Strap yourself in. This article is PG rated!

A PG rated destination I hear you gasp. Yes, you gasped right because October’s destination is for all of you fans of Disneyland.

Walt Disney, Disneyland has brought to the world countless entertainment on the big screen and television with animated movies and television shows with the first animation, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit made in 1928. Since this time and over many decades, Disney entertainment has won the hearts of millions of people of all ages. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the first and oldest feature length animated film released by Disney.

Forever Land – Disney Tribute Park of Magic was created by Metukah Rhode for all of us in Second Life to enjoy the magic of Disney and its magic.

From the moment you arrive, you will be greeted by Disney magic. Metukah has provided us with a destination taking us back to our childhood with tributes of many Disney stories both young and old.

Head out to explore. Ride a few rides scattered across this beautiful place. If you feel like enjoying a Disney treat, stop at the drive-in cinema with your media on to select from the list of Disney pleasures.

If you would like your name remembered at Forever Land – Disney Tribute Park of Magic, you can make a donation from L$100 to approx L$1,000 for your name on display. Contact Metukah Rhode for more information if you are interested.

This location is perfect for all avatars including child avatars.

Take your TAXI to Forever Land.

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