There’s a new club in town.

“OMG, another club in Second Life?”, you ask, “What makes this club different to the other Second Life clubs?”

“The premier, trans-positive, LGBTQ+ wonderland in SL. Be you because you are beYOUtiful!

“Boi, trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, queer, questioning, straight, butch, femme, femboy, tomboy, bear, daddy, nonbinary, bdsm”

Boicott Land Information

I don’t often include new clubs and venues as they open however, this kitty makes the exception for Boicott for reasons including, “A kitty knows best!”

Also because after you visit one Second Life club after another, most often than not, they tend to merge into a blur of same same as the feel of uniqueness just doesn’t feel like it is there. Sure, there are clubs and venues with their own character and for this reason, I am including Boicott, an all inclusive LGBTQ+2 dance venue for all genders, sexes, sexuality and sexual preferences.

With their grand opening party on the 17th and 18th of April(2021), Boicott is a venue for all of the LGBTQ+2 community with a special call out to the bois.

What is at Boicott?

The BOICOTT sim features:

✪ an indoor and outdoor club with all bento dances and animations,
✪ a resource center with educational workshops and community-building activities,
✪ shops for exploring the latest SL fashions and decor,
✪ a campsite for making memories with chosen family,
✪ a glampsite for romantic date nights,
✪ a public beach and dispensary for chilling out with friends,
✪ a residential beach with rental cottages and voice lounges,
✪ a photography gallery and photo studio,
✪ and a private event area for custom parties.

Boicott Club information.

With a large main dance floor as well as other dance floors location at Boicott, there is plenty of room to get your wiggle on and dance to bento quality animations along with DJ’s so hot they’ll melt your clothes off. *Disclaimer – This may or may not have happened to me and/or other people in my vision at some point in time. *Smirks*

Party Line Up for Saturday 17th

4pm: DJ Wonder
5pm: Live Performer – Satin Galli
6pm: DJ Chris Frazer
8pm: DJ Cassie
10pm: DJ Kinky

Party Line up for Sunday 18th

2pm: Live Performer – Ricky
3pm: GAM & GAB(Voice Event)
4pm: Block Party with DJ Cassie
6pm: Boicott Bonfire(Voice Event)

Boicott Website – LINK

With sand between your toes, explore Boicott for hut rentals, bonfire/camp fire, a quiet place for meditation, places to sit alone or with someone to cuddle. Boicott is an adult destination and there is animated furniture located with options for singles and couples(including sex).

As usual, I’m not going to list everything because it’s always funner to explore and discover for yourself. So come along and party, socialise, make friends, hang with seals, gain new boifriends and other friends.

And please don’t flirt with the Boincer. Well, maybe a little but I found Boicott’s bouncer to be the silent type.

Boicott Landmarks

Boicott Main Entry – LINK
Boicott Bar – LINK
Boicott The Docks – LINK
Boicott Campsite – LINK
Boicott Resource Center – LINK
Boicott Residential Beach – LINK

Boicott Website – LINK

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree at
Second Pride
(Office & Social Point)