10th Anniversary Parade/Party Bay City

The party is on at Bay City’s 10th Anniversary Parade and Party as we celebrate ten years of the best Second Life community in Second Life. Yes, I know I’m biased but not because Cafe Sheree is based here. Bay City rocks as the community spirit here is very impressive.

I quickly felt at home at Bay City.

We gathered at Bay City Municipal Park at Harwich from 12NoonSLT. Everyone was in a jovial mood as we prepared for the parade under the esteemed leadership of Bay City’s Marianne McCann whose our Not Quite the Mayor.

Then off we left. A parade of fun loving Bay Citirians who showed off their Bay Pride.


There were four parade groups. Each of us strutting our stuff. Each of us with our own Bay Pride on as we headed to Bay City Showgrounds.

What a crowd. So many happy here wearing their Bay Pride. It makes me happy that I chose Bay City for Cafe Sheree. I got a chance to wiggle with well known Second Life adventurer/blogger, Daniel Voyager. Hey may not be hopping mad but he has the hippity hop.

Lindens also attended to party with us. Yay!

Four hours of entertainment with live performers and DJ’s.

I love you, Bay City! ♥

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Bay City Showgrounds Landmark

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Event: Bay City 10th Annual Parade

This year will mark the tenth anniversary of Bay City which will be celebrated by a street parade to Bay City’s showground where there will be a party with music and dancing.

Bay City 10th Anniversary Celebration

Tenth Concert Poster

2018 Parade Route

Parade: Meet at Bandshell at Bay City – Harwich at 12pmNOON SLT
Party: Bay City Showground at North Channel at  12:30pmSLT to 4:30pmSLT

Come join us for our 10th anniversary party.

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1st Annual Miss Parallel Universe Event

I want to start this article on the 1st Annual Miss Parallel Universe by admitting that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the pageant due my own perception of what I expected to see on display. I was expecting an exhibition of giggle snort “World Peace” giggles by women pretending to be empty headed but beautiful. How glad I am to have been 100% wrong.

MC Luke Flywalker with 8 Entrants
MC Luke Flywalker with 8 entrants of 1st Miss Parallel Universe.

On the 14th of April, the First Annual Miss Parallel Universe pageant was held where eight intelligent, beautiful women took the stage wearing gowns, wedding dresses and bikinis made by sponsors as they showed off their wears.

I sat and watched each entrant seeking to be crowned Miss Parallel Universe walked the cat walk, each with a different beautiful dress suiting their personality, their figure and how they wish to present themselves. From gowns to wedding dresses and bikinis, I was transfixed on the professional and respectful way this pageant was.

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There was also entertainment with a comic and a live performer. I was very impressed by Saramarie Philly’s live performance who not only sang live, Saramarie played the piano live.

I had my top three entrants who I would have liked to be awarded Winner, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up. Two of them made it. Two out of three isn’t bad at all. All eight women were worthy of winning. I’m glad I wasn’t one of the judges to make such a difficult decision.

After Saramarie Philly’s live performance, the results were announced.

Winner – Amanda Day
First Runner Up – Mimi Darling
Second Runner Up – Diana

Miss Parallel Universe Amanda Day
Winner – Miss Parallel Universe Amanda Day

Amanda Day took a little of her time of her busy schedule for me a short interview with me while still on a initial high of being crowned Miss Parallel Universe.

Amanda heard of the pageant through a friend who encouraged her to enter. Thinking it could be fun, Amanda entered to find how much she enjoyed the camaraderie. When asked how she felt after being crowned, Amanda said, “To be the first to be crowned Miss Parallel Universe is an honour because it represents the culmination of all the hard work and achievement of everyone involved” , and that she was thankful to Abby Alexander of Dreamville Estates for everything she had done for the pageant, all of the contestants and her patience while training them for them for the pageant.

I was truly impressed by this pageant event which was well organised. The professionalism and hospitality was awesome. I am looking forward to next year’s 2nd Annual Miss Parallel Universe.

Congratulations to everyone involved to make this event a success.

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Moved! African Modern Arts & Apartheid Museum

Late last year I took you to African Modern Arts & Apartheid Museum with an impressive display of modern art from Africa and a museum on apartheid history of South Africa. Due to the sim closing, a new location was found for these two destinations that are now found on mainland(Horizons Celeste).

The African Modern Arts is the same set up as before and just as enjoyable to visit to look at art and relax. Directly across the road is the new Apartheid Museum which is in a different building that has increased its message of what it was like to live during the era of apartheid.

With separate entries for Whites and Non Whites, each passage way shows the different conditions of these two groups of people where white people have access to the comforts of shelter while non-white people had the confines of staying outside where they could not be seen.

This is an improvement worth visiting.

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African Modern Arts – Landmark

Apartheid Museum – Landmark

Original Article – Link

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Coming Event: Miss Parallel Universe

There are beauty contests and there are beauty contests. Starting this 14th of April in 2018 will be a new beauty contest – Miss Parallel Universe.

Held at Amazing World(Dreamville Estates), the 1st Annual Miss Parallel Event is going to be a spectacular addition to Second Life for women who enjoy being involved in beauty pageants to celebrate womanhood.

contest stage photos_002

Owners of the Miss Parallel Universe Pageant Abby Alexander & Leon Gearhead are proud to bring this beauty pageant event to all of you to share celebrating women and womanhood, beauty and intelligence.

Miss Parallel Photoshoot_012
Contestants(Left to Right): Ϻịɱị Đạṙḷḯṇḡ, Angelika, Ďιαήα Ďιgℓιαn, Laura Ross Shim, Amanda Day, Estell Queen Denver, Elfy Kristen & Patricia Colombo

The Program

Venue: Miss Parellel Universe Theater – Amazing World

– Welcoming and Introducing Miss Parallel Universe , 2018
– Introduction of Panel of Judges

-Sponsored by BellaDonna Creations

-Sponsored by Paris Metro Couture.

– Current pop music sensation in Second life with over thousands of followers – managed by The Keys Management Group

– Sponsored by Make it Perfect , Event and Weddings .


– The swim suit round

– Question and answer

– The Mistress Of Comedies



Emcee : Mr Luke Flywalker

Entry is by ticket only. Please contact Abby Alexander (abhisshhree) or Bella Veliz (karabella.veliz) to request an entry ticket.

contest stage photos_005

Landmark & Sponsors

Venue: Miss Parellel Universe Theater Guest Landmark

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Sansara Touring with Z-Finest Adventures

When it comes to touring the grid to see what’s what in Second Life and learn about its features, one of the hardest sells is to convince someone to pay for a tour to see and learn about Second Life.

Why would you? Why would one pay when we can read about these things from information provided by Linden Lab? Right?

This is a point of view which I have long held so when I was offered the chance to experience one such tour, I jumped at the chance to see if my thoughts could be challenged.

I stand corrected.

Charley Johnson Tour Guide_003
Departing from Abbotts-Blacktip Historical Airport

Both tours I took departed from the Abbotts-Blacktip Historical Airport where I met with my tour guide, Charley Johnson for the Beanstalk and Bay City tours.

The first tour was the Beanstalk Tour which I found extremely interesting. I learned so much on this tour like how I didn’t know I could travel to the centre of the grid from my home by air and sea. And let’s not forget the final destination of the Beanstalk Tour, the beanstalk which I did not know was the first object built in Second Life and there it stands, tall and proud, open for all to hop up its leaves to the very top. If you can make it without splattering on the ground.

The second tour with Charley Johnson was the Bay City Tour explores interesting historic sites. Important sites of historical nature include Nexus Prime with a cyber punk theme located at Gibson and Bonifacio. This was once a busy location with tall buildings, shops, sewers and more.. This was one of the busiest regions in Second Life. The reason for the demise of Nexus Prime is provided by the tour guide.

With a flight over Bay City’s attractions pointed out as we flew over in a blimp at the right speed for the view to rez and take in the beauty of Bay City, I was fascinated to learn what I didn’t know about the community where I opened my coffee house, Cafe Sheree. Seeing the marina, unused tram tracks and a final destination including a short walk to Hairy Hippo Fun Land, ending with a ride on Loller Coaster.

Walking to Hairy Hippo Fun Land
Walking to Hairy Hippo Fun Land with my tour guide, Charley Johnson.

What do you need to know before you choose which tour to venture on?

Information from the Tour Guide on the Beanstalk Tour is by text while Bay City Tour is by mic. Please keep in mind that you do not need to talk. That’s your personal choice. The Tour Guide uses mic to talk throughout the Bay City Tour.

Up until now, I would never have considered paying for a tour of Second Life but Charley Johnson from Z-Finest Destinations has brought me around to saying that some tours are worth paying for and I would pay for this. I stand by my word on this by admitting that I have since gifted a single ticket to a dear friend of mine who loved exploring Second Life and learning new things.

You can purchase your ticket in Marketplace at the cost for L$250 for a single ticket or a 5 ticket package for L$1,000.

I highly recommend Z-Destination Adventures’ tours. Give it a go. It’s worth the Lindens.

Weblinks and Landmarks

Z-Destination Adventure’s Marketplace – Link
Abbotts-Blacktip Historical Airport – Landmark

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Profile: Marcy

Six and a half years ago, Marcy joined Second Life(25 September, 2011) where like most of us, Marcy roamed the grid to explore and learned the tricks of Second Life where she set out on different ventures to make some Lindens at the same time.

Marcy’s first venture was working in a club as a pole dancer and escort before owning her own club, Red Delight. Marcy co-owned Red Delight with her girlfriend in Second Life at the time until she decided to leave Second Life.

At a later point Marcy moved to the Eden Naturist Estate to relax in her retirement from Second Life adult industries. The relaxing tropical environment of the Eden Naturist Estate became an important part of Marcy’s Second Life where she set up a few moorings for rent before setting up her first full marina, Blue Lagoon Marina which was full within a week.

Marcy and Blue Lagoon Marina have become so entwined that one cannot be mentioned without the other like life long partners.

Interview with Marcy of BLM_001Sitting with Marcy at Blue Lagoon Marina – The Jungle

Blue Lagoon Marina(BLM) started as with one region(Eden Dove) then expanded to two regions taking in Eden Grouse for houseboats which was a popular destination and often a waiting list for a boat mooring or houseboat parcel. Twi who later changed her name to Jenny and now owner of Fiji Islands Airport helped Marcy to manage BLM. Later Marcy expanded to Eden Jakana which soon became the main boat mooring parcel  and then a fourth region, Eden Wagtail.

Having grown to four regions with Eden Naturist Estate, Marcy’s business venture was a popular destination with visitors and local residents. As BLM evolved, a new location was necessary to cater to the changing needs of Marcy’s business which moved to the Fruit Islands, only to later relocate to a new estate, Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate.

Interview with Marcy of BLM_006BLM Management(left to right): Marcy, Lace, Shelley

With a faithful following of tenants, Marcy has been able to continue her business without the usual struggles experienced by business which move with Shelley and Lace helping Marcy’s management team for much of Marcy’s BLM business venture.

Marcy, Shelley and Lace all play important roles in Blue Lagoon Marina that the mention of one means the mentioning of all including BLM which is now located in the Fiji region with connections mainland sea, several mainland continents and airports.

With the location of BLM to Fiji Islands at two regions, Chalands Isle & StFrancois Isle, Fiji Islands Airport owned by Jenny adjacent to BLM, it’s like a reunion of old friends and BLM’s Team together though separate business venture from Jenny’s Fiji Island Airport.

BLM Jungle_004Pathway through The Jungle

Marcy’s business(co-owned with Shelley & Lace) venture consists of two regions diagonal to each other. Chalands Isle is a boat mooring marina with a few parcels for houseboats while St Francois Isle is BLM’s housing estate which comes with a house provided or residents may use one of their own which suits the region’s theme.

Marcy’s heart winning approach for a loyal following over several years is her honesty and responding to peoples needs. This I write having been friends with Marcy for almost all of my Second Life and one of her residents for almost just as long. BLM today could not be as it is today without Marcy, Shelley and Lace who provide one of the very best living estates in Second Life. A genuine friendship is one of the keys to Marcy’s success.

BLM Jungle_020

Marcy is also open to furries so all can live and enjoy their second lives at BLM which is a clothing optional estate.

Also part of Marcy’s loyal friends are DJ’s who perform at both regions as well as some performances at the pilot’s bar at Fiji Airport at weekend parties. Some readers may recall I covered the official opening party for Blue Lagoon Marina at Fiji region.

BLM Jungle_005

The Jungle was made by Shelley and Lacy which has a picturesque theme of nature and a temple on the mountain.

I asked Marcy how she would define Blue Lagoon Marina and herself as a combined concept, Marcy replied, “A friendly peaceful community. That is close who I am.”

Marcy’s open policy extends to naturist families who follow Linden Lab’s policies and the legalities. Young naturist families are welcome. Incest roleplay is not welcome.

Marcy is one of Second Life’s unsung with a well earned following and a good grasp in Second Life business venture for the sailing and clothing optional communities. As a friend of Marcy and a long term tenant, come along and say hello to Marcy and tell her that I sent you to have a ponder. I guarantee you’ll enjoy the atmosphere. You might not want to leave.

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Blue Lagoon Marina – St Francois

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