If you are an explorer of Second Life with a love of travel with vehicles instead of lazy bug teleporting, Frankie Lindman owns destinations five destinations over four continents for you to navigate. You could teleport between them but that be being a lazy bug.

In thinking how to set out this article, I have been wondering if I should write this as a short series of travel or one article. I have chosen the latter because I’m a lazy bug. Well, I am a lazy bug and have a lazy butt but I also encourage people to explorer and navigate their own way which is all part of the fun of being a Second Life explorer/traveler.

First rezzed on the 12th Februrary, 2007, Frankie Lindman’s public spaces all share the qualities of being located on mainland which can be traveled to without teleportation and provide temp’ rez vehicles for the public to use. Some destinations provide more than others and each have their own personality.

Pelican Cove – Route 2

We begin with our first destination, Pelican Cove along Route 2. Continent – Heterocera Atoll.

Pelican Cove offers a motorbike parked at the steps, a hot rod kept in the garage and boats behind the building with access by water and land, leaving explorers and travelers plenty of choice of navigating.

Within easy and quick access from Pelican Cove includes The Happy Hippo Building School and many other locations to explore. There are many interactive objects as any of Frankie Linderman’s destinations for rezzing vehicles or other items or in some cases, brings up your world map with a destination to teleport to.

Pelican Cove on Route 2

Silver King Grill – Bay City

After a long exploration of Heterocera Atoll, the second destination takes us to continent of Sansara where the Silver King Grill is located at Bay City – Dennis, a 1950’s rock n roll theme burger joint with dances and a choices of vehicles to hop in for a drive. To arrive at Bay City, if you flew, the Bay City Municipal Airport is your central arrival point. Or maybe your boated to Bay City.

If you boated to Bay City, there are numerous locations to dock including the Bay City Municipal Airport. the Newport Marina or travel the canal system to boat closer. There is also an automated ferry to sight see as it takes you through Bay City’s integrated canal system.

Should choose to explore Frankie’s next destination by sea, you will pass the Uccello “Uccie” Poultry-Seale Memorial Lighthouse at Luna Point.

Silver King Grill at Bay City – Dennis

Comfy Bear Cabin

The continent of Sansara is a large continent with many areas to explore as you travel to the permanent snow covered winter regions. From Bay City, I would suggest a combination of either air and land travel or sea and land travel. Or even travel by air, sea and land as you make your way to the Comfy Bear Cabin located at Eldora.

Near the bottom of the stairs you will find a temp rez motorbike to explore. From the snow regions there are numerous destinations to travel to. Remember to rug up for the cold. Or travel further east to explore East River Community with a bustling arts community or any other destination such as The Florence which I have previously shared.

While you are at the Comfy Bear Cabin, there is a fire to warm your bones. Maybe snuggle up with someone in front of the fire. Click the couch system first to activate the sitting system before sitting.

Comfy Bear Cabin

Pete’s Whistle Stop Cafe

South of the continent of Sansara is the newest mainland continent, Bellisseria, an ever expanding griduverse for premium member homes which is open to all Second Life pixels to travel and explore.

Traveling from Sansara to Bellisseria is only accessible by air. There are many, and I mean many airports scattered across Sansara including two at the East River Community which has a coffee van outside the East River Municipal Airport. Yes, yes, I know. It’s my coffee van. It is my coffee van, making it the best coffee to drink.

Flying from Sansara, there are small airstrips located on small islands, or maybe you chose to fly a seaplane giving you more choices to land your sexy little seaplane before traveling by road to drive to Pete’s Whistle Stop Cafe with a train station just whistle away from the cafe. You can see the train station from the cafe. It is that close.

While you are relaxing at Pete’s Whistle Stop Cafe, there are drinks in and outside the caravan. Seating is also inside and outside. There are several objects to click to enjoy a temp rez vehicle to explore Bellisseria. You can even ride call up a horse. There’s a dart board, a campfire and… you need to explore your inner explorer to find what is here. Click here. Click there. Frankie has things to click.

It is a peaceful camp housing location. If you rez a train from the temp rezzer, sit on it, find the tracks in the menu and choo choo your explorer.

Pete’s Whistle Stop Cafe

Home Caragana

We are now traveling south of Bellisseria to the continent of Jeogeot. To travel to Jeogeot from Bellisseria, please use your navigation skills and your world map(if it is working for you) to travel by sea or air in your adventure to Jeogeot.

On your way to Jeogeot, the ways of traveling as you explore all depends on your interests. I highly recommend you try riding the Zany Zen Railway. There are two types of trains traveling along this track. You could hop off at every station to explore each area.

When you reach Home Caragana, the options here can be found on the outside walls of the building. Underwater access is from underneath the building but can you find what you need to click to open the tube to enjoy Frankie Lindman’s underwater scenes? The underwater building is just one rezzing option. Another underwater option is a submarine for your traveling enjoyment.

But every activity is under the sea or on sea level. If you can find it, there is a way into the sky to travel by rocket into space. I really should say but what fun is exploring if I give you all the details? How boring to be fed everything like a baby. Get your pixel out and discover the magic here.

Home Caragana

It isn’t often when you find someone in Second Life with several destinations which are all accessible by physical travel. Sure, you could teleport to each location but where is the fun in that?

Frankie Lindman has provided five destinations open to all. No matter your avatar as long as you’re clothed to the minimal basic standards, you are welcome to enjoy what Frankie has provided for everyone. As someone whose reason for joining Second Life was to explore, I would say Frankie’s contribution to all of us is in the true spirit of Second Life. To build. To share. To bring people into a community.

Destination Landmarks

Pelican Cove – Heterocera Atoll
Silver King Grill – Bay City, Sansara
Comfy Bear Cabin – Sansara
Pete’s Whistle Stop Cafe – Bellisseria
Home Caragana – Jeogeot

Places of Interest Landmarks

Uccello “Uccie” Poultry-Seale Memorial Lighthouse – Luna Point
Zany Zen Railway
Cafe on the River Coffee Van – ERMA
Hairy Hippo Fun Land – Bay City
A Crashed Hog Spacecraft
Sea of Fables
Abyss Observatory – Farwell
SS Galaxy – Queen of the Sagittarian Sea

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree at
Second Pride
(Office & Social Point)