Located at the north east of mainland Sansara and accessible by road, The Florence is sophisticated and earthy, surrounded by a beautiful garden space with landscaping/gardens to relax. And if you see a garden feature you would love to take home with you, there are vendors neatly places around the garden for you to use.

The destination and business name is Evergreen Valley Garden Center however for the purpose of this destination, place of interest is The Florence which stands proudly above the garden where it sits in the tallest, proudest tree.

Originally opened with an Irish Pub theme, The Florence has grown with Evergreen Valley from the days of a residential township to the beautiful garden and tall free standing treehouse with fine dining and dancing. Sit back and relax among natural elements.

With indoor and outdoor seating, The Florence is perfect to visit on outing with family, friends or, with the stunning picturesque scenic views, The Florence is perfect for a date. There are also capacity to hold meetings and private parties. Just contact the owner, Dariah Raynier for information.

The Florence also has regular and special events;

DJ music events (Rock, Pop, Dance, Trance, House, Jazz). Live music events (singers, players, tributes).

As well as;
Barbecue Days
Board Game Days
Cinema Days (scifi, horror short movies watching on screen)
Mr. Splodder Days (splodder games and juke box music)

For live music events such as the ABBA tribute I enjoyed, they’re held at the stage near the bottom of the staircase leading up to The Florence. There also new events in the planning.

For the true adventurer, the closest airports are located at the East River Community; East River Intercontinental Airport and the East River Municipal Airport, then drive to Evergreen Garden Center, sniff flowers, hug trees, hold your partner’s hand, fall in love, dance and wiggle and immerse your self in the atmosphere of this beautiful destination, The Florence.

Access by car: Drive the Linden Road to Furness region. LANDMARK
Should you travel part way by boat, both East River airports have boating access including rez areas.
If you would like to experience travel to The Florence by shuttle bus, contact Dariah Raynier.

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