Second Life: 14 Years Celebration!


Released or rather, born on the twenty third of June in the year of two thousand and three, Second Life came to life on the world wide web. This world of pixels was far smaller  with visuals which would look primitive by today’s standards as this amazing inworld gaming platform developed over years.

I was fortunate to be invited to join Second Life’s press group for their fourteenth birthday celebrations and what an honour it is to be included in this celebration of the wonders which make Second Life what it is. The artists, builders, role players and more including you.

The twenty third of June will see Second Life turn fourteen years old which is an amazing achievement in the gaming world and it’s still growing, always developing and expanding.


Like walking into the light, we log into Second Life where we enjoy our other lives whatever that may be. The sailors and pilots, beasts and vampires, elves and dwarves, the dance clubs and places of sexual interests, the eras of dinosaurs through to futuristic themes, we are Second Life when he express ourselves with pixel possible. If it’s been thought of, it exists in Second Life or it’s coming soon. Very soon.


Consisting of eighteen sims, you will not, no, you cannot be bored. It’s impossible! Eighteen sims of an incredible amount of to look and do. Displays by builders. Groups who have something from through own group who share their world with us so we can see the vast range of activities that make up Second Life. You may find something to try out or even find yourself embracing a whole new passion.

The welcome wagon eagerly waiting to welcome you are greeters across these sims. Your entry point is Impressive where you will find information of what is on. There are many pod tours to choose from and dragons to ride. Riding dragons comes at your own risk.

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Online streaming is from SL Aviation Network whose streaming are made from live session recordings replayed for our enjoyment or you can go to their webpage to choose which recording you like to listen to. SL Aviation Network’s studio is located at Helvellyn, part of the East River Community.

SL14B opens at Noon(SLT) on 18th June through to 25th June. There is so much to do with free SL14B gifts, performances, fun rides, dances, displays and so much more. This years birthday celebration is one celebration you do not want to miss. You will need to visit throughout the eight days should you wish to see as much as possible.

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Come along and let your hair down and party with us. It’s going to be a heaps of fun.

Webpage and Landmarks

SL14B Schedule LINK

Impressive – Welcome Wagon


Sheree Honeyflower
(Cafe Sheree/Letterbox) Teleport





Linden’s Rez Zone in Kremer


Today’s destination is different to places I usually choose to write about as it’s all about bacon. Well, not bacon but pigs are involved because today’s destination is Linden Lab’s rez zone located at Kremer found in the Bay of Pigs.

Located on the continent of Sansara which has quickly become a favourite of mine, Kremer is located in a central position where surrounding islands also with rez zones have their own items to see such as the crashed pig spaceship and another has a Linden information section to click on.


The rez zone has a ten minute time limit on your objects being returned leaving you plenty of time to approach by sea or air and disembark without losing your transport the moment you stand. Unless of course you casually approached and took your time passing the ten minute mark.

Features here includes a free sail boat. Touch the panel to receive your little boat and rez to sail this cute little boat. It’s not a true sail boat as there is no bwind. Just tap the forward arrow to move and your left/right arrows to turn. As basic as the scripting is, this is a pretty cool little boat. Quite nifty for a freebie.

I took my Destino boat out for  cruise in the surrounding regions  which was a fun and pleasant trip with hardly any sim crossing concerns. Lag is minimal with so little in the area to affect your trip. There is plenty of room to navigate regardless the size of your boat.

For aircraft, any old seaplane will do while only small land planes should you want to use the airstrip as it is short and able to handle sand. It’s a fun little strip to take off and land on and there’s a big arrow on the ground pointing you in the direction of take off.

Like with boating, flying in this region was easy and fast. Have your draw distance set around 300 if your computer and internet connection is able to process it as the scenery here is beautiful.


As with many Linden locations across the grid, housing is a feature here. More as a decoration since you can’t live in them but you can rez furniture as long as you’re going to use them or they will be auto-returned. And as it is a G sim, don’t do anything naughty. G means General, not G Spot. Well…

If you are looking for a place to travel to by sea, air or teleportation, I highly commend Kremer as a destination to visit. Places you can easily travel from includes Bay City and East River.

It’s the perfect location to spend time with your friends to rez a campfire to sit around as day turns to night.

map kremer


Teleport LINK

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Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree/Post Box – LINK



Paris Love Affair: Adventurous Farewell

Paris fair_007



Three weeks in Paris and what a holiday it has been for Abby and I. An exciting first week with an exploration by foot, romantic dinners and dancing. A second week of dancing, relaxing, plenty of Parisian love and the final week, our finale was adventure time.

abby flying fox_006

Starting with a trip up the Eiffel Tower, we hopped onto wire for a ride down the flying fox. I sent Abby down first to taste how safe this ride is. Even as a splattered tomato mess I’m sure she would look edible. Away she sped off across Paris along two lines to meet up at the fair.

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We had a ball at the fun fair with two psychics trapped in their boxes. Probably for their own safety from being mugged by adorable women(especially those with a name starting with the letter A), won prizes at the ducks and discharged some fun at the shooting gallery. Topped off with a horse ride, Abby stuffing me into a canon to send who knows where and a ride on the carousel.

So much fun and craziness.

A stroll back to our room, a cozy snuggle and after packing up our bags, we had our final Parisian snog and left for trip home.

And what a holiday we had in Paris. We will definitely be returning for some events and to visit in general. We loved it so much that we could have stayed never returned. As there was more to see and do, Abby and I will definitely return for more Parisian.

Love you Paris. You’re awesome.

Paris 1900 Landmark

Paris Information Landmark


Destination: Elven Quest

Elven Quest Sim_005
Long ago before the days of industrial revolutions and the dominance of mankind, there was a time of peace where elves were dominant and orcs were kept at bay without much fuss. Elven Quest is a today’s destination of choice where role play with team and individual challenges, the daily life of work and trade, beautiful elegant castles and other structures and a natural ecology to make any country girl homesick, Elven Quest is a destination to keep you busy for days, weeks or months to discover everything.

Then again, sometimes I lie. With new builds underdevelopment, this amazing destination while dressed in medieval clothing to keep one modest will keep you entertained.

Elven Quest Sim Volcano_018
Seals of two families joined in marriage

I had a dilemma when I first exploring Elven Quest, “Where do I start? Somebody call for rescue if I’m not seen for ages. I may be lost.”

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Important to know before you start are the rules. Elven Quest is a medieval roleplay requiring appropriate dress and behaviour. There are boxes of free outfit to start you off if you do not have medieval clothing and you would prefer to look around and experience Elven Quest before you dive in and fill your wardrobe with themed dress.

Apart from welcome messages, here you will find a teleport system, cheap as chips home rentals so you can live your role play should you wish to live here and there is a corridor on the right taking you to a NPC waiting to meet and talk with you. This is a must if you would like to get involved in individual challenges as you’re sent on your way.

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You start at Elven Quest sim called, Hyarmenlonde meaning southern city in the Elven language of Quenya. Here you will see a beautiful white city and explore a large white palace called, The Palace. There is a kitchen with eating area, halls, fishing, well maintained gardens and, well, I don’t want to spoil it for you by giving away all the information best self discovered.

From the city you venture along a river, through farming to a lush forest with great trees with more fishing spots. You may come across dwarves and a mine. “A MINE!”

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Talking of farming, fishing and mining, Elven Quest has a system which is unique to their location. It adds to your role play experience and keeps Elven Quest that special place which you will not find anywhere else. A system written to keep us honest so that we all have a fair chance. You can, if you have the nous, the ability to do things but I’m not going to tell you about them. Come and experience this for yourself.

Interactive plants to pick, rocks to mine and fish to fish, all which goes into your pouch. Dwarves will buy your rocks if you wish to sell to them. What you pick from plants have different uses including corn lure.

Talking about fishing, you have not been SL fishing until you try your hand at fishing here. Instead of buying bait, here you find your bait. You can pick corn lure or catch yabby should find their nets and they go to your pouch.

And they aren’t just any fish you find on Second Life, every fish you find here are real fish from across our very real planet. From continent to continent, there are fish from across the world so no matter where you’re from, you’re likely to find fish you know of and some you likely wouldn’t. You will need to get the fishing rod from here. Just ask.

When you see that swirling pool of water, you are at a fishing spot. You may find me at one of those fishing spots. There’s also something else here for fishing but you have to earn it. You need to be awarded it and you will have the best ten minutes of fishing in your life.


Don’t forget your woolens so you can cover up to prevent an icy chill at the ice lands. Here there is a massive castle to get lost in. And there’s a penguin here. Careful some animals here for if you are wearing your role play hud bringing you life and death, there are animals here or maybe even other things that might bring you death. I’m not saying that the penguin will harm you but we do know that all penguins are evil, right?

There are team challenges should you wish to partake in them. First team to take the flag wins. The losing team is sacrificed and fed to the dragon. Nah, not really but that would be really cool to watch, wouldn’t it?

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If you don’t like the cold but prefer a warmer climate, there is a volcano beckoning for you to go and say hello. Can you make it to the top? I hear they cook a nice steak.

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In exploring Elven Quest, here is a destination to get deep into for I have spent several hours here and given the grande tour by Torgo, who I must give gracious thanks for his time.

There are many activities to lose track of time with. Like the lady who will play a game if you sit with her and click on her. A game of strategy. Here are there concerts with live singers, a live reading and, I need to write more articles to include them all.

Another important bit of information you need to know is that you don’t need to empty your Linden purse to enjoy yourself here. In fact, you don’t need to spend any Lindens unless you would like to rent a cheap home here to live your Elven Quest. Anything else you may wish to purchase are from stores not attached so if you would like to buy yourself a beautiful outfit or body parts such as elf ears, go shopping around. You don’t need to spend your Lindens here. Elven Quest was created for all of us to have fun together regardless of your Linden spending power.

So come to Elven Quest. I’m sold. I joined their group.

Lissenen ar’ maska’lalaith tenna’ lye omentuva (Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet)

Elven Quest Ad

RFL Logo Whtie on Purple 256

2017 UACMF_official_poster

Elven Quest is a proud sponsor the 3rd Unmasking A Cure Medieval Faire is raising money to find a cure for cancer. All monies raised goes to Relay For Life(American Cancer Society).

The 3rd UAC Medieval Faire is on now with activities to take part in or watch, a stage to watch and listen to performers and a Merchant Market so buy medieval wares and help raise money to find a cure for cancer.

Landmarks and Websites

Elven Quest – Teleport

3rd UAC Medieval Faire – Teleport

Team Website – Link

Team Flickr – Link

Team Facebook – Link

Tolkien Languages  – Site of interest

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree(Letterbox) – Teleport

Virtually Sheree – Link


Paris Love Affair: Falling

34504825591_405f64fcbc_kJe suis tombé amoureux de Paris.

I don’t quite know how to express my feelings. Not yet.

Only three days into our holiday at Paris, France and we have been absorbed into the love of this beautiful city. The City of Paris really is the City of Love.

I don’t know how or why but it is.

A casual tourist stroll around on our first full day and we spent our third day shopping for new clothing. Something for the evening’s dance under the Eiffel Tower. We found Abby’s dress first and then feeling over consumed by all these emotions and my need to just be with Abby, Abby helped me find something for me to wear. I even had her choose the colour of the dress once we found the perfect dress.

dance eiffel tower_011

We drove from our hotel to the Eiffel Tower, parking only a little away where we joined everyone on the dance floor. Everyone was talking in French so we didn’t really know what they were saying but that was irrelevant as those around us faded out where only Abby and I existed.

Lights spun round in a blur as we danced the evening away to music in English and Français. Our bodies brushing, touching, pressing as we fell. Our eyes rarely leaving our gaze as we fell for each other. So fallen that nobody was dancing but us when we looked around. Everybody had left but the few who hung back to talk with each other. The musique had stopped but not for us as our hearts danced together.

We came to Paris as friends and lovers. We dined as our friendship further bonded. By the end of this dance by the end of our third full day, we fell, entwined in each others arms as our hearts beat as one.

We came to Paris as lovers. We fell in love in Paris.

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Paris 1900 Landmark

Paris Information Landmark

*Photos are taken by, Abby Fraser & Sheree Honeyflower(me).

Paris Love Affair: L’amour et La Musée du Louvre

snuggling abby from behind_001
Bonjour mon amour

“Bonjour mon amour”, I whisper to Abby as I wrap my arms up around her on our first morning in Paris, “Je t’aime”.

“Je t’aime aussi”, Abby replied in our loving embrace on the ottoman.

Feeling only the fading effect of jet lag drowned by wine, Abby and I were keen to set out to explore this Parisian lifestyle. Somehow we made it out of our room or somehow Abby made it out alive with me sniffing her hair as I nuzzled her neck and poor French pronunciations.

train_002“I love the map detail but where are these coloured lined on the roads?”

We set out into the living breathing City of Paris looking like every other tourist with an admiration of road maps and neither of us knew where to start so we left it to each other until we agree to visit La Louvre.

“Let’s walk.”
“But Paris is so big, we should ride the tram.”

Mmm, the scent of foods and coffees in the air, the rumble of traffic and clomp clomp clomping of the feet passing by, we were very excited. Maybe it was our excitement which made the wait for the tram feel far too long to wait so we chose to take the walking tour. And wow, what a beautiful scenic walking tour we took. So many more fun things to add to our list of ‘What to do”.

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Abby and I walked and walked, taking in so much of the city as we found a carousel, Moulin Rouge, an entertainment centre, a dog peeing on the pole with a look of happy relief on his face, coffee shops, clothing stores and all with my beautiful lady by my side.

La Louvre

After taking in some of the city street sights of Paris City, we nipped over to La Louvre, a multi level museum of the arts. A beautiful building with an impressive display of artwork throughout. And the chairs are comfy but not enough room for me to squish Abby.

Sheree: “Is that your stomach I hear growling?”
Abby: “I have a whole panther in here wanting to feed.”
Sheree: “I heard different.”
Abby: “Oh really? What did you hear?”
Sheree: “More of an opinion really.”
Abby: “Are you going to tell me or do I have to suck it out from your mouth”
Sheree: “You might need to suck more than that.”
Abby: “OMG Sheree!”

So much to do here in Paris. So much more to do in Paris now that we saw more here than we thought there was. A wonderful day of exploring by foot, looking at romantic couples and the cute gay couple who stopped us for a little chat. Glad they spoke English because our French is abysmal.

Our tummies were rumbling. Well, mine had a growing grumble. Abby’s was growling for a hunt. I’m sure I heard her stomach calling my name.

“How about the restaurant just over the road from here, darling?”, I asked.

“Sure, why not?”, Abby replied, almost dragging me out of my comfortable chair so she could settle her stomach.

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What a beautiful way to conclude the day. A romantic dinner together as we rested our feet and feed our starving tummies as we were lost in each other’s eyes. Those beautiful browns eyes and soft lips.

We ate as the sun went down, the light blue sky turned dark and my baby’s face was illuminated by candlelight. The food was scrumptious, filling and just enough.

And then it was time to head home and retire. Two women high on Parisian love, laughing all the way back to our room as we held each other in our arms, kissing intermittently along the way.

33737713014_e2cd4acfeb_z“I love you, baby”… “I love you too, darling”

Having safely made our way home, we fell into bed, falling into a satisfied sleep as we cuddled.
Paris 1900 Landmark

Virtually Sheree Office Landmark
Cafe Sheree Landmark

*Photos are taken by Abby and Sheree*


SLAD 4: Gordon Regional Airport


An airport with a difference for this week’s Second Life Airport Destination where we head over to the Sharp Continent(formerly Teen Grid) where there are three airports under the one group which is all up co-owned/shared by group of friends. Gordon Regional Airport is the airport I’ll primarily be dealing with. Requested by, Vessla. Part owner of Gordon Regional Airport.

First thing first, the lag? What lag? The fps rate? My fps rate was incredible at a rate double to what I usually have across much of Second Life. I’m talking the 80’s fps. I would say that this is helped along not only a low script airport and being surrounded by Linden owned sims which are clear of orbs for your arrival and departure.

If you see the photos of the runway above, Runway Three-Six is best for departures(180m). Ignore runway two-seven(140m) mostly. It is very short and there is one little parcel which will boot you in the adjacent parcel but it is on the far side across from the airport sim line, and it’s a tiny parcel. If you depart using runway 36, you have ample space to leave, gain height and turn back on the adjacent sims to your right. Fly down the centre of the sims for smooth flying. On arriving at Gordon Regional Airport, a short walk over to the staff panels is a map with the suggested flight path. There are few orbs/bans on this continent and they generally know where they do interfere with flight to help fellow aviators.

If you need assistance, somebody will get to you asap. I found Vessla’s help very useful with his indepth knowledge and passion of the Sharp Continent. There is so much to see here. There’s a small city, mid way along the continent is a region with a lot to investigate and I found pod car tours.

Three airports/airfields are; Gordon Regional Airport(Gordon sim), Yarmouth Airfield(Yarmouth sim) and Reggiano Arctic Research Airfield(Reggiano sim).

Yarmouth Airfield is a short dirt airstrip which isn’t for the beginner as one direction is crossing low over a bridge and the other direction is the standard near the sim crossing. Poor inexperienced me had a little trouble landing with my D-Arrow VI.

Reggiano Arctic Research Airfield is higher up the mountain with a permanent snow coverage. The landing is a uphill which should help your plane slow down.

These airports are best for bush planes, none of which I own so I used a few aircraft of my own including my little aircraft which has the best first person view as you fly over to explore.

Gordon Regional Airport opened in the first week of January, 2017 which is evolving as it is further built to meet the needs of aviators. Being a regional airport, there is minimal lighting just like the real thing. This is the largest of the airports. While there aren’t any group activities at the moment, there are plans to organise activities in the near future to attract aviators such as hosting air races and flight training. They’re also considering the occasional flight parody of BBC road tv show, Top Gear.

There is plenty to explore across the Sharp Continent without group activities including a monorail traveling through the built up city.

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Gordon Regional Airport LM

Yarmouth Airfield LM

Reggiano Arctic Research Airfield LM


I love receiving reader’s requests. I am interested in all destinations. Mostly G and M rated but not only. I will consider A rated destinations.

For SLAD, keep passing over those airport ideas. The more the merrier. I now have a letterbox at the entrance to my cafe, Sheree’s Garden Cafe where you can leave a notecard with your messages.


Blue Skies.

Sheree Honeyflower


SLAD: Tori Bay Airport


If you are looking an airport destination that’s perfect for flying and sailing to, the mainland of Satori has several airport destinations to select. This destination I chose for my third Second Life Airport Destination an airport as it took my immediate attention while exploring Satori by helicopter.

Located at a sim called Adergrove is, Tori Bay Airport. A mountain themed airport.


First opened as a maritime paint store in April 2015, Tori Bay was converted to an airport in October 2016 with a Japanese theme based in part of the owner is of Japanese descent and having a love of birds. Which is why this airport is called, Tori. A Japanese word for bird. Tori is also the gate one passes through to sacred space for meditation and spiritual enlightenment.

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Tori Bay Airport was built as a non-traditional airport which has three levels. The first level is located at 30m. Hangers are caves with an office with spacious room. Relaxation activities includes a 7Seas vendor and tent with campfire but more important is the calming water effect.

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The second or mid level airport is 85m. It is the mid mountain used for the transport of cargo and goods. From my own personal perspective, the mid mountain level is also for commercial airlines to access as there is a terminal for human passage. Located here.

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The third or top level of the mountain is the research level for scientists. You can also find Airplane Paint Shop(Asgard Aviation) at 240m.

To move from level to level you can take their TP points or if you are anything like me and want to add a little fun, fly. Takes a little longer but it’s more fun than hopping on a TP stand.

If you are looking for transport activities, these include Skyward Fly-In’s which is  a smuggling game where you earn rewards and GTFO money. There also various parties so bring your dancing shoes to wiggle to the DJ’s tunes.

Don’t hesitate to contact anyone from Tori Bay Airport management. I found Ravin Asgard easy to get in touch with as well as being a friendly ball of energy keen to help with inquiries.


For access by air, Tori Bay Airport was easy for me to navigate with minimal issues which is amazing considering the internet connection issues I was experiencing this week. My first trip was by helicopter which was easy to approach with though I don’t remember seeing any helipads so aim for the grass in the mid and top levels of this mountain airport.

If you are traveling by boat or seaplane, there are several Linden Islands to visits to stop by including pirate islands. And don’t drink all the rum. You don’t want me asking, “But where’s all rum gone?”

Asgard Aviation North – Silver Serpentine

Tori Bay Airport is part of the Valhalla group. If you enjoy this beautiful airport, you may enjoy their Aztec themed airport, Asgard Aviation North found at Silver Serpent. Check it out here.

Oh, do you want to know what I found myself wanting to do at Tori Bay while exploring one of the buildings? Self enlightenment through the practice of martial arts. You need to bring your own skills if you find yourself in the same motivation is me. And a little rest in the tent nearby.

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If you want realism, this isn’t the airport for you but it has some realism in the runway set up and minimal lighting. This week’s airport destination is one you should visit to relax. To get away from all the concrete and mechanical noises so whether you travel by air or sea, Tori Bay Airport is one awesome destination.

I used several aircraft this week; D-300, D Arrow VI, D 139, Wilder Seawind, Grumman F6F Hellcat, JM Avanti and Farman III. As well as by boat; Bandit R25.

Remember, if you have a destination you would like me to consider whether it is aviation related or anything else really, contact me through Second Life by IM. I’m easy to find in search as; Sheree Honeyflower(LifeOfSheree) or at my office located at Sheree’s Garden Cafe.

Blue Skies.


Sheree Honeyflower


Destination: Calas Galadhon Park

Mirromere – Calas Galahadhon Park

Nature. Put your hand up if you love to get out in nature to relax as we explore the wonders of Mother Nature?

There is a location in Second Life I was shown last year which I have been meaning to revisit and I thought, “Why not going back and add it as a destination?”, so I did. And you will love Calas Galadhon Park. I promise.

There are ten park sims. The information says eleven but I only count ten on the map but there is one which is a skybox so maybe that is the eleventh. I have not explored all of this region as it is large and has so much to explore and it’s hard to dig around everything when all you want to do is relax while enjoying nature’s beauty.

First things first. No nudity. These are moderate rated sims which owners wish to be open to all so they have asked for no nudity as clearly stated on their TP board. Each location has it’s own TP board. If you click your mini map to tp anyway, you will tp to the local board.

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Come here in your pixels as a human, a fairy, a big cat or furry for example. Whatever and whoever you are as long as you’re clothed and be respectful of each other. Here is a region jam packed full of places to explore outside and in buildings. Don’t forget the tunnels. Or are thet caves? You’ll have to visit to find out. There is also a beautiful cafe to rest at.

I really don’t want to spoil your fun by revealing everything. I will tell you though that there are plenty of places for couples to sit and to dance. You can find dance locations by finding the acorns on a pole. Some are roses and who knows if there are other forms of dance balls to click on to receive your couples dance balls.

There are also boats which I have not tried yet. Another couples feature I believe And, if you like, there’s a horse you can ride around. Just follow the instructions when you come across it and enjoy.

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Calas Galahhon

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dimrill Dale

I also found a little chapel which I guess can be used for SL Weddings. I did not look for the information but I assume that they allow SL weddings inside and outside. It’s the perfect romantic location.

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I swear, there is no end to the beauty of Mother Nature. There’s even Tai Chi set up for four people. I think this maybe where you find the horses to ride but I’m not going to tell you exactly where to find them. You have explore this lovely region for yourself. You know know. You just may encounter a lion or a leopard.

Hello Mister Lion. Thank you for letting me ruffle your mane and give you a big hug.


Misty Mountains

You really should check out Misty Mountains. I think this is my favourite so far. Misty Mountains might also be where you find the horse to ride but as I said before, I’m not saying where. You gotta find it.

Am I being mean?


I just want you to visit this awesome region and truly explore it for yourself. Nothing beats a little DIY.

Oz Night Club

There’s also the night club with a gorgeous retro look. I will head back to check out the details of Oz Night Club. So should you.

So yeah, get back to nature. Go as a homosapien, a butterfly, a spider, fairy or a big cat and melt into the picturesque surroundings. You can’t rez here so no pose balls of your own. Excellent for photos. Not all poses require balls.

Thank you to my two beautiful models; Abby and Bianca.

Click here to visit Calas Gladahon Park.

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SLAD2: White Star International Airport

I admit, I was lost. Which airport do I visit next when there are so many airports across Second Life? What an impressive range of airports to choose from. But you the reader can make it easier for me as one of you did. Yes, this week’s Second Life Airport Destination is a reader’s request by, Crim. Thank you, Crim who is the Manager of White Star International Airport.

Where to begin?

Opened around mid 2015, White Star International Airport is our destination.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

White Star International Airport, north of the Blake Sea, west of Tuarua Fiji is an airport which has more than meets the eye when you arrive. Approaching from the East to land at Grunion sim with two exits to the pilot’s right before reaching the end of the runway where departing planes wait for clearance. Please note that you will see two runways. Take the runway on the right to arrive at White Star and follow the markings to the terminal, fueling bay and hangars. Or if you approach by helicopter, there is a helipad near the terminal that is easy to approach and touch down.

First things first, the lag. I hardly encountered any lag beyond Linden Lab’s usual trolling of us with their crazy antics during maintenance weeks. Yes, I explored White Star during a long four day maintenance fest and yet I barely experienced any lag here. The approach meets you with runway with minimal lighting. Enough to guide you in without all the uber lighting required to power a whole city. So both lag and realism on entry is a big fat ‘Check!’. Receiving help from two people who, as Crim explained, “Two of those who helped with the initial build actually had experience working at real airports.”, certainly helped.

Once you pass through the half parcel on Grunion, you enter White Star’s main region, Grayling sim which is a whole sim. Terminal straight ahead, hangars and Emergency Rescue to the left. Both sims have hangars which can be rented. Grunion sim also has boat slips available for rent which fits in effortlessly.

We come to flying in and out where I experienced no difficulty for this inexperienced pilot. The approach is quicker than the departure, just as it is real life. There are three open water sims to approach though two were enough for me. One sim were more than ample for my small aircraft.

Aircraft I flew in and out of White Star International Airport were the D-300, D-Arrow VI, D-139, McKeenan Aviation’s Mayfly and the Cheermaster 150EX ULTRALIGHT. A clear pass for every aircraft used.

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If you are looking for an activity at an airport, White Star has them for you to check out. When I asked White Star’s Manager, Crim about activities, he replied, “We occasionally host the Skyward Flying Club on their weekly flights. There is also a yearly Fire and Safety equipment show which runs for 3 days” and, “We host the main store location for Shergood Aviation and also a store for Feral Marine down in the small marina. We also have a few larger RP areas located at various altutides. There’s a multi-level futuristic military airbase at 1500m over Grayling and a rather extensive space/sci-fi area complete with a space station and a few larger starships starting at 3600m in both Grayling and Grunion. Those are open for anyone to use.”


Exploring White Star International Airport had to be done in three stages or I would have spent my whole day here, if not longer. When you love to explore as I do, you can easily stay beyond our limited time and something easily done at White Star. My first exploration was to look over the entire airport. The second was flying in and out using several aircraft the third day was to explore what I have not seen at an airport before.

White Star International Airport has a coach terminal underneath the plane terminal which is accessed via the escalators outside the plane terminal. There are four destinations you can choose to travel to and it is easy to do.

Go to the ticket vending machine and claim your ticket with a single left click. Then wear/add the ticket to hold in your hand and choose your destination, each clearly located with information at each of the four coaches. Step onto the bus as you would any real life bus where you will teleport to your chosen destination. Easy as that. I chose the rainforest destination which took me to The River.

If you have not visited White Star International Airport, get your pixels over there and look around. There is plenty to do and easy to access. Truly one striking airport and a formidable competitor in the world of Second Life aviation.

White Star runway approach Landmark

White Star Terminal Landmark

Remember, if you have a destination you would like me to consider whether it is aviation related or anything else really, contact me through Second Life by IM. I’m easy to find in search as; Sheree Honeyflower(LifeOfSheree) or at my office located at Sheree’s Garden Cafe.
Blue skies.

Sheree Honeyflower