At this year’s Second Pride’s halloween event, Glitter & Gore held in October on the 25th, 26th, 27th and the 31st, there will be entertainment to dance and show off your spooky glitter bug. There is also a haunted scene to experience.

When you teleport to Second Pride’s gate, there is a teleport on the wall. Take this ride to The Haunted Motel where you will be asked to accept “Second Pride” experience as you walk up the stairs to the entry. Accept it then enter the door. Should you not receive this experience request, you can search for it under experience in your viewer by searching “Second Pride”, then accept it.

The following are images taken from a frightening experience which may or may not have happened at The Haunted Motel.

Will you survive?

One a dark and spooky evening, a young woman named, Ava wandered lost through the darkened roads where her car’s engine shook and let out a gust of glitter from the radiator. Sure, a pretty car covered in glitter is fantabulous to look at but when the last thing it did was spit out some nasty stuff then stop working, it’s time to strut.

And strut she did as Ava made her way through tunnels. Ava did not feel any fear as she was use to navigating tunnel where the occasional heat from an internal fire has been lit, so she pushed on deeper as she navigated her way, not knowing if or when she will would experience the climax one might expect from entering and exploring.

Unknown to Ava, was the Halloween Bunny of Death who collected her cousin’s axe, once owned by the poor persecuted Easter Bunny from long ago(Here & Here).

The Halloween Bunny of Death rabbited through the forest, stealthily tracking poor young Ava whose car had been booby trapped. With each step taken by the Halloween Bunny of Death, Ava’s mortal existence came closer to an ear piercing scream with an expected endorphin rush.

As Ava took her final steps where the Halloween Bunny of Death waited for her patiently in the deepest pool of her cavern in a building momentum of need.

Two hearts pounding.

Two hearts pounding as fingers hold tight, ready to thrust deep into the flesh of the other as one of them approaches a heart pounding finish.

The Halloween Bunny of Death’s body tensed as she came like a mad bunny, tearing at poor young Ava who won the battle and stood victorious under the magical portal she quickly learned to handle.

The Halloween Bunny of Death lay still, slumped as all energy suddenly left her body.

Which goes to show that if you’re going to face a bunny through to the end, remember to eat. Don’t leave anything edible behind.

Second Pride’s halloween tour – The Haunted Hotel
Grant Valeska designed it and he, Adham DeCuir, Divos Titanium, Parker Droverson, and Gaius Tripsa created it

Visit the Haunted Motel now and see if you can find your way back to reality! Start at the park entrance, click on the Haunted Motel sign, and begin a frightening journey with three major “maze” areas to finish before you escape. If you’re easily scared, don’t go….we didn’t go for cute, we went for scary! AND the “Glitter & Gore” party event begins October 25th at Second Pride.

Second Pride 2019 Park Entrance – Landmark
Second Pride Webpage – Link

Ava’s Chronicles blog link

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree at Second Pride
(Office & Social Point)