Haunted School Grounds

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true
– Judy Garland




I don’t know where Judy Garland and her song, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ got their ideas from but I have seen the other side of the rainbow and it’s freaking scary. Many times I have traveled to the rainbow and enjoyed its gaiety but beyond the rainbow, nope, no way. There are no sweet little blue birds because it’s Scaretober on the other side of the rainbow at the Land of Rainbows.

Owned by Kharvy Smith and Garrett Smith who are a sweet loving couple with freaky ideas of this magical land where blue birds are supposed to live. And the children. Somebody think of the poor little children as we enter Haunted School Grounds.


Should you take the teleporter direct from the main greeting point at Land of Rainbows to Haunted School Grounds, you will find yourself more in the middle of frightening activity however I like the idea of waddling through the beautiful picturesque nature currently in autumn where a young woman on her own on walkabout happens to come across aging stone stairs leading up to what looks like a fascinating must look at historical site, only to release all too late that once again her curiosity got her in trouble.


What’s in the cemetery?


To the side of the cemetery is where you’ll find an attention drawing historic school building but what’s inside?

Is it the smell of old wooden school desks collecting dust over the years or cobwebs and spiders scattering as your feet cause the old wooden flooring to creak?


Oh why does the victim always head upstairs? What could be waiting up there?


Remember to be careful. For some of us the writing is on the wall and if you’re not careful, you may find yourself on the floor.

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Land of Rainbows – Landmark

Haunted School Grounds – Landmark


Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



Hidden Desires Nightmare Neighborhood

It’s Scaretober which can only mean one thing. Halloween is upon us and when it comes to creativity, October’s Halloween season brings out the freak in people in Second Life. I love seeing how creative people are. Especially during Scaretober.

My first Halloween cover is Hidden Desires Nightmare Neighborhood at Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort and Women’s D/s Lounge.




Guide to improving your Halloween experience

Hidden Desires Nightmare Neighborhood is a fun interactive Halloween presentation to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Explore buildings, maybe find some yummy fresh chicken as sounds of Halloween run up your spine.

Just hanging

You never know what might happen to you. Or you could be dead lucky.

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Hidden Desires Nightmare Neigbhorhood – Landmark


Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


Halloween at Cafe Sheree

OMG OMG OMG OMG… It’s Halloween Time!

Yesss, it’s that time of year where Halloween blasts across Second Life with many highly imaginative halloween themed regions and parcels. I love visiting them.

This year it’s my turn to participate in Halloween at Cafe Sheree. My beautiful cafe at Bay City – Harwich is all dressed up for Halloween.

Beer and soft drink in the fridge, popcorn in the microwave, treats found in the dining room.

Careful, it’s dark outside.


Halloween at Cafe Sheree – Landmark


Sheree Honeyflower


Anti-Body Shaming Protest in SL

A first for Virtually Sheree is a cover for an inworld protest against a store owner for body shaming where up to twenty avatars voicing their dissent against Grace Olivieri (grey.olivieri), owner of ‘Back to Grace’ for her instore messages and on her profile page against people considered to be “fat”. Also owner of ‘Lali’s Shiny Nylon’.

I traveled to Back to Grace so I could see for myself these messages and the rally happening in the store as I write this article.

When we are living in a time where body shaming has never been so rampant in media and fashion industries, and eating disorders among youth continues to increase, this peaceful rally is a heart warming political action to let every store owner in Second Life know that this behaviour will not be tolerated.


SLAD: Village of Lindbay

Across the blue skies yonder and the beautiful deep blue sea there is a township with a glowing smile to attract visitors to visit and plod around as you peruse local stores, relax on the beach and mellow to the fresh salty air filling your lungs. With access by sea and by air, Village of Lindbay is this week’s Second Life Airport Destination.

Located along the south west coastline of the continent of Satori, Village of Lindbay was founded in May, 2016 with the intention of creating a functional community of aviators and sailors  on a mainland based  community where people could feel pride being part of. Yes, there are home rentals here at reasonable prices. I found one home in particular which I liked and was impressed with the value. Certainly very tempting.


Speaking personally, I recommend flying in to explore on foot, drive your car or board your boat to explore this fascination region. But first, let’s cover the basics.

This airport is small and neat with enough room for two planes at the terminal and one refueling station for Dani planes. The runway is facing on a simple East/West direction at 90 and 270 degrees. The runway is a little short yet long enough to easily land and take off with large planes. Not too large though for ease of maneuverability at the airport. The largest planes I tested here were the D-300 and McKeenan BAE-146.

Village of Lindbay has shopping, beach, home rentals, restaurants, bars, Police and emergency services, driving, docks and coming soon is an underwater tunnel system to add to exploring the water. Here is a relaxed atmosphere so come and explore but not just yet. Finish this article first.

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Aircraft I flew in testing Village of Lindbay was D-Arrow VI, D-Caravan, D-300, McKeenan’s Mayfly and BAE-146, Tiger Moth(0.6d5) and helicopters D-139 and C700.

So how did I go with flying in and out of this regional airport?

Awesome. Totally friggin’ awesome! I kid you not, this was an experience which even surprised me. Every single aircraft was smooth and easy as I found there to be very little crossing lag, plenty of open space and two islands a pilot can easily lower their aircraft as they approach.  In fact, my experience here was so amazing that when I departed with my BAE-146, two sims east was a sim down from rolling restarts. Yes, I was crazy enough to try this during rolling restarts. Not deliberate mind you, but I am glad I did as this gave me the chance to really try out this region. A few circles over Danu region and I landed tightly yet no crashing, no hitches, no screaming from panic. Just loads of pilot sweating with a safe landing.

Whew… I’m still breathing.


Approach/Departure Advisories

Elevation: 20.657

  • Maximum supported wing-span is 25.5 meters (approximately the size of the Dani D-300).
  • Minimum recommended approach is 60m.
  • Recommended approach: Begin approach into SLTX at region Intrepide at ~130 meters.
  • Recommended departure: Fly runway heading (090) with a northeastern turn in region Danu.
    • For a Blake Sea Departure: Fly through region Redoubtable and region Intrepide – then turn northward out of region Intrepide. Resume own navigation to Blake Sea area.
    • For Satori Coast Departure: Climb to greater than 130 meters altitude in Redoubtable with a west turn to the regions edge. Resume own navigation through regions Redoubtable, Danu and Becuma.

Source: SLAviationwikia

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For those who like to take a boat out, boating is perfect with a beautiful scenery and Linden islands to explore. I stopped to explore the lighthouse. Whether alone or with friends, here is your boating experience to relax. There is a whole coastline and more to explore from Village of Lindbay.

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I had fun exploring on foot and by car. Who wants to walk up a hill anyway? Ok, you fitness people would but I did walk. Well, not up the hill. So lazy but so fun.

I did visit the beach and soak up some rays. The beach at Village of Lindbay is cosy, I’m sure I found a bar or maybe that was a wet dream. You know know what I mean. Mmm alcohol on the beach, a beautiful view and lay out at the beach. Divine succulence. I guarantee you. I was relaxed.

For more detailed information on Lindbay, take this link – Village of Lindbay

Village of Lindbay’s regional airport – Landmark

map drawn out

Jet your way over to Village of Lindbay and let your hair down for a Second Life Airport Destination to have you and your friends feeling satisfied that you visited.
Blue skies,

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark/TP


Second Pride New Committee 2017-18

second pride logo

Following the highly successful Second Pride Event for 2017, today marks the day where a new committee took up their roles to take on the challenge of planning the 2018 Second Pride Event and all other roles which goes with their responsibilities.

Once outgoing Chair, Lledge Eames offered his respects, it was time for the newly elected Chair, Rez Starfall along with Mikey, Lee McKay and Cuppycake Cross to fill their seats on stage, straight into business and onto the very beginning of what I believe is going to be an exciting year ahead.


Right to Left: Rez Starfall(Chair), Mikey(Secretary), Lee McKay(IT Director), Cuppycake Cross(Events Director)

In support of the incoming Committee, there were a fair number of members present to welcome in the new committee. There are still some positions to fill though I don’t see this as a long term issue but a matter of positions filled as the Committee recruits.

I look forward to watching the new Committee grow into their new roles just as I’m sure they will receive support from members. I’m already twitching for next year’s Second Pride event.
Second Pride HQ – Teleport

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


Second Life & Transgender Bullying

It was a first date. She had been invited out on a date by a man who she had been flirting with for three or four months hoping to gain his attention. Then one day he asked her out on a date. Somewhere romantic.

With one final check on how she looked in the mirror as the sound of his knuckles rapped on the front, she answered her door, accepted his flowers which she quickly put in a vase and left with him. Her heart was pounding as the man of her desires was taking her out somewhere romantic. He never said where they are going. Only that it was going to be a surprise.

She never made it for dinner.

One quick stop along the way where three other men got in the car with her made to sit in the backseat between two men who started to violate her as the car sped off somewhere. She did not know where she was going as her head was covered as hands forced themselves under her dress groping her.

Her head was uncovered somewhere. it was nowhere to her. She didn’t know where she was but she knew nobody would intrude on what was about to happen to her. Being spat on, punched, kicked, verbally abused, anally raped as they called her names like faggot, that this is what poofters deserve. Then when they were finished with her, they drove and dumped her covered in bruises, cuts and semen. She never reported it to the Police because then the Police would have charged her for her sexuality. Possibly further raped her.

What I wrote above is an air brushed recollection of what a transgender friend shared with her on a real life experience of hers. She shared her story with me on a bloodied violence assault on her for being transgender. I in turn shared with her a story of a bloodied violent assault against myself for being a gay woman.

So why do I bring this up?

The internet can do something to people where they release every vile element of their personality on the belief that it does not matter when it’s online as it’s not real. That nobody was hurt as it was all cyber. Pretend. More importantly, they’re cowards who hide behind a computer in the safety of their own homes.

I have been with Second Life for a little over three and a half years. In this time I have got to know many people who are both open and private about their transgender identity. Every single one of them are of character. Some of them remain quiet on their experiences while some are open. Some have never experienced any hate in Second Life for being who they are while others have.

I raise this here and now because I am sick to death of my friends being under constant attack for being who they are. Some I have said good bye to as the bullying against them drove them away from Second Life. The most recent friend who quit Second Life said that she had never experienced the level of hate against her in her real life compared to what she was experiencing in Second Life. It had become too much for her to cope with so she left.

There won’t be any blaming all this on Donald Trump from me because this hate has spread globally under the wisdom of religion. Has this seen an increase of such hatred in Second Life? I do not know. Donald Trump hasn’t helped at all with his consistent attacks on LGBTQI communities. Transgender people especially are under primary assault in the USA as racial and religious fascists march the streets offering Nazi worship for President Tiny Hands.

These bullies are people who only know how to persecute. They need people to experience suffering in a need to feed their empty vessels only to demand that they are the victims, not the people they’re hurting but them.

Society needs to embrace each other to face these bad people down. No amount of hugs will see them change their minds for after they have dealt with one group, they will turn on another and then another and then another until they are killing their own.

Some people do deserve to be left behind. They are those who segregate and persecute. I am tired of seeing people leave Second Life because some moral heterosexual people believe that they have the right to intimidate people into depression and possibly suicide.

I have been under fists and boots of hate. Many times I felt that long kitchen blade pressed against my skin waiting to push through to end the pain inflicted upon me. Just as many others have due to these assholes who exist only hurt others.

No more. Seriously, stop it.

Grow the fuck up.

Allow Second Life to be what it was meant to be. If you are unable to do this, then seek professional help for your mental health status because you need it.

transgender flag


Sheree Honeyflower