If you’re anything like me, you know that finding originality is very difficult to find where a lot of what we see is a copy of something or it’s a retelling of the story so when something original comes along, it’s time to get excited

So here I am at Drawn Town 2.

I missed Drawn Town 1 which is a shame. I never heard of Drawn Town until photos appeared all over my Twitter and Flickr feeds. So here I am, talking about visiting Drawn Town 2.

Drawn Town 2 coming to life

Teleportation to Drawn 2 takes you to skybox a little above ground. There’s a hole in the floor with a sign saying “JUMP”. Jumping down or falling through is a short 50’ish metre drop where see what looks like a sheet of butcher’s paper with a cute drawing pinned to the wall.

What immediately impressed me was how this flat drawing looked as if it pulled itself of the butcher’s paper to come to life as I walked towards it.

First I went walkabout around the outskirts of town, admiring this amazing art piece for that is what this build is. Art. Art that pulls itself off paper so it lives and breathes with you.

These houses reminded me of one litre milk cartons that have been handled many times by hands. And as you walk through town, what should be flat further comes to life with a little drawn cafe to sit outside of.

Having walked throughout town, it was time to drive a drawn car for a spin. This was a fun car to drive fitting perfectly in tight spaces between buildings. Mouse view is another fun option when driving through town. I wouldn’t mind one of my own.

Using my own wind light

As I rested on a park bench enjoying the art of this brilliant build, I wondered how Drawn Town 2 would look with an alternate sky light. If anything, I think it worked well.

I recommend setting your wind light to parcel settings so you experience Drawn Town 2 so you can experience the intention of this build. Your avatar will look that extra real among the background of a penciled in town.

Drawn Town 2 is a destination you must visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Drawn Town 2 – Landmark

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark