Hey, you kinky fuckers in Second Life, November’s special destination is one I came across in my early exploration years where everything was new to me. It has been so long that I have come across the kinky destination like this that I was surprised though not shocked to learn Helen’s Beach is still with us to this day.

Adult RP beach beside a dark RLV trapped jungle. Some animesh traps and project monster. No children.

RLV, sex, monster, trap, nudity, rape, forced, beach, cmnf, project monster.

Helen’s Beach Land details.

Accessible by sea and road, Helen’s Beach is for adult avatars only for people who have RLV ready for being trapped by plants, monsters, Smeagol looking for his precious and other scripted sexual role play. While Helen’s Beach is LGBTQ friendly, this destination’s scripted sex toys are predominantly male captures.

From road access, you can access by navigating the stone stairs heading deep into the forbidden forest. There is also a portal sign to access quick access to the beach, basement, camp and hell. I have not explored the entire area but I did explore with a collar worn to have an idea of scripted RP here. With my safe word ready to release myself from each trap, there was on which mutes your local chat, leaving me having to wait till the object was done having its way with me before I could further explore Helen’s Beach.

I do not know how many objects there are which can trap your avatar. I know I avoided several.

In the water are said to be squids. This is another kink I did not know was still in existence in Second Life. Squids is a breeding fetish for both male and female avatars. The owner asks people to leave a donation to help with the cost of squid food if you are going to mate with the squid.

Also at the beach is a hut with two animesh humans for sex. One male and one female. I’m afraid I cannot rate them as I did not try them. There are other toys in the hut as well other sex toys, a bath and kitchen. Sorry, I did not try those either so I cannot rate them.

Also scattered throughout Helen’s Beach are teleports blended in with the local environment which takes you a cave system and the basement. See if you can find them.

It is unusual for me to cover fetish destinations which aren’t women only so men, there are some items here for you as well or even just make yourself a dishonourable sacrifice as a good boy with lots of naughtiness intended if this scripted sexual role play does it for as it does for some women who into male genitalia.

And don’t forget the alien like tentacle and plant naughtiness you naughty, kinky people.

Important Note: “NO Vampires, aliens, or furries allowed. Animals and Monsters will be given some leeway if they stick to the jungle or the sea and roleplay it.” – From the notecard received at Helen’s Beach on arrival.

Landmarks for Helen’s Beach

Dock LM
Road LM

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree at
Second Pride
(Office & Social Point)