If this year has helped us gain anything, it would be the benefit of 20/20 vision in hindsight during the middle of this messy year. Hopefully. I hope for you that 2020 has for you. Virtually Sheree is normally not a political page however, I am going to include a little today and who knows, maybe a few of them during what is left of 2020.

Here is where I issue the trigger warning that this article may upset those of you reading this article who support the Carotene Fuckwit. I refuse to give it its name due to internet bots. And to speak its name is too respectful for it.

So, Carotene Fuckwit it is.

This year has been hard on many of us around the world as the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic caused saw the world become homebodies, providing introverts a fascinating view of how extroverts were challenged by having to stay out of attention and importantly, the economic and social effects which showed the world which nations have governments who care about their people and those who don’t. In the case of Australia, we saw how one government did not want to act until State Governments used their powers to force the federal to act. And how people now support a PM who did not want to do anything as if he did.

With each month in 2020 trying to out do the month before, the world erupted in a global wave of support for Black Lives Matter following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of five police officers. Standing quietly to keep people from saving a man from being killed makes you guilty. Regardless of his criminal history, he did not deserve this. Nor did the countless others who have been assaulted and killed for having black or brown skin. This was the killing which broke this deeply fractured society.

Second Pride’s quick support of Black Lives Matter is one of the hundreds & thousands of reasons I love Second Pride. I have witnessed support come to people in need since my very first Second Pride event I attended in 2017. I have witnessed people become confident in themselves and some come out after experiencing Second Pride.

There is also the serious issue of the wave of violence against people of trans gender incited by political movements of hate lead by religious extremism and yes, some words expressed by certain feminist lesbians are not helping any. Nor are the violent actions against women by certain trans gender activists help either. Keep your hands to yourself!

Stop it!
Just fucking stop it!

We need to stand together as a single collective to win this fight. We’re not only fighting a cultural war, we’re fighting a war for our survival. None of us would have any of the rights we now have if it weren’t for a black trans woman like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera who lead the protest at Stonewall quickly descending into violence at the hands of the police.

I cannot say I know what life is like for anyone who is trans gender but I can say that I am here with you.

If you are identify as LGBTQ+ and support the Carotene Fuckwit, what is wrong with you?


This year’s theme for Second Pride is “TOGETHER!”

Second Pride 2020 started with a pride parade. I was not able to attend the parade personally but the purr in the alleys said this was an opening party to remember. Every day of pride was warmed up with a pre-party by Regi Yifu.

Every single DJ, live singer and host were fabulously talented. Of course.

I found this year’s pride event particularly remarkable for a number of reasons. Two of the reasons is the special inclusive, supportive attention with all the fuckery happening this year with the Carotene Fuckwit’s assault on human rights for trans gender during pride, on the anniversary of a terror assault at Pulse Club. Extra love was needed this year and as I always find, if you need some support, there is no end of love and support at Second Pride and our communities.

Video of DJ Riot Grrrl at Second Pride by, Kute Toodles

Photos taken by JJ Goodman

Something which stood out to me this Second Pride is the gender balance which starting to balance out. With more female DJ’s and Live Singers come more women who attend to support them and with them follows sponsors such as E Bar who sponsored DJ Riot Grrrl’s set on opening day.

Other female acts includes live singers Lisa Brune, Abby Jaidov, Melenda Baptiste and the lovable duo, Rara & Grace who performed both separate and together. And, DJ’s Vixen and Sophia Day, and not just these beautiful, sexy purry women who truly helped creating a gender balance of our entertainment and our glittery crowds.

I also want to thank the men who provided their talented musical ways. Second Pride would not be the same without you either.

Photos by Chaotic Paragorn

This year, Second Pride is fundraising for The Trevor Project, an important access service for LGBTQ+ Youth

“Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.” About The Trevor Project

The amount raised for The Trevor Project by Second Pride with the generosity of sponsors and every person who donated this year is L$1,288,121 L$1,263,121.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible. However, this is not the end of pride as there are two more pride events I need to mention. They are Pride Festival and The Burrow Pride. I will have more to mention on Pride Festival in another article this week.

Burrow Coffee & Whiskey Co. are holding a 10 hour music marathon as they lend their support for LGBTQ+ Youth where funds raised will be also be donated to The Trevor Project.

During the closing comments by Lee McKay as Chair of the Second Pride Committee, special announcements includes Second Life is now sponsoring Second Pride. This means Second Pride will soon return to having two regions allowing more and better builds, less lag during events and who knows what else is being planned by the committee.

I truly do love Second Pride. I was addicted from the first time I attended an event in 2017 where I was only going to attend maybe three hours a day and blog the event but no, I was there almost ten hours ever day. I now live at Second Pride during the event. You can find me sleeping under a tree, on the carousel or maybe in my own shop space there as Virtually Sheree, a social space to relax alone or with friends. There is food and drinks to enjoy.

And, finally, I would like finish with a big thank you to our Allies who are with us. Thank you so very much.

And for those with voting rights in the USA, please register to vote. Please try to register if you’re one of the people the Carotene Fuckwit is trying to silence. November 2020 is the USA’s one and only chance. I know the other guy isn’t much to look at but it’s better than that racist, sex offending asshole.


Thank you JJ Goodman and Chaotic Paragorn for permitting me to include photos from their Second Pride albums;

JJ Goodman’s Flickr
Chaotic Paragorn Flickr

Second Pride Landmark
Second Pride website
The Trevor Project website
Burrow Coffee & Whiskey Co Landmark

Virtually Sheree’s Virtual Space Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree at Second Pride
(Office & Social Point)