Depending on where you are in the world, your local weather is gradually approaching summer or winter. For some of you, it is saying goodbye to snow or hello to snow and the weather that comes with it. Some of you will be saying, “OMG, No more snow! I’m tired of the snow!”, while some of you will be looking for that snowy escape.

And this is why the destination for March involves snow. Lots of snow. So much snow you could create a breeding farm of snow people. Alas, The Mountain is a friendly, open to everyone destination to visit for a day or to holiday or make yourself at home in one of many rentals of which you will have no lack of choice in styles to choose from. So bring your woolens to this chilly scene with a warm welcoming. We all know how much we love a warm welcoming once we tuck ourselves inside and settle in at home.

The Mountain is a residential winter resort with seven regions. Four of the regions are heavily covered with a thick blanket of snow in a scene of what could be a 007 flick. To get here, besides the ultra boring act of teleporting, boating(or small seaplane) to The Mountain is the best form of transport with easy access from the Blake Sea. The Mountain is part of the Sailor’s Cove group who created locations including the Daintree Rainforest.

You will need to boat your way through the gateway region, Wolfgate, one of three snow free regions. When you arrive at the pier, there is a rental vendor panel should you wish to flick through available homes from the simple through to the luxurious for the pampered. Of the houses I looked through, I found styles to vary greatly including a few I would definitely consider as a holiday home. There is also a rental vendor at the Main Lodge.

For a quality resort there are several needs that need met. Activities essentially. That and somewhere to sleep and booze. A lot of strong alcohol to stay warm in the winter. And maybe some clothing. The wearing of clothing is essential to trap in the warmth from the alcohol consumed.

Activities includes access to temp rezzers for kayaking, skiing, sledding, snowboarding and hang gliding. I think there may be a hot air balloon to ride. Unless it’s for marketing decoration. I’ll leave it for you to find out. With the slope action, there is a track with jumps. To climb back to the top, you can walk back and there are chairs to ride up the slope.

At the Main Lodge is a fitness centre and an indoor pool, cinema seating and I have seen a concert set up inside when I went for Abby Jaidov, a live singer & guitarist.

Wolfgate is the Entrance to the Estate., with cabins on the lake area regions of Wolfgate, Fallen leaf, as well as Timberland . Higher up on the mountains you will see Aspen Woods, Homewood, Alpine and Bristlecone Sims.

“All of our Regions have Luxury Cabins for rent. If you’d like to live in Sailors Cove North, there are a variety of land option rentals available. Please contact one of our estate managers Joy Canadeo and Conte Alchemi if you are interested in a rental.”

Notecard in the welcome pack for The Mountain


The Mountain Ski Resort & Lodge
Aspen Woods kayak rezzer
Homewood – Explore the Caves
Aspres Ski Coffee Shop & Venue

The Mountain – Website

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