SLAD: East River Intercontinental Airport

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There are big airports and there big airports. If you are looking for an airport which feels like a complex airport, East River Intercontinental Airport(ERIA) is the airport for you. An airport with all the pedestrian twists and turns you would find in any large airport, an underground rail system and a road system connecting to Linden roads.

My first day to present myself at ERIA became a flight out on Sansara Airlines which I must say, is the best SL airline paint I have seen. I met with Captain Charley Johnson who was friendly, helpful and always in a professional manner. And a fantastic tour guide.

sansara flight dsa electrohawk_013Sansara Airlines – Captain Charley Johnson

East River Continental Airport(ERIA) is the major airport on the Sansara continent with access to many airports in different themes of which there are many on this wonderful continent. And if you want ease of flying, again, flying in and fly out of ERIA.

Both ERIA and the East River Municipal Airport come under the auspices of the East River Community connected by roads, boating and flying. An expanding community undergoing major redevelopment across the city where you can explore the arts, enjoy a drink at any cafe and plenty of shopping. There is also a rail network system of three lines to travel.

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If you have not visited ERIA before, take your time and be prepared to be lost. This is no ordinary straight up and down, this is an airport which feels real. It won’t take long to understand the system. A big score for realism.

There train system at the airport transports passengers on two lines. One is a circle system reaching across the airport. The second line travels to Grizedale/Kirkstone sims with a stop at Helvellyn where a developing business centre with the arts and more is waiting for you.

A third line line travels between Washingham – Westgate to Katzegarten – Brooks East. Brooks East is your stop for East River Municipal Airport.

rapid er

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Not attached to the East River Community by group are the many zones accessible from ERIA by plane and boat. Travel by sea will take you to the Sea of Fables. Land and sea offers access to skiing and a winter wonderland of snow snow snow. And then there’s the excess to Bay City and other locations by air and sea, easier by air.

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The East River Intercontinental and East River Municipal Airports both share the features of ease of access to surrounding regions and like its smaller cousin, ERIA is smooth to fly in and out as you zip across sim with minimal of fuss. How East River Community has developed this complex city without painful lag and the death eaters of sim crossing astounds me.

No matter which aircraft I flew from small to large commercial airliner, my only issues dealing me the hand of death were my pilot errors as I am not use to landing without the glitches and stutters of sim crossings into airports. The little you get here is minimal so be prepared to land quickly without fuss.

I am so impressed with ERIA and the East River Community that I had Dahlia, one of my best friends to fly in on commercial for a tour and to show her a little project my girlfriend and I are currently working on in this area.

Chia_001Chia (volchia.ferduccio)

And finally, the place we travelers need at any quality major airport is somewhere to chill before we fly out. East River Intercontinental Airport has friendly staff who won’t bug you as you enjoy fine beverages.

Mmm, I’m feeling like a yummy beverage now.



ERIA Main Entrance – Teleport

ERIA Runway – Landmark

ERIA Port Access – Landmark

Helvellyn Centrum Station – Teleport

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Sheree Honeyflower
(Virtually Sheree)
Cafe Sheree & Letterbox – Teleport



SLAD: Tori Bay Airport


If you are looking an airport destination that’s perfect for flying and sailing to, the mainland of Satori has several airport destinations to select. This destination I chose for my third Second Life Airport Destination an airport as it took my immediate attention while exploring Satori by helicopter.

Located at a sim called Adergrove is, Tori Bay Airport. A mountain themed airport.


First opened as a maritime paint store in April 2015, Tori Bay was converted to an airport in October 2016 with a Japanese theme based in part of the owner is of Japanese descent and having a love of birds. Which is why this airport is called, Tori. A Japanese word for bird. Tori is also the gate one passes through to sacred space for meditation and spiritual enlightenment.

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Tori Bay Airport was built as a non-traditional airport which has three levels. The first level is located at 30m. Hangers are caves with an office with spacious room. Relaxation activities includes a 7Seas vendor and tent with campfire but more important is the calming water effect.

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The second or mid level airport is 85m. It is the mid mountain used for the transport of cargo and goods. From my own personal perspective, the mid mountain level is also for commercial airlines to access as there is a terminal for human passage. Located here.

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The third or top level of the mountain is the research level for scientists. You can also find Airplane Paint Shop(Asgard Aviation) at 240m.

To move from level to level you can take their TP points or if you are anything like me and want to add a little fun, fly. Takes a little longer but it’s more fun than hopping on a TP stand.

If you are looking for transport activities, these include Skyward Fly-In’s which is  a smuggling game where you earn rewards and GTFO money. There also various parties so bring your dancing shoes to wiggle to the DJ’s tunes.

Don’t hesitate to contact anyone from Tori Bay Airport management. I found Ravin Asgard easy to get in touch with as well as being a friendly ball of energy keen to help with inquiries.


For access by air, Tori Bay Airport was easy for me to navigate with minimal issues which is amazing considering the internet connection issues I was experiencing this week. My first trip was by helicopter which was easy to approach with though I don’t remember seeing any helipads so aim for the grass in the mid and top levels of this mountain airport.

If you are traveling by boat or seaplane, there are several Linden Islands to visits to stop by including pirate islands. And don’t drink all the rum. You don’t want me asking, “But where’s all rum gone?”

Asgard Aviation North – Silver Serpentine

Tori Bay Airport is part of the Valhalla group. If you enjoy this beautiful airport, you may enjoy their Aztec themed airport, Asgard Aviation North found at Silver Serpent. Check it out here.

Oh, do you want to know what I found myself wanting to do at Tori Bay while exploring one of the buildings? Self enlightenment through the practice of martial arts. You need to bring your own skills if you find yourself in the same motivation is me. And a little rest in the tent nearby.

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If you want realism, this isn’t the airport for you but it has some realism in the runway set up and minimal lighting. This week’s airport destination is one you should visit to relax. To get away from all the concrete and mechanical noises so whether you travel by air or sea, Tori Bay Airport is one awesome destination.

I used several aircraft this week; D-300, D Arrow VI, D 139, Wilder Seawind, Grumman F6F Hellcat, JM Avanti and Farman III. As well as by boat; Bandit R25.

Remember, if you have a destination you would like me to consider whether it is aviation related or anything else really, contact me through Second Life by IM. I’m easy to find in search as; Sheree Honeyflower(LifeOfSheree) or at my office located at Sheree’s Garden Cafe.

Blue Skies.


Sheree Honeyflower


SLAD2: White Star International Airport

I admit, I was lost. Which airport do I visit next when there are so many airports across Second Life? What an impressive range of airports to choose from. But you the reader can make it easier for me as one of you did. Yes, this week’s Second Life Airport Destination is a reader’s request by, Crim. Thank you, Crim who is the Manager of White Star International Airport.

Where to begin?

Opened around mid 2015, White Star International Airport is our destination.

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White Star International Airport, north of the Blake Sea, west of Tuarua Fiji is an airport which has more than meets the eye when you arrive. Approaching from the East to land at Grunion sim with two exits to the pilot’s right before reaching the end of the runway where departing planes wait for clearance. Please note that you will see two runways. Take the runway on the right to arrive at White Star and follow the markings to the terminal, fueling bay and hangars. Or if you approach by helicopter, there is a helipad near the terminal that is easy to approach and touch down.

First things first, the lag. I hardly encountered any lag beyond Linden Lab’s usual trolling of us with their crazy antics during maintenance weeks. Yes, I explored White Star during a long four day maintenance fest and yet I barely experienced any lag here. The approach meets you with runway with minimal lighting. Enough to guide you in without all the uber lighting required to power a whole city. So both lag and realism on entry is a big fat ‘Check!’. Receiving help from two people who, as Crim explained, “Two of those who helped with the initial build actually had experience working at real airports.”, certainly helped.

Once you pass through the half parcel on Grunion, you enter White Star’s main region, Grayling sim which is a whole sim. Terminal straight ahead, hangars and Emergency Rescue to the left. Both sims have hangars which can be rented. Grunion sim also has boat slips available for rent which fits in effortlessly.

We come to flying in and out where I experienced no difficulty for this inexperienced pilot. The approach is quicker than the departure, just as it is real life. There are three open water sims to approach though two were enough for me. One sim were more than ample for my small aircraft.

Aircraft I flew in and out of White Star International Airport were the D-300, D-Arrow VI, D-139, McKeenan Aviation’s Mayfly and the Cheermaster 150EX ULTRALIGHT. A clear pass for every aircraft used.

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If you are looking for an activity at an airport, White Star has them for you to check out. When I asked White Star’s Manager, Crim about activities, he replied, “We occasionally host the Skyward Flying Club on their weekly flights. There is also a yearly Fire and Safety equipment show which runs for 3 days” and, “We host the main store location for Shergood Aviation and also a store for Feral Marine down in the small marina. We also have a few larger RP areas located at various altutides. There’s a multi-level futuristic military airbase at 1500m over Grayling and a rather extensive space/sci-fi area complete with a space station and a few larger starships starting at 3600m in both Grayling and Grunion. Those are open for anyone to use.”


Exploring White Star International Airport had to be done in three stages or I would have spent my whole day here, if not longer. When you love to explore as I do, you can easily stay beyond our limited time and something easily done at White Star. My first exploration was to look over the entire airport. The second was flying in and out using several aircraft the third day was to explore what I have not seen at an airport before.

White Star International Airport has a coach terminal underneath the plane terminal which is accessed via the escalators outside the plane terminal. There are four destinations you can choose to travel to and it is easy to do.

Go to the ticket vending machine and claim your ticket with a single left click. Then wear/add the ticket to hold in your hand and choose your destination, each clearly located with information at each of the four coaches. Step onto the bus as you would any real life bus where you will teleport to your chosen destination. Easy as that. I chose the rainforest destination which took me to The River.

If you have not visited White Star International Airport, get your pixels over there and look around. There is plenty to do and easy to access. Truly one striking airport and a formidable competitor in the world of Second Life aviation.

White Star runway approach Landmark

White Star Terminal Landmark

Remember, if you have a destination you would like me to consider whether it is aviation related or anything else really, contact me through Second Life by IM. I’m easy to find in search as; Sheree Honeyflower(LifeOfSheree) or at my office located at Sheree’s Garden Cafe.
Blue skies.

Sheree Honeyflower


Airport Destination Series Announcement


When I am logged in Second Life, two of my pleasures are flying and sailing. Both are busy communities to be involved with in the virtual world of Second Life. There are groups to go flying and sailing with. There are other social activities held by some. Some of us just want to fly or boat.

As part of my Second Life destinations I cover in this blog, I decided to include an aviation section for airports. Both land and sea. As I am still fairly new to flying, I approached a small handful of people who I have come to know as friends whose opinions I trust and respect, as well as being successful airport owners and/or aircraft builders.

I would like to thank for their guidance the following people;

Jenny D, owner of both Basinghurst Airfiled and Tuarua Fiji International Airport(TFIA). As well as her airline, Disast Air.

Fey Blackheart & Gota Blackheart, owners of Unity Airlines and several airports under the brand name of Unity Airlines.

Luke Flywalker, owner of Baitoushan International Airport, directly involved with the Baitoushan Aviation Museum and host of SL Aviation Magazine and Music to Fly By.

Mick McKeenan, aircraft builder and owner of McKeenan Aviation.

Thank you to all of you for your guidance based on your successful aviation ventures in Second Life.

Below are the main five points I have compiled to guide how and what I look for in an airport. They are to be applied equally to every airport without bias as much as humanly possible. We all have airports we love and airports we don’t. It’s our personal preference. We all have them. You may disagree with something I write which is your right based on your wants and needs. This series is meant as a guide to airports and who knows, you might read a post on an airport you did not know about. Or you might share an airport with me which I don’t know of. If you wish to bitch at me for my comment, I truly don’t care. Second Life is for fun. Let’s make this something we can all enjoy.

Somehow I’ll work on a list to compile a list of each post in this airport series which will be easy to find and refer to. That is a work in progress. I hope you enjoy my airport series.

So the main five points are;

1. Lag.

Minimal to no lag at airport parcels/sims. Nothing destroys your SL experience like lag does. The less lag, the better. The better to see avatars, for aircraft to work and to have an enjoyable Second Life experience.

2. Easy access.

Airports with direct access from main seas is a particular helps with avoiding parcel orbs/ban lines and helps keep entry/exit lag reduced and avoids issue of obstacles, ie: castles, mountains and boundary screens.

3. Realism

For those of us who roleplay activities in SecondLife like aviation and sailing, we enjoy some realism. Riding dragons and flying cars is an example of what isn’t realism in virtual gaming and generally not permitted at airports.

Realism in SL airports should seek to include the following detail;

* Room to manoeuvre. Planes need space to taxi, somewhere to pick up and drop off passengers, arrive and depart without crashing on the ground and in the air as much as possible.

* Hanger/Tie Downs pilots can rent to store aircraft.

* Terminals where commercial and charter aircraft can ferry passengers and where people can meet up. Somewhere to sit such as a cafe or bar.

* Flashing lights and fake people kept to a minimum.

4. Unique & Atmosphere

What makes the airport special to attract pilots and passengers? Is there something as a draw people to the airport?

How are pilots and passengers treated by airport management and staff?

5. Aesthetics

How does the airport look? Does it look like clumps of concrete or does the theme of the airport look presentable and relevant?

Big airports are very different to small airports. Airports in tropical climates look different to those in temperate climates. Same with city and rural airports.

Do the airport aesthetics make the airport feel like an airport or something else?


This  top five is a compilation I have made with the guidance from a handful of people who either own airports or build planes. I chose people I know. People I know are successful as an aircraft builder and airport owners. Who better to ask?

This is not an end and be all to Second Life airports but my personal selection. All airport posts are based on my thoughts and feelings. All airports will be have been flown in and out using a helicopter as well as planes of different sizes.

And lastly, if you know of an airport which you would really like me to visit and blog my thoughts on, let me know either in the comments section below or contact me directly in IM in Second Life. My Second Life details are; Sheree Honeyflower(LifeOfSheree Resident).

You can also find my official inworld office for Virtual Sheree at my cafe, “Sheree’s Garden Cafe” at Bay City(Harwich sim).

Blue skies.

Sheree Honeyflower


Basinghurst Aerodrome


Basinghurst Aerodrome, owned by, Jenny D is a quaint post WWII airfield located at Exhara sim, just a short distance from Bingo Strait by air and sea. Jenny is also the owner of Tuarua Fiji International Airport(TFIA).

From the notecard received from my tier box for my tie down for renters;

“BasingHurst Aerodrome is an Ex ww2 airfield used in the present day by private pilots, Aero and gliding clubs. It is a themed Airport for light aircraft only.

“We have no facility for Jet Aircraft and for that reason the only aircraft allowed to be permanently rezzed here are Light Aircraft with either Single or Double Prop and small helicopters.

“The main runway direction for use is runway 28 for takeoff and 10 for landing.”


Jenny D – Owner of Basinghurst Aerodrome & Tuarua Fiji International Airport(TFIA)

Basinghurst Aerodrome offers hangars and tie downs for light aircraft at competitive prices. Inside the main building is a cosy sitting area and fish to help you relax as you drink coffee or tea dispensed from the barista espresso machine.

The airstrip is easy to use and perfect for small aircraft. Helicopters are also permitted here but please, no jets as this hobby aerodrome isn’t equipped for jets. There is also a gliders club.


On top of being picturesque, Basinghurst Aerodrome also has a food van where you can have coffee, tea and soup. You can rest at the outdoor setting to sit and rest as you take in the fresh sea air blowing in your face.

Should you rent a tie down, Jenny encourages tenants to decorate their tie down. I chose to add some trees, a tent, campfire and picnic table where I keep my D-Arrow IV.