5th Annual Larry Armchair Event

Today I attended the 5th Annual Larry Armchair Event which is held as part of the Relay For Life for American Cancer Society to raise money to support people with cancer. With the support of Second Life Aviation and Music to Fly By(MtFB), Larry’s Armchair Event set off with tremendous support.

Starting at Flying Burrito Brothers Unity Airport where a chair with balloons securely attached awaited us, a flock of excited aviators were keen to start this group flight to celebrate the very real trip taken by Larry Walters on the 36th Anniversary of his pioneering armchair flight on 2nd of July, 1982.

29287592318_633ef3b32e_zFlying Burrito Brothers Unity Airport

Departing at 1pm today, 2 July 2018(SLT), one excited traveler made a call out for wine and wine she was delivered. Thank you JɅƳĐΕƝ Ŧαггση for the wine. It made my wine drunken yelling at boaters that much more enjoyable. *hic*

We took off heading east to the Blake Sea, traveling far overseas, spilling the odd drop of wine into the ocean to keep the fish happy(why should fishies miss out?), floating away past Hollywood Airport and over the Rainbow Sails Yacht Club. I was going to yell out to a fellow rainbow sailor but the wind was blowing my words back in my mouth to be heard.

42441480854_111254d02c_zRainbow Sails Yacht Club

Typically, my yacht was hiding from a wined up balloon riding aviator as you can see in the photo above. Well, you can’t as she’s hiding.

We then headed around and drifted as the winds blew us around facing west, or heading west as I’m sure I was drifting while facing in all directions. As we drifted in the air among curious birds and the occasional hovering helicopter, we passed Honah Lee Field Airport and over the Island of Newbs at Blake Sea – Sirens Isle. I tipped a little spare wine as I passed over. I hope the receivers of raining wine realised it was wine.

29288887688_b5f443988c_zLanding at Komatsu Regional Airport

And then with the amazing power of the wind, an ever changing beautiful creature of the sky, we were blown south west where we landed at Komatsu Regional Airport where we celebrated a successful balloon armchair flight with Luke Flywalker blasting us away with rocking tunes.

Somewhere between the start and finish, a couple of us including myself somehow lost our clothing. Whether it was the wind or the wine that dissolved our clothing is up for discussion but thankfully we, Captain Street Reaper and I were wearing our swimwear in case of an emergency watery landing. Nice budgie smuggler, Captain.

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All up we had a brilliant day, the sun was bright, the skies were clear, the wind was helpful and the wine, well let’s say the wine was awesome.


Information on Larry Walters, The Lawnchair Pilot – Link
SL Aviation Network/MtFB – Link
Relay For Life – American Cancer Council – Link


Flying Burrito Brothers Unity Airport – LM
Komatsu Regional Airport – LM

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark



Fiji Aviation Museum

If you are into Second Life aviation and maybe even aviation in our physical lives, then the new Fiji Aviation Museum located at Fiji Isle Airport is waiting, calling you to fly over and take your time to peruse this fantastic aviation.


How do you get to Fiji Aviation Museum?

With the exemption of the ever lazy but instant teleport, you can fly to Fiji Isle Airport. You arrive by landing at the runway at Maho Beach region where you taxi to Bancs Ferrari Isle region where you will find Fiji Airport’s terminal. All jets must immediately taxi to Ferrari Isle as Maho Beach is grass where only propeller aircraft are permitted to remain.

As you enter through the bunker, you find yourself walking through what feels like a corridor with doors separating your passage. As the sign advises, please turn your music stream on as there is a cycle of recordings of aviation history of war planes on display. I have sat and listened to what is very interesting historic accounts of war aviation.

Each aircraft has an information board to take a notecard with information on the plane they are placed. As an example, the note card for the JU87 Stuka has the following opening paragraph;

“The Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka (from Sturzkampfflugzeug, “dive bomber”) was a German dive bomber and ground-attack aircraft. Designed by Hermann Pohlmann, it first flew in 1935. The Ju 87 made its combat debut in 1937 with the Luftwaffe’s Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War and served the Axis forces in World War II.”

aviation display_002Gloster Meteor F.8 RAF

If you are right into aviation history, then you need to make your way to Fiji Aviation Museum owned and set up by, Jenny who also owns Fiji Isle Airport. With aircraft on display and historical accounts played in stream to revolve to keep Fiji Aviation Museum fresh, you really do need to visit and enjoy the dedication put in by Jenny.

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Fiji Aviation Museum

The museum has a predominately ww2 theme but exhibits will change and special exhibition weeks throughout the year will see a variety of aircraft represented.
As this is a working collection aircraft and vehicles are not always found in the same place and is not by any means a definitive collection of available aircraft. Notecards are provided by each aircraft to give the history of its real life counterpart and who makes the SL version

Please turn on radio stream to hear a looped stream of documentaries and period music this will always reflect the general theme of exhibits and programmes will change regularly.



Fiji Aviation Museum – Link
Fiji Isle Airport Runway – Link
Fiji Isle Airport Terminal – Link
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



SLAD: Beatles Airport

There are airport builds and there are airport builds. Today’s Second Life Airport Destination is a special airport for a few reasons. And even better, this is a new destination.

Owned by an experienced real life  pilot, Jodie Harlow who brings real experience with her role play in virtual aviation, Beatles Airport will bring pleasure to every virtual aviator who loves to fly in and out of airports.

24037556937_05f602efef_zJodie Harlow

Jodie Harlow owns Beatles Airport and Rebel Airlines, and an aviation flight instructor(FlyCo Training Solutions). You can learn how to fly from Beatles Airport. Feel welcome to say hello to Jodie should you see her at Beatles Airport as she is hospitable.

There is a small cafe bar with seating arrangement to rest and socialise while you’re at Beatles Airport so feel free to kick back and enjoy yourselves. Beatles Airport was opened on 7th December, 2017.

Why Beatles Airport? Jodie Harlow is a big fan of the Beatles. Can’t think of a better reason than that.


Technical runway information;

The professionally marked CAT II runway is 192 meters long x 20m wide with headings of 090 and 270 and can easily accommodate small to medium size aircraft on a full IFR CAT II ALS (with centerline and touchdown zone lighting) and VASI system for VFR approaches. Taxiways are also professionally lit and marked to direct aircraft to parking spaces and hangars for easy operations night or day.

With a two or three region approach and a low lag airport, Beatles Airport is perfect for small and medium aircraft. There is scripting to greet you as you taxi your plane between the runway and terminal to better your aviator experience.

My landings and takeoffs were in small propeller and a medium twin jet aircraft as well a helicopter. There are two helipads located on top of the socialising area with a small coffee bar. A staircase leads pilots and passengers to the terminal.


Beatles Airport Terminal is a clean, open environment with a viewer friendly fly in/out display. Upstairs includes office for FlyCo Training Solutions for trainee solutions. The staircase in the photo above leads pilots and passengers to the helipads.


There are two spaces for you plane to pick up and drop off passengers. There are also three hangars and two helipads. I had enough room to navigate my larger planes throughout the airport with no hassles in crossing in and out of Beatles Airport. I am most impressed.

As Beatles Airport is a new airport, there aren’t any particular rp attractions at this airport but there are other activities to be found in surrounding regions including an LCC and GTFO. LCC and Skyward Flying Club.

Jodie Harlow pays special thanks to Emmie McMahn who developed and built runway lights, and Java who helped with advice and with building details including the terminal and texturing.

If you like to play Second Life for friendship, fun and community then Beatles Airport is the airport for you as this is the foundation of Jodie’s Second Life activities.

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The Beatles Airport Terminal – Landmark
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark




SLAD: Fiji Island Airport


Neatly tucked behind the lush green islands of Fiji is Fiji Island Airport, a three sim airport servicing gliders and ultralights through to 727/737 aircraft awaits your patronage at this magnificently presented location. I do love an airport which has a uniqueness with its own character. For this reason I have included Fiji Island Airport for this week’s Second Life Airport Destination.

Formerly known as, Tuarua Fiji International Airport(TFIA) consisting of five sims, the new Fiji Island Airport is a mildly downsized destination with sparse grasslands and a concrete sim for a small airport terminal.

Backstory of Fiji Island Airport;

Fiji Island Airport was created in the 1920’s for the up and coming recreational activity of flying the airport consisted of primarily a grass field with a grass marked area for taking off and landing.

At the outbreak of ww2 the field was requisitioned for military use, a concrete runway was laid and the field expanded and numerous hardstands for heavy bombers were added. military buildings, hangars and a control tower were also built at the end of the war the airfield fell into disuse until the 1950’s when private aviation once again made use of the field and utilised the existing military buildings.

Private flying and Gliding became popular throughout the years and the field became well established and maintained. Change came in the late 1990’s tourism in the area grew and it was decided that a new airport closer to the region than the existing international airport was needed to bring tourists to the area more easily a new small terminal and parking area capable of handling small airliners was built to the north of the original (Old Field) airport this was called locally New Field. A new modern runway on a different alignment was created that ran through the middle of Old field and the original runway was decommissioned though parts of it remain visible and is used by the local Gliding club. New field and Old field continue to be well used by both airlines and private pilots.

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Opened a week ago, Fiji Island Airport has the Basinghurst Glider Club for you glider pilots, caters to vintage planes, tie-downs for small aircraft, a cosy space to order a hot drink or a cold beer or, you could sit at the van where there’s food and drinks and an outdoor setting. And that’s just the first sim where you land and rocket off into the big blue yonder.

With a freshly laid airstrip, you’re due to have a smooth experience with plenty of room to pilot your aircraft. If I can safely land my BAE-146 with my clumsy piloting then just about anyone can. It’s true, I’m a clumsy pilot while flying large planes.

Runway markings 07 is for landing, 25 is for taking off. Jets are prohibited from entering grassed areas. Jets are required to taxi to the adjacent sim where the airport terminal is located.

The second grass sim are hangars for those interested in renting vintage hangars when they come available. My exploration found a hangar to purchase aircraft and Aviators Club where you can sit and mix with other pilots, have a drink and let your hair down at events/parties held there.

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Fiji Island Airport’s third sim is where you  go to board and leave your plane at the terminal. This is the sim where your jets and other large planes go. Here there are a couple hangars, Royal Air Force SAR has a location here, a bar to relax with a drink, grab a bite to eat, an outdoor cafe and a swinging boat ride. If you’re looking for flying lessons, Malolo Island Flight School and if you head down the stairs you will find a beach so bring your swimmers while you’re here, take a dip and soak up some Vitamin D.

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map airfield

Navigating, landing and departing Fiji Island Airport is a breeze with easy to understand lane markings, enough room to turn a plane around, low lag and if your Second Life connection as the capability, flight with a draw between 200 to 300 will show you beautiful Fiji islands as you pass over.

Every aircraft I flew handled Fiji Island Airport without a single hitch. It’s perfect for pilots wanting to practice their take offs and landings. This airport is also in perfect position to access several surrounding regions; Satori, Nautilus and Corsica.

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If you are looking for an airport with a relaxing tropical feel, visit the Fiji Island Airport and let the alluring atmosphere entice you.


Fiji Island Terminal – LM
Fiji Island Runway 07 – LM
Fiji Island Runway 25 – LM

Blue skies.
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


SLAD: Rainforest Airfield

Rainforest Airfield Frasier Island terminal_001

Among the Daintree Rainforest regions of the grid is a cosy airfield tidily tucked away in beautiful ecology for residents and visitors to enjoy. Today’s Second Life airport destination is a reader’s request.

Rainforest Airfield, located south south west of Hollywood Airport is a small ecological landscaped aviation beauty for light aircraft and helicopters, part of Sailors Cove South.

Land information: “A lit, single runway, community air field, centrally located just to the north of Mount Cooper in the beautiful Rainforest Estate. Hanger and tie down rentals are available for light aircraft.”

Rainforest Airfield Frasier Island s facing n over runway night_001

For pilots flying in for their first time, the first important matters you need to know is that your approach will be low over trees being an ecological wonder. Second is that the runway isn’t prim but mesh. Third is the direction of your approach is best taken by approach Cooper Creek Wilderness flying west then bank south along the western side with a low descent over Cerrado to land at Frasier Island. And fourth is that large planes will not fit here or your plane will collide with hangars alongside the runway.

If you are unable to land your plane in time, do not keep heading due south  but turn around and circle in a clockwise position or you will have an unfortunate aviation incident as you meet the cliff face of Mount Cooper.

There is also ramp for seaplanes and a port for boat. Object return is set at thirty(30) minutes.

map arrow mark fly in
I’m a nature addict. If I find or you show me a beautiful ecological world, I will feel at easy in a matter of moments as the energy of nature fills my body with a buzz. If you are anything like me, you will love the nature aspect of Rainforest Airfield where you are greeted with the sounds of water and birds.

For your relaxation there is a small cart cafe to select your beverage in an outdoor setting to sit and relax before you head out by sea or explore the local area which has plenty for you to do such touching the fold sign on the pier for a temp rez dingy to boat or stroll over to the bridge to collect yourself a horse to ride. This horse has a limited number of rides before you need to take another.

Take the boat out to explore what is around locally including Mount Cooper which is waiting for you to explore. There is a tunnel in the mountain among other things to look at. There are parcels which are private residence so please respect their privacy.

By horse or foot is a beautiful way to connect to the land beneath your feet to chill and ground yourself to the wonders of Mother Nature. There are also people living on this region. Take your time to look around to soak up all of this ecology here for us to enjoy.

The largest aircraft I flew was my D-Arrow VI and D-139. I would suggest open light aircraft if you want to best view the wondrous forestry as you approach and and explore from above. Flying my CM 150 EX Ultralight and Farman III in first person was by far the most enjoyable tests flights as part of my tests in how an airports rates for me. The only hazard was wanting to not return and check with other aircraft.

I also tested Rainforest Airfield by flying my Mayfly gyrocopter which is also well suited to this airfield. There is little hassle in flying in and out of Rainforest Airfield. I do recommend having your draw distance set between 200 and 300 if your connection can handle this so you can see trees which we know can tend to be the longest to rez, and also to see the landing strip among a forestry of trees.

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Facilities of Rainforest Airfield includes a small terminal, refueling and rentals of hangars and tiedowns for light aircraft. Rainforest Airfield uses GPS Trasponder by Shergood for aviation tracking. The hud can be purchased on Marketplace and inworld from Shergood Aviation.

This is truly an airport destination to visit. It’s beyond flying in and out. This is an airport destination to hop out of our aircraft and explore the local regions. It’s far too beautiful to ignore. Head over by air or sea and look around. You won’t be disappointed.

Rainforest Airport – Landmark


Blue skies,
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



SLAD: Palm Grove Airfield


North of the Blake Sea and Fiji Islands is the mainland of Corsica is. From here you can travel to regions including Blake Sea and Bingo Strait is this week’s Second Life Airport Destination, Palm Grove Airfield.

Set with water access and tropical trees, Palm Grove Airfield is an airport destination to visit. With there being a handful of airports and airfields in the local area, what makes Palm Grove Airfield stand out among the rest?


I’ll admit that I already knew of Palm Grove and have been wanting to include this airfield since I start SLAD for it’s features. One of the first features I notice every time I visit is the serenity. There was plenty of serenity as Abby and I sat with RGE Eastwood and LaurieLee Celestalis who share beautiful airfield with us. I always feel like I’m on holiday whenever I visit.

Created in 2014, access is by land, sea and air. Corsica has an extensive road system which you can access whether you drive from or to the airfield. Just click each pole blocking your road access to enable them to lower should you need to pass through.

Whimsy photos by, Abby Fraser

Near the entrance to the terminal is a teleport device where you can travel to sit among whimsy. One level is best seen when set to midnight. This level has a library, aquarium, an elder tree a music venue and a garden. The level with what looks like a glass level with two short runways is best set to afternoon/evening. Both are incredibly relaxing to sit. It’s so incredibly easy to sit and mellow at Palm Grove Airfield.


With ocean access comes greater opportunities. Whether you boat in or rez a boat to boat out, your water experience includes close proximity to a information centre, more airfields, water access all the way to the other end of Corsica and access to Blake Sea and more. Also with water access is seaplane aviation. If you’re anything like me then you enjoy seaplane aviation.

Adjacent to the airfield is a glasshouse where you can relax. There’s also seating to look out over the water. There is a house on the parcel which is private residence. You may access the land and mellow out.

Information about Palm Grove Airfield is best said by quoting RGE Eastwood;

There is a 2 sim approach over open water on our western border, and on our east side is the Circuit La Corse Hiway that circles the Corsica Island.

Palm Grove was built in Feb 2014 and besides the many pilots finding us, we have hosted several SL Coast Guard Fly-In’s and ceremonies, as well as the SLFG Corsica Challenge Fly Drive, & Cruise Race.

We have an inlet with docks for those that wish to fly in and then sail around the Corsica area.

Like wise there is access to drive the Corsica Highway from the airfield driveway.

There are many places to sit around the airfield, inlet, and adjoining property, and enjoy the view.

An airfield Greenhouse Lounge is another relaxing place pilots can sit and relax… and listen to Radio Paradise on the parcel stream.

A family of eagle rays has taken up residence in the Harbor and often break water jumping in the air.

Above Palm Grove airfield @ 270m is the Palm Grove Sky Port runway, and directly above that is the “Lantern Village” … inspired by Elcio Ember, famed builder of the award winning “Titans Hollow” sim at the 2013 Fantasy Fair.

This area is best viewed on the Midnight environmental setting, and there are teleports in front of the fuel station and airport office, that can take you there.

Besides the various different “Lanterns” there is also a large “Concert Hall Lantern”, where the owners, both musicians, occasionally put on concerts.

More information can be found on the SL Aviation Wiki: http://sl-aviation.wikia.com/wiki/Palm_Grove_Airfield

Anything else just ask.

RGE & LaureLee

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My experiences with flying in and out of Palm Grove Airfield has always been pleasant. Lag is barely noticeable, it’s easy move your aircraft and there is hardly a sim crossing issue. I have never experience a single issue. The runway is best suited to small and medium aircraft. Object return is set at thirty minutes.

So bring yourself over and enjoy the amazing feels of Palm Grove Airfield. You’ll love it here too.

Palm Grove Airfield – Landmark
Blue skies.

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Teleport


Linden’s Rez Zone in Kremer


Today’s destination is different to places I usually choose to write about as it’s all about bacon. Well, not bacon but pigs are involved because today’s destination is Linden Lab’s rez zone located at Kremer found in the Bay of Pigs.

Located on the continent of Sansara which has quickly become a favourite of mine, Kremer is located in a central position where surrounding islands also with rez zones have their own items to see such as the crashed pig spaceship and another has a Linden information section to click on.


The rez zone has a ten minute time limit on your objects being returned leaving you plenty of time to approach by sea or air and disembark without losing your transport the moment you stand. Unless of course you casually approached and took your time passing the ten minute mark.

Features here includes a free sail boat. Touch the panel to receive your little boat and rez to sail this cute little boat. It’s not a true sail boat as there is no bwind. Just tap the forward arrow to move and your left/right arrows to turn. As basic as the scripting is, this is a pretty cool little boat. Quite nifty for a freebie.

I took my Destino boat out for  cruise in the surrounding regions  which was a fun and pleasant trip with hardly any sim crossing concerns. Lag is minimal with so little in the area to affect your trip. There is plenty of room to navigate regardless the size of your boat.

For aircraft, any old seaplane will do while only small land planes should you want to use the airstrip as it is short and able to handle sand. It’s a fun little strip to take off and land on and there’s a big arrow on the ground pointing you in the direction of take off.

Like with boating, flying in this region was easy and fast. Have your draw distance set around 300 if your computer and internet connection is able to process it as the scenery here is beautiful.


As with many Linden locations across the grid, housing is a feature here. More as a decoration since you can’t live in them but you can rez furniture as long as you’re going to use them or they will be auto-returned. And as it is a G sim, don’t do anything naughty. G means General, not G Spot. Well…

If you are looking for a place to travel to by sea, air or teleportation, I highly commend Kremer as a destination to visit. Places you can easily travel from includes Bay City and East River.

It’s the perfect location to spend time with your friends to rez a campfire to sit around as day turns to night.

map kremer


Teleport LINK

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Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree/Post Box – LINK



Where Linden Lab is failing

Wow, maybe I should wait before I write this post but I need to get this out and it’s a damning article aimed at Linden Lab who are not doing their job in running an efficient gaming system where they are not maintaining their mainland sims as well as they once did.

Okay, let’s be fair. It’s not all of the grid but there are serious issues initially where the Blake Sea and Bingo Strait met. Over the past two months it has gradually worsened only for it to spread out to Sailor’s Cove as well.

It’s not long ago when Linden Lab let their sims fail which erupted into a JIRA where the number of angry Second Lifers active in sailing and flying listed their complaints with experiences of how bad this section of the grid is.

Now it’s back and I’ve had enough. I cannot fly or sail across this section of the grid without crashing or needing to relog after every 3 to 5 sims. Yesterday my boats kept losing its scripting from sim crossings while today’s group cruise had so many of us crashing. My final crash was having a handful of sims crashing and now Linden Lab’s servers has blocked me from relogging for however many hours it said.

Now this blog is a destination blog for Second Life. I have an airport destination series(SLAD) which requires needing to flying in and out of airports and over the surrounding sims but this has grown difficult for in the region of Blake/Bingo and now Sailors Cover it seems. Due to this, Virtually Sheree will no longer cover any destinations in this region as these areas has become too broken to bother attempting.

To Linden Lab, I ask them to get their act together. Why would people want to spend their time in a game that is being left to rot?


Sheree Honeyflower


SLAD: East River Intercontinental Airport

sansara flight_001

There are big airports and there big airports. If you are looking for an airport which feels like a complex airport, East River Intercontinental Airport(ERIA) is the airport for you. An airport with all the pedestrian twists and turns you would find in any large airport, an underground rail system and a road system connecting to Linden roads.

My first day to present myself at ERIA became a flight out on Sansara Airlines which I must say, is the best SL airline paint I have seen. I met with Captain Charley Johnson who was friendly, helpful and always in a professional manner. And a fantastic tour guide.

sansara flight dsa electrohawk_013Sansara Airlines – Captain Charley Johnson

East River Continental Airport(ERIA) is the major airport on the Sansara continent with access to many airports in different themes of which there are many on this wonderful continent. And if you want ease of flying, again, flying in and fly out of ERIA.

Both ERIA and the East River Municipal Airport come under the auspices of the East River Community connected by roads, boating and flying. An expanding community undergoing major redevelopment across the city where you can explore the arts, enjoy a drink at any cafe and plenty of shopping. There is also a rail network system of three lines to travel.

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If you have not visited ERIA before, take your time and be prepared to be lost. This is no ordinary straight up and down, this is an airport which feels real. It won’t take long to understand the system. A big score for realism.

There train system at the airport transports passengers on two lines. One is a circle system reaching across the airport. The second line travels to Grizedale/Kirkstone sims with a stop at Helvellyn where a developing business centre with the arts and more is waiting for you.

A third line line travels between Washingham – Westgate to Katzegarten – Brooks East. Brooks East is your stop for East River Municipal Airport.

rapid er

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Not attached to the East River Community by group are the many zones accessible from ERIA by plane and boat. Travel by sea will take you to the Sea of Fables. Land and sea offers access to skiing and a winter wonderland of snow snow snow. And then there’s the excess to Bay City and other locations by air and sea, easier by air.

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The East River Intercontinental and East River Municipal Airports both share the features of ease of access to surrounding regions and like its smaller cousin, ERIA is smooth to fly in and out as you zip across sim with minimal of fuss. How East River Community has developed this complex city without painful lag and the death eaters of sim crossing astounds me.

No matter which aircraft I flew from small to large commercial airliner, my only issues dealing me the hand of death were my pilot errors as I am not use to landing without the glitches and stutters of sim crossings into airports. The little you get here is minimal so be prepared to land quickly without fuss.

I am so impressed with ERIA and the East River Community that I had Dahlia, one of my best friends to fly in on commercial for a tour and to show her a little project my girlfriend and I are currently working on in this area.

Chia_001Chia (volchia.ferduccio)

And finally, the place we travelers need at any quality major airport is somewhere to chill before we fly out. East River Intercontinental Airport has friendly staff who won’t bug you as you enjoy fine beverages.

Mmm, I’m feeling like a yummy beverage now.



ERIA Main Entrance – Teleport

ERIA Runway – Landmark

ERIA Port Access – Landmark

Helvellyn Centrum Station – Teleport

Related Article – East River Municipal Airport

Sheree Honeyflower
(Virtually Sheree)
Cafe Sheree & Letterbox – Teleport


SLAD5: East River Municipal Airport

ERC terminal building outside_001

Dear pilots, we all know how we like to prefer one particular continent which is a shame as it leaves us poorer off when we don’t include other continents. This week’s Second Life Airport Destination takes us to the East River Community with two airports. The airport I’m writing about this week is the East River Municipal Airport.

I first heard of the East River Municipal Airport listening to SL Aviation Network Radio.

East River Municipal Airport is a small airport packing with “What shall we do here?” efforts as there is so much to do here in easy short walking distance making this one airport to not ignore but first, the airport.

Land information – Public use airstrip in the East River Community.  Aircraft tiedown rentals available.  10 minute autoreturn unless part of the Community.

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world map municipal airport

If you tp to East River Municipal Airport, take the landmark at the bottom of this article and poof inside the passenger terminal which is a neat building where you will find customer service desks, coffee and if there’s someone there to check you and your bags, there’s a pat down point just past the body scanner.

The runway is short making this airport suitable for small and medium planes. If you follow the red line I marked on the world map, that is the safest route to fly in/out. I found it quick with limited lag and sim crossing issues so beware, distracted pilots will crash land or find themselves across the river and over land before they know it. I approached low in my D-300, needing to use reverse to quicken my braking though I possibly could have approached a tad slower at 30% thrust.

For my test flights, this is an easy airport to fly in and out. All aircraft handled well however I did have a little trouble using my McKeenan Dragonfly and Mayfly for some reason. Maybe it was my pilot error.

I had a lot of fun flying my D-Caravan. She handled superbly and landed in the river without hassle, not including landing a little too soon only to land at the nude beach instead of the airport. East River Municipal Airport isn’t set up for seaplanes as you can see in the photo above however, I’m sure you could get away with it in a smaller seaplane.

In fact, the low lag made my flying an awesome experience without a single sim crossing making life difficult. It was largely smooth flying. The smaller the plane the funner.

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So why should you try East River?

The East River Community covers a number of sims. They are currently rebuilding some regions and looking for interested parties to who would like to contribute and take ownership of parcels to create something which adds to their community.

For something to do, you can easily sail and fly. My first visit was a flight in my Virtually Sheree D-300 from Bay City to the East River Municipal Airport. It was easy and fun and let me tell you that after an enjoyable flight, looking around to find such a vibrant location was awesome.

Connected to this small regional airport is a train, a vineyard, parkland and a cafe which currently needs a little detour to get there due to rebuilding. There’s also water access and not far away at all is a clothing optional nude beach with permission to rez your own objects so you can sit or lay on your own beach furniture or play with your beach toys. And the black eye for privacy is on so no worries about people sitting just outside looking in. There is also a temp rez kayak for you to take and explore the river sitting one and two people. Just select your requirements from the options given to you when you click.

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And yes, they do have Police on the beat as I sped along the road with a noisy muffler where I met Officer Blackheart.

There really is a lot to explore here whether you travel by road, sea, air or ninja teleporting. So much to see and do. So much to return to see and if you like, move in and become a resident yourself.



East River Municipal Airport – TP
East River Nude Beach – TP

SL Aviation Network Radio – Link

Blue skies.

Sheree Honeyflower