Breaking News: Bunny Captured!

Police have revealed that Abby Honeyflower’s killer has been apprehended while caught hiding in bushes.

In late February this year, the dead bloodied body of Abby Honeyflower was found in bushes where she was slain by a hopping mad bunny with evidence quickly pointing to the Easter Bunny which was quickly questioned by friends of the Easter Bunny who demanded it was an impersonator who committed this crime, not the Easter Bunny.

bunny kahvy_007Owner of Land of Rainbows and Morning Jogger, Kahvy Smith

Owner of Land of Rainbows and morning jogger Kahvy Smith addressed the media from his hut that he was very happy with the capture of the killer, “OMG OMG OMG I’m so happy the Police captured that rascally rabbit. I even wore my sexy yellow short shorts for my morning run today. I also wore my amazing bunny ears.”

Still grieving the loss of her beloved partner at the hands of the bunny, Sheree Honeyflower told a reporter over the phone from her location at hideaway at Club Purr that she was happy that her love’s attacker has been caught and that it was safe to go back out among the bluebirds and buttercups.

Criminal defence laywer, Rodger Wabbit of  Tortoise & Hare Assoc. said only that they will only respond to allegations in the Court despite claiming that his arresting Police Officer used excessive force, “Teets! BBQ teets. That’s all!”

A witness claiming to have been standing behind glass doors is reported to have said that the bunny’s solicitor had his paws crossed.

bunny arrested_006Arresting Police Officer Constable Hayo

Police Constable has been praised for his bravey in catching a violent axe weilding killer bunny on his own. Owner of Cacao Eggs was so pleased that he forwarded a box of chocolate egg flavoured donuts to Constable Hayo for making society safe by removing the bunny, “This is eggthelent!”

Police Constable Hayo spoke to the media via his union representative, responding that he was just doing his duty and he wasn’t fond of carrots that much at all.

bunny arrested_022

Last seen in public led away in a Police car with only his ears protruding from the partially open roof top, family of the accused bunny made it known that he was the dark bunny of the family, “We’re disappointed that he took this path instead joining in the family business. It’s not as if it was a stressful life. He only had to work during the chocolate season and meet up for annual mating bunny swap. He was always hopping mad.”

Easter egg hunt Flyer - cropped
Land of Rainbows is now closed to public while bunnies are busy digging for places to hide their eggs for you to find when the Land of Rainbows Egg Hunt starts 23rd of March to the 6th of April, 2018. There are plenty of eggs to find from heaps of designers and builders for you to find and enjoy.

Land of Rainbows – Landmark

Wanted for Murder: The Easter Bunny – Link

Happy Easter and Blessed Eostre

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark



Wanted for Murder: The Easter Bunny

Police have revealed the shocking revelation that the Easter Bunny is wanted for the suspicion of murder after the body of Abby Honeyflower was found butchered to death, her body left under trees at Land of Rainbows.

Owner of Land of Rainbows Kahvy Smith said he was shocked that this happened at his normally peaceful parkland, “I really don’t know what to say. The last thing I expected to see while on my morning run was to find a dead body here. Why Abby of all people? I don’t think I can wear these tight short shorts while running ever again.”

Snapshot_004Abby Honeyflower

Distraught, local crazy woman and Abby Honeyflower’s partner, Sheree Honeyflower spoke briefly to the media about the murder of her lover.

“Why? All Abby does is visit places to take photos. She wouldn’t hurt anyone. If anyone finds that bunny, tell him I have a hot pot waiting for him on the fire.”

37792588106_8beb5a6023_zFormer Honeyflower residence

Investigating Police have released security footage of the Easter Bunny in what looks like a serious case of stalking Abby Honeyflower. One photo allegedly shows the Easter Bunny carrying a weapon said to be an axe in the house where Abby Honeyflower once lived.

Police ask people not to approach the Easter Bunny on the belief that he have more than cocoa hidden on his body. Detective Fox said, “Please, whatever you do, do not approach the Easter Bunny. You never know what nasty surprises he may have waiting for you.”

“The worst of the worst evidence will remain under secrecy for the benefit of a fair trial. The photos we are releasing today have only been released to allay conspiracy theories of what really happened. It’s clearly evident that the Easter Bunny has been visiting homes and places of interest to Abby Honeyflower.”

37840760351_76c1b8d23a_zThe Easter Bunny blending in as he stalks his victims

Spokesperson of the Cult of Cacao called on the Police and public to stop this witch hunt of the Easter Bunny, claiming that the bunny didn’t do it and that they have evidence leaked from the Police investigation showing that not only did the Easter Bunny not commit this horrendous crime but someone has set the bunny up.

“How dare they accuse our esteemed leader of killing this woman!”

“The Easter Bunny is kind and loving. He would never do anything like that and I challenge the Police to prove that this is even the real Easter Bunny but a maniac in a bunny suit disguised as our beloved bunny.”

“For this reason, we are releasing photos leaked us which the Police were hiding. Photos showing that Abby Honeyflower was murdered by a lover, the Easter Bunny whose so gay that he leave rainbow paw prints everywhere he goes.”

Media sources tell us that Abby Honeyflower’s partner, Sheree Honeyflower has gone into hiding. Some say that she’s not hiding but seeking solitude away from prying media and that the Police know where she currently is staying.

Friend of the Honeyflowers, Ripper Gigglesnort requested that the media give some space, “Go fuck yourself ya mangy bastards!”

Below are images taken by parkland security footage of this grisly murder scene.

bunny murders_013bunny murders_019bunny murders_016bunny murders green hue

Fiji Aviation Museum

If you are into Second Life aviation and maybe even aviation in our physical lives, then the new Fiji Aviation Museum located at Fiji Isle Airport is waiting, calling you to fly over and take your time to peruse this fantastic aviation.


How do you get to Fiji Aviation Museum?

With the exemption of the ever lazy but instant teleport, you can fly to Fiji Isle Airport. You arrive by landing at the runway at Maho Beach region where you taxi to Bancs Ferrari Isle region where you will find Fiji Airport’s terminal. All jets must immediately taxi to Ferrari Isle as Maho Beach is grass where only propeller aircraft are permitted to remain.

As you enter through the bunker, you find yourself walking through what feels like a corridor with doors separating your passage. As the sign advises, please turn your music stream on as there is a cycle of recordings of aviation history of war planes on display. I have sat and listened to what is very interesting historic accounts of war aviation.

Each aircraft has an information board to take a notecard with information on the plane they are placed. As an example, the note card for the JU87 Stuka has the following opening paragraph;

“The Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka (from Sturzkampfflugzeug, “dive bomber”) was a German dive bomber and ground-attack aircraft. Designed by Hermann Pohlmann, it first flew in 1935. The Ju 87 made its combat debut in 1937 with the Luftwaffe’s Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War and served the Axis forces in World War II.”

aviation display_002Gloster Meteor F.8 RAF

If you are right into aviation history, then you need to make your way to Fiji Aviation Museum owned and set up by, Jenny who also owns Fiji Isle Airport. With aircraft on display and historical accounts played in stream to revolve to keep Fiji Aviation Museum fresh, you really do need to visit and enjoy the dedication put in by Jenny.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fiji Aviation Museum

The museum has a predominately ww2 theme but exhibits will change and special exhibition weeks throughout the year will see a variety of aircraft represented.
As this is a working collection aircraft and vehicles are not always found in the same place and is not by any means a definitive collection of available aircraft. Notecards are provided by each aircraft to give the history of its real life counterpart and who makes the SL version

Please turn on radio stream to hear a looped stream of documentaries and period music this will always reflect the general theme of exhibits and programmes will change regularly.



Fiji Aviation Museum – Link
Fiji Isle Airport Runway – Link
Fiji Isle Airport Terminal – Link
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



Why We Need Rainbow Pride


Back in August, 2016 I wrote ‘Being Gay’ which covered a little of my real life. This was not meant to be a negative comment but something just needed to be said. I am one of those who do not like to mix my real life and second life together but for many Second Life is where they can be who they truly are instead of the lies they live in their first life.

This week has seen me attend my very first Second Pride Event and I have been very lucky to be part of their blogging team to help promote this important event. Second Pride is inclusive of all people who identify as LGBTQI, those who are unsure and those who support us. Second Pride sim a place for us to come when we feel the need. Second Life is the only place where many feels safe and supported to be who they are without life damaging repercussions.

lgbtqi pride meme
The LGBTQI rainbow flag isn’t divided by borders. It’s a flag of inclusion, love and healing.

It was something which happened at this week’s Second Pride event in Second Life which inspired me to write this blog. Something which reminded me of this meme I made. Unaltered to this date with its typo included. A young man who suddenly found himself to be around other people with similar stories to his. A young man bullied from a young age for his sexuality.

To be able to release what he had pent up inside. To hear words spoken to him about him which he had never heard before but should have. He has come home. He has found a home where he can be who he is. And there are many people who are using platforms such as Second Life so they can express themselves around without fear of persecution.

Those of us living in developed nations have come a long way with thanks to those who made a great personal sacrifice so those of us in later generations to follow could live without experiencing the same attitudes. The USA has Stonewall on June 28, 1969. Australia had their own version of Police brutality against them on June 24, 1978.

We have progressed extensively since then. No longer do we fear Police, Judiciary and prison for our sexual status. An Australia State of Queensland recently abolished a by-law which gave an exemption for murder on the basis that a homosexual hit on you. South Australia needs to follow.

Christian haters

And then we have fundamentalists of ideologies of religions and of party politics who are busy working to bring back the days of this persecution. These people believe that they are being denied rights by not allowing them to hurt other people. Not just LGBTQI. Their hate fans across the globe. It is these types we cannot relax and under estimate their influence. The rise of hate crimes in the USA since the election of Donald Trump is just one of many example. Crimes against homosexuals in Chechnya and Middle Eastern nations are another example. Those of us living in nations where we are accepted do have more challenges and walls to conquer however we also need to be supportive of people like us who live where it is so dangerous to live that even their own parents are killing them to save their own face as some moral obligation.

People who cannot progress their mindsets live everywhere. The Christian Right in Australia continue to grow vocal against us such as Australian Christian Lobby where we’re like Nazis. So many of us have been traumatised through abuse from being ridiculed through to being disowned, left homeless, through to beatings, sexual assaults and some have been murdered. Having survived a brutal physical attack including rape as some sexual correction and the knife’s edge pressed against flesh in the space between my ribs to end my nightmare life, we are survivors and we need, no, we must fight those who are increasing their power of politicians who demand their beliefs be exerted upon society. Not just for us of the LGBTQI communities but everyone under their ire. Their need for segregation must never be tolerated. Not again. Not ever.

In a blog post, ACL director Lyle Shelton invoked the rise of Nazi Germany before arguing that Labor leader Bill Shorten’s support for Safe Schools reflected “a failure of those of us who know better”.

“Changing the definition of marriage to entrench motherless and fatherlessness in public policy and teaching our kids their gender is fluid should be opposed,” he wrote.

“The cowardice and weakness of Australia’s ‘gatekeepers’ is causing unthinkable things to happen, just as unthinkable things happened in Germany in the 1930s.”

Mr Shelton began the post by declaring he loved to read obituaries in The Economist, specifically one published last week on the late German-born historian Fritz Stern. According to the obituary, Stern argued the rise of Adolf Hitler owed less to the Fuhrer’s personality cult and more to the failure of Germany’s ‘gatekeepers’ to oppose him.

The ACL leader then blamed Australia’s own ‘gatekeepers’, or conservative elites, for failing to halt the advance of marriage equality or transgender acceptance.
Sydney Morning Herald article, May 31, 2016


Whether you are gay, bi, pan, transgender, asexual, intersexual… Be proud. You are you. Love yourself who you are. We are children, we are medical staff, Police, emergency rescue, teacher, office worker, tradies(plumbers, electricians, carpenters…), serving in the military, we are who we are.

Embrace who you are. We see far too many like us suffering. Too many consider suicide. Too many attempt/commit suicide or abuse drugs in an attempt to hide who we are. No more. Only this week I have been told by a person proselytising their religion that we are an abnormality, a defect, something which needs to be exterminated to please his sick, perverted idea of God. No more. Don’t yell at them. Mock them playfully. Please try not to allow them to control how we feel about ourselves.

If you are using a platform like Second Life and you feel identified with an avatar of a stick figure, be that stick figure.

love is love

Embrace your rainbow and please, please love yourself. Love who you are. Grab your Pride and be.

Capture♥ Love your rainbow. ♥

  • LGBTQI music videos below if you’re interested.

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



Paris Love Affair: L’amour et La Musée du Louvre

snuggling abby from behind_001
Bonjour mon amour

“Bonjour mon amour”, I whisper to Abby as I wrap my arms up around her on our first morning in Paris, “Je t’aime”.

“Je t’aime aussi”, Abby replied in our loving embrace on the ottoman.

Feeling only the fading effect of jet lag drowned by wine, Abby and I were keen to set out to explore this Parisian lifestyle. Somehow we made it out of our room or somehow Abby made it out alive with me sniffing her hair as I nuzzled her neck and poor French pronunciations.

train_002“I love the map detail but where are these coloured lined on the roads?”

We set out into the living breathing City of Paris looking like every other tourist with an admiration of road maps and neither of us knew where to start so we left it to each other until we agree to visit La Louvre.

“Let’s walk.”
“But Paris is so big, we should ride the tram.”

Mmm, the scent of foods and coffees in the air, the rumble of traffic and clomp clomp clomping of the feet passing by, we were very excited. Maybe it was our excitement which made the wait for the tram feel far too long to wait so we chose to take the walking tour. And wow, what a beautiful scenic walking tour we took. So many more fun things to add to our list of ‘What to do”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Abby and I walked and walked, taking in so much of the city as we found a carousel, Moulin Rouge, an entertainment centre, a dog peeing on the pole with a look of happy relief on his face, coffee shops, clothing stores and all with my beautiful lady by my side.

La Louvre

After taking in some of the city street sights of Paris City, we nipped over to La Louvre, a multi level museum of the arts. A beautiful building with an impressive display of artwork throughout. And the chairs are comfy but not enough room for me to squish Abby.

Sheree: “Is that your stomach I hear growling?”
Abby: “I have a whole panther in here wanting to feed.”
Sheree: “I heard different.”
Abby: “Oh really? What did you hear?”
Sheree: “More of an opinion really.”
Abby: “Are you going to tell me or do I have to suck it out from your mouth”
Sheree: “You might need to suck more than that.”
Abby: “OMG Sheree!”

So much to do here in Paris. So much more to do in Paris now that we saw more here than we thought there was. A wonderful day of exploring by foot, looking at romantic couples and the cute gay couple who stopped us for a little chat. Glad they spoke English because our French is abysmal.

Our tummies were rumbling. Well, mine had a growing grumble. Abby’s was growling for a hunt. I’m sure I heard her stomach calling my name.

“How about the restaurant just over the road from here, darling?”, I asked.

“Sure, why not?”, Abby replied, almost dragging me out of my comfortable chair so she could settle her stomach.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What a beautiful way to conclude the day. A romantic dinner together as we rested our feet and feed our starving tummies as we were lost in each other’s eyes. Those beautiful browns eyes and soft lips.

We ate as the sun went down, the light blue sky turned dark and my baby’s face was illuminated by candlelight. The food was scrumptious, filling and just enough.

And then it was time to head home and retire. Two women high on Parisian love, laughing all the way back to our room as we held each other in our arms, kissing intermittently along the way.

33737713014_e2cd4acfeb_z“I love you, baby”… “I love you too, darling”

Having safely made our way home, we fell into bed, falling into a satisfied sleep as we cuddled.
Paris 1900 Landmark

Virtually Sheree Office Landmark
Cafe Sheree Landmark

*Photos are taken by Abby and Sheree*


Paris Love Affair – Abby & I Arrive

I would like to share with you, my lovely readers, one of my friends in Second Life who is important to me, Abby Fraser. Abby is more than just a friend. Abby is one of my lovers. And I thank her loving partner, Finn who is open to mutually consensual relationships where a couple may have another lover/s who are special to them.

abby packing_006Admiring Abby as she packs our bags.

With her loving partner’s blessing, Abby and I decided that we needed time alone where we can be intimate in privacy but where could we go? And then it hit us, “Let’s holiday at Paris!”

Studying Abby lips mouth ‘Paris’ in her awful fake French accent was enough for me. We booked our flights and accommodation, snuggled up close as we spoke of our first romance away from home in Paris. If there is a city to grow love in intimacy, it is Paris.

abbys boob tfia - Copy
“He’s watching us”, by Abby

At the Airport. “that guard is watching us again. Let’s give him something to look at, shall we?”

waiting to board_001

After a cheeky kiss before walking through the security scanner, we sat near the boarding gate where we saw our plane preparing. A wait which always feels a life time but with Abby, time is on our side where every moment together is a golden moment. So I sat playing with her hair as she lay on my lap, looking at me with her pretty face. We were incredibly excited as we waited for our flight. No idea how many times I kissed those sweet lips as we waited.

flying out_002

Holding hands, we sit close, holding hands, our hearts beating as we rumble into the sky.

I have to say, I didn’t know that Abby could get so hungry but ate she did, stuffing her face with first class foods and drinking wine together. Is it love when your heart beats louder from watching food fall out of a ravenous mouth? Food really does taste good when you lick it off the side of her mouth.

Abby – “The Air Hostess likes you!”
Sheree – “You think everyone likes me but they’re really eying you.”
Abby – “I saw her looking down your top every time she walks past.”
Sheree – “I think she was looking for traces of your lipstick.”

We are here

Arrived at the hotel, yay! – Belle Vue

arrived cuddling_006

After a long yet exciting flight, we made it to Paris, France. After flying McKeenan Aviation whose commercial plane I highly recommend. What a flight! Who knew he employed such sex kittens. The man has taste.

After the hustle and bustle of going through the airport and the taxi ride to our accommodation, and a driver who kept looking in his rear vision mirror to perve on Abby. Who wouldn’t? We arrived at our room, put out bags down, broke open our first bottle of French wine and collapsed on the bed. It was my time to snuggle in so I could look up and admire her from down here. She really is belle.

arrived cuddling_001
“We really are in Paris together, my darling Abby. I love you so much!”

After our initial snug, sipping of French wine and a nap, we explored one of our balconies and wow, our view is ‘magnifique’. I can’t believe these surreal emotions from living and breathing in the beautiful French city, Paris. And with the most beautiful woman in all of Paris. I couldn’t feel any happier than I am right now. I now know that I am deeply in love. Amoureux. I am one very lucky girl.

“Hey, Abby”, I said as I sipped my wine while looking at the beauty of Paris.

“Yes, love?”, my darling Abby replied.

“Do you think we should marry here in Paris?”, I said, turning to look at her.

Abby giggled, “Maybe.”


Art of Love by, Abby

And we laughed, we giggled, we sat quietly together sipping from delicious bottles of French wine, absorbing the atmosphere of love, Parisian style.

It was late as time flew by. So easy to lose track of time when you’re in the company of your soul mate.

“Come on, my love”, Abby said, taking my hand to lead me back inside, “It’s getting late and we need our rest.”

Paris 1900 Landmark

Paris Information Landmark

My Paris Photo Album on Flickr

Avec amour


Erotic Story: Bounded Seduction Pt2

Part 2

“Bring the girl to me.”

I awakened to hear this woman of authority bellow an order. My body was sore from sleeping on nothing but a large lumpy cushion keeping my body off the cold concrete floor, my wrists still bound together and the cuff around my neck tethered to a wooden post held only by the concrete. I could not feel any further away from civilisation, from my career, my friends… my life.

Slowly stirring around, a man’s feet stopped near me, the rope tethered to the post fell as it loosened, some of it touching my skin. Feeling the rope on my skin reminded me of where I was and suddenly I was awake.

Spluttering, I tried to lift myself onto my feet as I was dragged across the floor by the neck, only to stumble and fall as my skin burned from the skid of the hard cold floor, only stop at two feeding bowls. In one was water and the other, some kind of mushy mix of foods like leftovers. ‘What is this?’, I thought to myself, ‘Am I supposed to eat like some dog?’

Then a sudden sharp pain short through my body causing me to scream out loud in agony. Again, and again. Three hard strikes against my naked bottom.

I sobbed, crying once again as tears fell onto the food in the dog bowl of food.

“Eat your food, stupid girl!”

It was her. Fear shot through me like an electric shock from touching a faulty power point. Another strike to my bare bottom.

“I told you to eat, girl”.

With my wrists bound, I reached for the food in the bowl and she stepped on my hands. My bones feeling like they were going to crush were she to add extra pressure. She laughed at me, ridiculing like I was petulant school girl. I knew what she wanted but I didn’t want to.

“I’m not your fucking dog”, I said in a broken voice.

“Ahh, John told me that you’re a hard arse. A tough bitch who breaks balls of any man who gets in your way. Well, you’re not at work any more you silly fool. You will eat your food with your face in the bowl and to teach you a lesson, you are going to be bitched at the same time.”

Her voice rang through my ears. There was no way I was going to do this for her. No way. No fucking way was I going to and yet I did. I put my face in that dog bowl and ate. I ate as I felt her hit my body with a flat object I never got to see. Possibly a paddle. Countless strikes against my bottom. My crying out for sympathy arse that was starting to enjoy every harsh assault against it and I moaned.

I heard myself moan and beg her for more when she stopped while I ate like a dog. Food all over my face.

Wrists unbound. Wrists rebound but behind my back with my face pushed in the bowl and ordered to keep eating.

Then my wrists lifted as she took the rope that bound my wrists and pulled me a little off the ground. I winced at the pain in my shoulders and then I groaned. Her fingers forced themselves inside my vagina which also betrayed me with her wetness. I did not know that I was wet until she told me, her fingers intruding inside me and yet I moaned and pushed my hips hard against her hand. The harder and faster she pushed her fingers inside, the harder and faster I pushed my hips against her.


Was that me? Was that my throat which let out that loud painful groan as I felt fingers become suddenly larger?

She laughed at me again as she mocked me, “You little slut. Does John know that you enjoy being fisted like a dirty whore?” Again she laughed, “Keep eating your breakfast and if you finish your food, lick the bowl until I tell you to stop.”

“Yes, Miss”, I whimpered.

Holy fuck, no way did I just call her, Miss. But I loved it. My body rocked against her hand inside, stretching me, pushing me, slutting me. I ate and ate and then I licked the bowl clean. I continued licking the bowl clean when I felt my abdomen spasm. My legs shook under my weight and all the pain in my shoulders disappeared as I felt myself shift to a world I had never experienced before. It was like I was torn apart then burst followed by some release. Like a universe was just created and I wailed.

I came around. I must have blacked out as I woke up seeing blackness, then a blur of her feet at my face as she spoke to someone about me as if I was just some rag doll to be played with but something she said glued to my memory. “She’s mine. This little bitch is mine so don’t let any one touch her without my say.”

I felt attached. I felt owned. I felt wanted.

I wanted.

I wanted her.

I was hers and inside, I felt myself hand myself over to her.


Erotic Story: Bounded Seduction Pt1

Let me take you to where it all began. The day that saw my whole life start to change and the person everyone knew went away and was never seen again. A day where my eyes were opened, all of the anxieties were put aside and never ruled my life ever again.

I was a career woman whose first and only priority was my career. I loved my chosen profession. I still love my chosen profession. Yet there was something wrong which wasn’t evident to me but it was to one of the few people who I took orders from. One of three who held empowerment over me. He took me aside and told me that he had booked for me a room at a special resort for a month. I feared I was being pushed out of my position.

“Don’t worry, you will have online access to us and no major decisions will be made without you”, he reassured me with his charming smiling and charismatic eyes.

He was right. It was paradise. Clean air blowing through Eucalypt trees and the shimmering of the cleanest lake I had ever seen where everybody bathed naked. Everything was natural. Nobody swan with bathers and nobody wore anything. When they weren’t bating the cool lake, men and women were socialising in their groups where were distinctively separated by their clothing. I was wearing what I was issued when I go there, a simple free flowing tunic. I often rested near the lake, watching men and women frolic in the water playfully and those who made love anywhere they pleased.

It had been three days when a young woman dressed in the minimalist robing I had seen anyone wear. Her robe hung loosely over curvaceous barely protecting her from interested eyes but enough to draw your attention to her. She offered her hand out to me and led me through the bush landscape quietly, never uttering a word. Then we stopped. Her hand disappeared in her loose robing and withdrew a white length of cloth.

“Goddess desires you to wear this”, she said in a sweet humble tone.

My vision was removed from me as the cloth was bound round my head. Then I heard her speak again.

“Goddess requires that your wrists be bound so you can be easily led”.

She guided my arms in front of me where my wrists were bound by a type of rope. Then a felt second rope tugging at my restraint which pulled my arms forward and I followed, guided only by the pull. We stopped. Only the sound of the breeze and singing of small birds in a world where the sound of my heart nervously pounded within my body. All time was lost. All my realities were falling away from me at a distance as I stood there naked with only a cloth to blind my eyes and rope to bind my wrists. What was it that my employer, my friend, wanted me to experience?

I heard foot steps approaching. She spoke again.

“I bring a sacrifice to the Goddess. Please accept my offering”.

‘Offering?’, I thought to myself. What was she talking about?

Without a further word spoken, I felt the rope tied to the bounding of my wrists change direction and a sudden pull. I was the offering and I was being taken somewhere as some sacrifice like some piece of meat. I grew nervous inside and yet, and yet I could feel a strange vibration awakening deep inside myself.

Dirt and twigs were was replaced by a cool concrete floor and sounds of breathing and a sudden stop. I could hear the murmurings of men and women in the near distance.

“Bring her to me!”

A stern woman’s voice rang through my ears and I felt myself taken by somebody else only this time I was dragged along without any gentleness. I felt like I was taken like some stubborn mule until I stopped and guided to kneel on a soft cushion. Then, without any warning, my back was struck once by a soft lash which somehow stung as it dragged against my skin.

I heard a woman let out a whispered moan. Then i realised it was me. I moaned. What was this?

Her voice spoke authoritatively.

“You come to my home and not once spoke to me. Never introduced yourself to me. Silly child!”.

The sound of her open hand striking my cheek echoed. My cheek burned from her hard slap. From somewhere within me, I heard another soft moan betray me. What was happening? I was scared and yet I was twice betrayed by a soft moan.

She laughed.

“You are mine now, girl. You have been offered to me by one of my disciples who you know as, John.”

Oh my god, I thought. My friend. My employer. He sold me off to this woman and I cried. I felt the muscles in my chest tighten as I wept. Tears running down my face.

“Take her and let her prepare”, she ordered and I stood, pulled up by the binding round my wrists and taken only a few short steps where I was attached to something and the cloth blinding me was removed.

I looked up and saw her sitting on her chair wearing an ancient robe, Ancient Roman like I thought. She sat there with the authority of a woman who was long use to being a position of power. She sat quietly studying me. Our eyes locked on each other and I felt nervous but betrayed again not by any sounds of moaning but heat building up in my loins and the sensation of wetness.

She smiled at me. Her smile saw me smile.

“Release her”

I was released from the rope. I felt the indents of my skin where the rope had tightened itself as the air kissed my skin and I felt like I had lost something. Why did I feel like I lost something good when the rope was removed from wrists?

I looked up at her questioning her with the expression on my face as my skin covered in goosebumps felt the chill of the cool air. She beckoned me to her with her hand. My feet carried me to her without question nor thought. I was already under her spell. As i stood before her, she stood up from her chair, looking deep into my eyes as she studied me. A small peak in the corner of my mouth when I felt her strike my face again only this time it was hard enough to send my body crashing to floor.

I lay at her feet as I placed my hand on the side of my face where her hand struck me. I felt ever ring on her finger press deep into the tissue of my face like it ripped something away.

“Stupid bitch!”, she uttered, “You belong to me now and will do what I say”

Then I felt myself being struck by a whip. It struck my body as I laid at her feet. My legs, my back, my arms and stomach. Then a man’s hand took my hair into his hand and pulled me up and I followed. He held me still by my hair where I struck again by the whip. I cried out in pain as the whip lashed at my naked breasts.

She spoke again but time she spoke harshly.

“Take her. Bind this stupid girl to the post, wearing clothes of a slave”

A young woman wearing clothing which looked poor, dressed me in clothing like hers. And I was cuffed. Cuffed at my wrists, my ankles and my neck. My cuff at my neck had a length of rope attached to it and it lifted, taking me over to a pole where I was leashed and whipped many times at any time she ordered it. Watching me being whipped. Her cruel smile when she stood near me before slapping my face.

Then she left and I watched her leave. I watched her hips move eloquently out of the room, leaving me alone with a man who would spit on my body and whip me at any moment. If he wasn’t whipping my body, he was whipping any of the other people tied nearby. All looking lost and confused as I was feeling.