Dear Everyone who read Virtually Sheree, a destination guide for Second Life residents and anyone who isn’t who might find us of interest. And who knows, maybe join us.

I first published Virtually Sheree on the Second of May in 2016 as a light cover of places to visit and explore when I could not find any Second Life blogs which weren’t dedicated to fashion and the technical side of Second Life. It was after I started writing this blog where similar blogs showed themselves to me. Theirs are written with a more serious nature than Virtually Sheree.

Before Virtually Sheree, I wrote Sheree’s Travels on blogger which I needed to close when my blogs were shared among men with a fixation on porn following what I wrote on furries and the perverse world of bestiality. It were men of the latter with no or little connection to Second Life whose relentless demand I partake, that I chose to close that blog.

The concept of Virtually Sheree was to share destinations that often the less traveled, or rather, not shown so much. I like to show places that people are probably not aware of or there is something unique. I particularly found a need for LGBTQ+ destinations since I could not find any and those that I did find were for men. There wasn’t really a Second Life blogging sphere for women’s rainbow communities. For a little there it looked like our world for rainbow women was disappearing. This has turned around with many different themed destinations for us.

The first women only venue I wrote about was Hidden Desires Lesbian Resort(Pony Training) which is still around. The women there and many other women only venues are wonderful. They’re open to women who are allies to us. Open as somewhere for them to relax without the pressure of men and their messages.

Over the years I have been writing, I have met beautiful, wonderful people. Some I made friends with and some who probably don’t want to see me again but that is life. I have enjoyed sharing these times with all of you.

My motivation for writing started to wane many months ago. This is because I have medical issues which effect my ability. They are mostly related to neurological comorbidities. I started to tire early into 2021 and not that long ago, I disappeared quickly after a collapse and later waking up in hospital. I’m afraid this is what happens when you just stop responding. You wake up in hospital some time later with medical professionals wanting to slot you into care.

Against their advice, I came home since they cannot do much for me when they don’t know much. More scans and other tests returning the same results as before. Symptoms confirmed. Cause and Diagnoses Unknown.

I had already mostly stopped listening to voice because it triggered one of my conditions. I had voiced early in my Second Life residency but my speech does have issues which is now further affected. It’s likely I won’t regain what I lost. I’m always drunk now and my tongue dies on me which also causes problems with swallowing. Adding increased tremors from Dyskinesia and the anxiety or confusion I am experiencing around busy conversations.

I’m grumpy. I’m angry. I’m upset. I’m probably awful to be around at the moment through all this. Becoming easily confused when thinking through simple concepts makes it that much harder to jump back into what I was doing. For now I only want to be around a few people.

I’m not meaning to ignore you.

I have never seen myself as being a person of importance in the scheme of things. Not a person of influence or widely regarded. I don’t mean this from a negative self reflection but that I’m just me, happiest cheering on the person I pushed into the light instead of being in the light.

I was surprised by what appears to be a response of worry when my Second Life presence went quiet, or someone wrote, my presence went dark. I have been logging in but keeping my presence low.

I’m not sure what the future is for Virtually Sheree. This may become my final article to write or I could return to this blog or, do as my darling Second Life partner, Abby and I were planning on; Creating a new travel blog together dedicated to traveling the continents of Second Life. We bought a camping van/winniebago before my collapse. Note to self: Don’t suddenly plop lifelessly on the floor like a dead person.

There is a lot to see and do in Second Life. You get out what you put in. So go out there and have fun. Enjoy your Second Life.

And just in case you don’t read from me again, thank you for all of your support over the years. Thank you very much.

Now go in pixel and enjoy yourselves. ♥

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree