After spending yesterday recharging at the beach and using Ocean View Motel’s facilities, I was ready to hop in Ferdy and see where the day takes me. With no plans set, anything was possible.

With my accommodation located close to Second Norway Airport, I had a little drive in Ferdy where I hopped on a train for a view of the world around me without needing to concentrate on the road. Along part of the train ride I came across Sophia who traveled a short distance. Always nice to see commuters using public transport but I also enjoy driving.

There are two trains. One which is an express train for airport travelers and the red train which circles Second Norway, the train I traveled which takes you over canals, an extensive bridge crossing system, underwater tunnels as it stops for residents to head into town.

One circumnavigation later and I’m back in Ferdy, fill her up with petrol for the day’s adventure and I was off navigating the road system at Second Norway’s airport hoping I would not be another lost tourist but I made it. It’s not difficult to find your way through.

When driving and sailing through Second Norway, there split bridges which rise so boats can pass through so keep your eye out for them. The alluring coastline where waves crashed against the rocks protecting the coastline was breathtaking.

Along the coastline and the winding moutain roads with the fresh air blowing through my hair, I find the Strandhavet Viking Museum at Standhavet which has historical information on the viking era.

Each display has its own notecard with information explaining each item. I took several to read over. Outside you will find more displays and outdoor seating for education sessions on vikings.

Don’t forget to visit their monk serving canapes and champagne. I tried to get find out where they keep their secret alcohol supplies but he smiled with a little chortle.

After a rest over a small bite to eat and coffee, I drove a little further to the Mountain View Hotel which is part of the Ocean View Motel where I am staying. While there aren’t as many facilities to use at the Mountain View Motel, there is a whale watching platform to try your luck at spotting a whale. Watch out for Willy the Killer Whale, a cute orca who enjoys splashing water at people as part of his game.

There is also a row boat to take out for a paddle. This is an auto-return boat when you stand which waits for approx five minutes to return. It’s truly worth the paddle. Exploring the local environment without a motor allows you to connect much closer to the natural world around you.

I found an island where two sheep were grazing. At this point my tummy was starting to growl so I tied my row boat and set up under a tree with my picnic lunch. It was so relaxing to just sit under the tree, the sun on my skin and nature all around me. I may have snoozed a little but I don’t mind. This is what getting away from it all is all about.

At some point my row boat drifted off over the ocean, possibly finding a new home at one of the nearby residential islands. Just as well I brought my phone with me. I rang for a water taxi to come and take me back to the Mountain View Motel for my drive home, stopping in at a marina for a quick glance and I found a furniture store which I might drop in to looksies.

It’s late, night has set in and I take time to reflect on my day as I look over the water. This truly is a holiday to remember. I am loving it here so much.


Strandhavet Viking Museum
Mountain View Hotel
Where I had my picnic

Sheree Honeyflower

Virtually Sheree Office at Second Pride
Cafe on the River