Moved! African Modern Arts & Apartheid Museum

Late last year I took you to African Modern Arts & Apartheid Museum with an impressive display of modern art from Africa and a museum on apartheid history of South Africa. Due to the sim closing, a new location was found for these two destinations that are now found on mainland(Horizons Celeste).

The African Modern Arts is the same set up as before and just as enjoyable to visit to look at art and relax. Directly across the road is the new Apartheid Museum which is in a different building that has increased its message of what it was like to live during the era of apartheid.

With separate entries for Whites and Non Whites, each passage way shows the different conditions of these two groups of people where white people have access to the comforts of shelter while non-white people had the confines of staying outside where they could not be seen.

This is an improvement worth visiting.

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African Modern Arts – Landmark

Apartheid Museum – Landmark

Original Article – Link

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark



Sansara Touring with Z-Finest Adventures

When it comes to touring the grid to see what’s what in Second Life and learn about its features, one of the hardest sells is to convince someone to pay for a tour to see and learn about Second Life.

Why would you? Why would one pay when we can read about these things from information provided by Linden Lab? Right?

This is a point of view which I have long held so when I was offered the chance to experience one such tour, I jumped at the chance to see if my thoughts could be challenged.

I stand corrected.

Charley Johnson Tour Guide_003
Departing from Abbotts-Blacktip Historical Airport

Both tours I took departed from the Abbotts-Blacktip Historical Airport where I met with my tour guide, Charley Johnson for the Beanstalk and Bay City tours.

The first tour was the Beanstalk Tour which I found extremely interesting. I learned so much on this tour like how I didn’t know I could travel to the centre of the grid from my home by air and sea. And let’s not forget the final destination of the Beanstalk Tour, the beanstalk which I did not know was the first object built in Second Life and there it stands, tall and proud, open for all to hop up its leaves to the very top. If you can make it without splattering on the ground.

The second tour with Charley Johnson was the Bay City Tour explores interesting historic sites. Important sites of historical nature include Nexus Prime with a cyber punk theme located at Gibson and Bonifacio. This was once a busy location with tall buildings, shops, sewers and more.. This was one of the busiest regions in Second Life. The reason for the demise of Nexus Prime is provided by the tour guide.

With a flight over Bay City’s attractions pointed out as we flew over in a blimp at the right speed for the view to rez and take in the beauty of Bay City, I was fascinated to learn what I didn’t know about the community where I opened my coffee house, Cafe Sheree. Seeing the marina, unused tram tracks and a final destination including a short walk to Hairy Hippo Fun Land, ending with a ride on Loller Coaster.

Walking to Hairy Hippo Fun Land
Walking to Hairy Hippo Fun Land with my tour guide, Charley Johnson.

What do you need to know before you choose which tour to venture on?

Information from the Tour Guide on the Beanstalk Tour is by text while Bay City Tour is by mic. Please keep in mind that you do not need to talk. That’s your personal choice. The Tour Guide uses mic to talk throughout the Bay City Tour.

Up until now, I would never have considered paying for a tour of Second Life but Charley Johnson from Z-Finest Destinations has brought me around to saying that some tours are worth paying for and I would pay for this. I stand by my word on this by admitting that I have since gifted a single ticket to a dear friend of mine who loved exploring Second Life and learning new things.

You can purchase your ticket in Marketplace at the cost for L$250 for a single ticket or a 5 ticket package for L$1,000.

I highly recommend Z-Destination Adventures’ tours. Give it a go. It’s worth the Lindens.

Weblinks and Landmarks

Z-Destination Adventure’s Marketplace – Link
Abbotts-Blacktip Historical Airport – Landmark

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Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark


Fiji Aviation Museum

If you are into Second Life aviation and maybe even aviation in our physical lives, then the new Fiji Aviation Museum located at Fiji Isle Airport is waiting, calling you to fly over and take your time to peruse this fantastic aviation.


How do you get to Fiji Aviation Museum?

With the exemption of the ever lazy but instant teleport, you can fly to Fiji Isle Airport. You arrive by landing at the runway at Maho Beach region where you taxi to Bancs Ferrari Isle region where you will find Fiji Airport’s terminal. All jets must immediately taxi to Ferrari Isle as Maho Beach is grass where only propeller aircraft are permitted to remain.

As you enter through the bunker, you find yourself walking through what feels like a corridor with doors separating your passage. As the sign advises, please turn your music stream on as there is a cycle of recordings of aviation history of war planes on display. I have sat and listened to what is very interesting historic accounts of war aviation.

Each aircraft has an information board to take a notecard with information on the plane they are placed. As an example, the note card for the JU87 Stuka has the following opening paragraph;

“The Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka (from Sturzkampfflugzeug, “dive bomber”) was a German dive bomber and ground-attack aircraft. Designed by Hermann Pohlmann, it first flew in 1935. The Ju 87 made its combat debut in 1937 with the Luftwaffe’s Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War and served the Axis forces in World War II.”

aviation display_002Gloster Meteor F.8 RAF

If you are right into aviation history, then you need to make your way to Fiji Aviation Museum owned and set up by, Jenny who also owns Fiji Isle Airport. With aircraft on display and historical accounts played in stream to revolve to keep Fiji Aviation Museum fresh, you really do need to visit and enjoy the dedication put in by Jenny.

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Fiji Aviation Museum

The museum has a predominately ww2 theme but exhibits will change and special exhibition weeks throughout the year will see a variety of aircraft represented.
As this is a working collection aircraft and vehicles are not always found in the same place and is not by any means a definitive collection of available aircraft. Notecards are provided by each aircraft to give the history of its real life counterpart and who makes the SL version

Please turn on radio stream to hear a looped stream of documentaries and period music this will always reflect the general theme of exhibits and programmes will change regularly.



Fiji Aviation Museum – Link
Fiji Isle Airport Runway – Link
Fiji Isle Airport Terminal – Link
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Cafe Sheree – Landmark



African Modern Arts & Apartheid Museum

  • Note that the location of African Modern Arts & Apartheid Museum have moved. Landmarks have been updated. Both are located across the road from each other at Horizons Celeste.

I would like to take you somewhere else in this article. A region which despite one of the venues covered having an horrific historical factor, this destination is one that is beautiful and relaxing to explore.

All three destinations covered in this article are owned by Seschmet whose love for her projects are felt at each venue.

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First stop is at African Modern Arts.

You feel warmly welcomed as you walk in through automatic doors where you’re met with a vibrant art display. What makes this Second Life art display different to what we’re use to seeing in Second Life is that every beautiful artwork are by artists in our real lives who have given Seschmet permission to show their work for us to enjoy. The only set back is that you cannot purchase any of the art on display. I’d load up a small truck with at on show if we could buy them.

My three favourites on display are on show in the above photo slide.

There are several levels accessed by stairs. There are is also a bar and a big connect four game. Perfect for young families to entertain young children.

Apartheid Museum

Apartheid laws were enacted by the National Party when they gained control of the South African Government in 1948, enforcing existing laws of discrimination and to seize control of South Africa’s economic and social system. A regime existing through the early 1990’s where Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela(byname Madiba) was elected as South Africa’s first black President.

Located in the same street as African Modern Arts is the Apartheid Museum where each floor level has photos to look at. These photos have no text explanations so visitors can leave with their own discovery. They talk for themselves without any text guidance.

Seschmet has created a museum that’s worth everyone’s attention.

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Chelsea Market

While you’re visiting African Modern Arts and the Apartheid Museum, take the time to visit Chelsea Markets where there is plenty to do to relax and let your hair down.

There is a dance floor for social gatherings, a few games including a chess table, dining area and a hotel where you can rent a room. The menu on the window looks scrumptious.

cape town views cafe bar_012

I invited Luke Flywalker from SL Aviation Network to a game of chess. We started off with the pre-game stare down, ending in a stalemate. Who knew Luke could out stare a cat?




African Modern Arts – Landmark
Apartheid Museum – Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree Hangar – Landmark
Cafe Sheree – Landmark


LGBT International Resource Center & Museum


In days of a rise of homophobic violence with a return of extremism of the religious right and what seems like permission to express hateful ideologies, it is important now than ever that there are resources for every person who identifies as LGBTQI.

I found the LGBT International Resources Center and Museum in Second Life’s destination guide which I am grateful for. Not just so I could visit but so those who are in need resources can access them. This destination is particularly useful in that it is available in  the safe environment of Second Life where people can express themselves as who they really are, and get to meet similar people.

As you travel along your way, there are rainbow balls on the ground with information regarding where you are. Click them to read in your local chat.

The LGBT International Resources and Museum is a multi level platform with a teleport pad to navigate where you wish to go. The entry point is at the resource centre where there are seating areas, three televisions with information playing and other information pinned on the walls.


History Walk

History Walk takes you on a walk on American LGBTQI history including Stonewall, the Rainbow House and Pulse night club. This walk will take you three levels by foot with plenty of interesting information.


The Transgender Memorial Statue To The Unknown

This memorial is dedicated to transgendered persons who were murdered for being transgender. Some people are listed as unknown.

Aspasia Art Garden

Take a walk through Aspasia Art Gallery to look at art on display. Many are for sale should you wish to have one in your collection. Maybe hanging on your wall at home or other location.


There is also a museum with real life people worth mentioning. I do not have a photo of the museum however they are included in the video embedded below. Take the time to look and read the information provided.

The LGBT International Resource Center & Museum is a destination I highly encourage everyone to take the time to visit and explore and learn. Not only for people who identify as LGBTQI but for those who are allies and everybody else to learn and understand so hopefully we can learn to get along with respect for one another.

Land Information

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Gender fluid Gender non-binary Museum resource center Ally memorial history Pride Support peer to peer family art Gallery.


Resource Centre(Entry Point) – LINK
History Walk – LINK
Aspasia Art Garden – LINK
Museum – LINK
Transgender Memorial – LINK
Ground Level – LINK

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – LINK
Virtually Sheree Hangar – LINK




Why We Need Rainbow Pride


Back in August, 2016 I wrote ‘Being Gay’ which covered a little of my real life. This was not meant to be a negative comment but something just needed to be said. I am one of those who do not like to mix my real life and second life together but for many Second Life is where they can be who they truly are instead of the lies they live in their first life.

This week has seen me attend my very first Second Pride Event and I have been very lucky to be part of their blogging team to help promote this important event. Second Pride is inclusive of all people who identify as LGBTQI, those who are unsure and those who support us. Second Pride sim a place for us to come when we feel the need. Second Life is the only place where many feels safe and supported to be who they are without life damaging repercussions.

lgbtqi pride meme
The LGBTQI rainbow flag isn’t divided by borders. It’s a flag of inclusion, love and healing.

It was something which happened at this week’s Second Pride event in Second Life which inspired me to write this blog. Something which reminded me of this meme I made. Unaltered to this date with its typo included. A young man who suddenly found himself to be around other people with similar stories to his. A young man bullied from a young age for his sexuality.

To be able to release what he had pent up inside. To hear words spoken to him about him which he had never heard before but should have. He has come home. He has found a home where he can be who he is. And there are many people who are using platforms such as Second Life so they can express themselves around without fear of persecution.

Those of us living in developed nations have come a long way with thanks to those who made a great personal sacrifice so those of us in later generations to follow could live without experiencing the same attitudes. The USA has Stonewall on June 28, 1969. Australia had their own version of Police brutality against them on June 24, 1978.

We have progressed extensively since then. No longer do we fear Police, Judiciary and prison for our sexual status. An Australia State of Queensland recently abolished a by-law which gave an exemption for murder on the basis that a homosexual hit on you. South Australia needs to follow.

Christian haters

And then we have fundamentalists of ideologies of religions and of party politics who are busy working to bring back the days of this persecution. These people believe that they are being denied rights by not allowing them to hurt other people. Not just LGBTQI. Their hate fans across the globe. It is these types we cannot relax and under estimate their influence. The rise of hate crimes in the USA since the election of Donald Trump is just one of many example. Crimes against homosexuals in Chechnya and Middle Eastern nations are another example. Those of us living in nations where we are accepted do have more challenges and walls to conquer however we also need to be supportive of people like us who live where it is so dangerous to live that even their own parents are killing them to save their own face as some moral obligation.

People who cannot progress their mindsets live everywhere. The Christian Right in Australia continue to grow vocal against us such as Australian Christian Lobby where we’re like Nazis. So many of us have been traumatised through abuse from being ridiculed through to being disowned, left homeless, through to beatings, sexual assaults and some have been murdered. Having survived a brutal physical attack including rape as some sexual correction and the knife’s edge pressed against flesh in the space between my ribs to end my nightmare life, we are survivors and we need, no, we must fight those who are increasing their power of politicians who demand their beliefs be exerted upon society. Not just for us of the LGBTQI communities but everyone under their ire. Their need for segregation must never be tolerated. Not again. Not ever.

In a blog post, ACL director Lyle Shelton invoked the rise of Nazi Germany before arguing that Labor leader Bill Shorten’s support for Safe Schools reflected “a failure of those of us who know better”.

“Changing the definition of marriage to entrench motherless and fatherlessness in public policy and teaching our kids their gender is fluid should be opposed,” he wrote.

“The cowardice and weakness of Australia’s ‘gatekeepers’ is causing unthinkable things to happen, just as unthinkable things happened in Germany in the 1930s.”

Mr Shelton began the post by declaring he loved to read obituaries in The Economist, specifically one published last week on the late German-born historian Fritz Stern. According to the obituary, Stern argued the rise of Adolf Hitler owed less to the Fuhrer’s personality cult and more to the failure of Germany’s ‘gatekeepers’ to oppose him.

The ACL leader then blamed Australia’s own ‘gatekeepers’, or conservative elites, for failing to halt the advance of marriage equality or transgender acceptance.
Sydney Morning Herald article, May 31, 2016


Whether you are gay, bi, pan, transgender, asexual, intersexual… Be proud. You are you. Love yourself who you are. We are children, we are medical staff, Police, emergency rescue, teacher, office worker, tradies(plumbers, electricians, carpenters…), serving in the military, we are who we are.

Embrace who you are. We see far too many like us suffering. Too many consider suicide. Too many attempt/commit suicide or abuse drugs in an attempt to hide who we are. No more. Only this week I have been told by a person proselytising their religion that we are an abnormality, a defect, something which needs to be exterminated to please his sick, perverted idea of God. No more. Don’t yell at them. Mock them playfully. Please try not to allow them to control how we feel about ourselves.

If you are using a platform like Second Life and you feel identified with an avatar of a stick figure, be that stick figure.

love is love

Embrace your rainbow and please, please love yourself. Love who you are. Grab your Pride and be.

Capture♥ Love your rainbow. ♥

  • LGBTQI music videos below if you’re interested.

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



Baitoushon Aviation Museum


Today’s article is on the, Baitoushon Aviation Museum located at, Baitoushon at the Baitoushon Airport, built up above the water for port access. I’m not sure where the tp point up to the museum is from the airport. The tp point for leaving can be found where the tour begins. Just follow the signage.

On arriving with Hayo wearing his Chief of Airport Fire/Rescue for TFIA, dressed looking like staff as my employed pilot, we took the Landmark to the museum set high in the sky and, wow. Without any exaggeration, wow. I have seen museums in Second Life before but none were to the level of size, quality and detail as Baitoushon Aviation Museum is. The first question we asked was, “Where are going to start?”, and a laugh at our surprise.

There are so many planes to look at and so much information on these planes so we lay folk in aviation can learn about aircraft in Second Life and the real aircraft which they are based on. Hayo found found the cinema which is a walk up a flight of stairs to the elevator(or ‘lift’ as we call it in some parts of the world) to their cinema where we relaxed in the cool comfort of soft chairs and air conditioning where we watched a documentary on the commercial plane that crashed landed on the Hudson River in New York.

Here is a museum with planes, helicopters, air balloons, blimps, a cinema, information on aircraft for hot and cold wars, none war history and who knows how much else. Unless you are able to soak everything in one day out, this is a museum needing return visits. Chief and I flew over from TFIA and back which also had to be included in travel time but so much more fun to travel by air to see a museum about aviation.


Make sure you have your media enabled to fully enjoy what they have on display such s this Virtual Tour pictured above. When I go back, I think I’ll have to enjoy each section a day at a time. So much time and effort has gone into providing this museum to us in Second Life to enjoy so please consider donating a little Linden $ Love while you’re there. We all enjoy to have access to freebies but they still cost money and without a little given from those of us who enjoy them, they would not exist for us to enjoy.

Taken from their note card for visitors;

Welcome to the Baitoushan Aviation Museum

7 years ago I had a dream to build an aviation museum in Second Life. This year everything fell into place to make it possible. With the help of some great friends we were able to put together SL’s largest aviation museum. Our purpose is to highlight real world aviation history using virtual world creations. There is also a “sub-theme” here of Second Life aviation history. SL aviation development here started back on 2003 when SL was first launched and it continues today. It is truly amazing to see what SL aircraft builders have created over the past 13 years.

Since the beginning of time humans dreamed of flying. As you tour the museum you will get glimpse of how this age old dream came true. Centuries of development went into what we now know as modern flight. There are many untold stories to be discovered and some myths to be exposed.

As you tour the displays take time to read the information boards and please feel free to ask questions. Our curators love to hear your questions and comments.
Many of our displays will change monthly so please plan on visiting often

Wishing you Blue Skies and Happy Flying!
Luke Flywalker

Museum Curators;                                                                                                                                                     Jack Tracker – Lighter Than Air Display                                                                                                 Jennytryit Kaz – Pioneers of Aviation Display                                                                                     Stephanie Asalia – World War 2, Rotary Wing Aircraft Displays                                                              Luke Flywalker – World War 1, Cold War and Commercial Displays

You can find Baitoushon Aviation Museum on Second Life’s destination guide at this link.

This blog is my first blog on a destination where I asked if I would visit and consider writing on the museum. I decided to write as soon as we teleported in because I was surprised by what was instantly before my eyes. I did not expect anything as astounding as the Baitoushon Aviation Museum.

Get your pixel butts over there. You won’t regret it. You’ll be like Hayo and I afterwards. Relaxing as we feel impressed by this most awesome aviation museum. This is one museum worth joining Second Life for the sole purpose of visiting.