYC members is supportive without drama llamas. Just a good old fashioned fun time with friends.

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Rainbow Sails Yacht Club is a sponsor of Second Pride Festival 23 June to 2 July. Come party and celebrate with us and visit RSYC’s display while you’re here.

Rainbow Sails YC – Tumblr

RSYC Vindar – Landmark

Rainbow Power Boat – Landmark
See you at sea.


Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



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