Sheree’s Chrissy Advent List 2018

Yay! Once again it’s December and we all know what that mean.

That’s right! Hot weather, cold meats and salad, bbq foods, baking our bodies on the beach, ice creams, kinis and more fun summer stuff.

Oh, and freebies!


I’ve been doing some running around for free advent calendar thingies for you as we lead up to Chrissy. Beware that the list might grow some come back looking for the occasional update with extra landmarks to snatch a free Chrissy gift.

Some of my favourites from 2017 are also deep into the festive season such as Eclectic Stars who sell cute stuff for geeks. I’m not a geek but I have bought a few items from Eclectic Stars since trying out their gifts from last year’s Chrissy advent calendar. And don’t forget to click their MM board.

Somethings for you to keep in mind with some advent calendars working different to usual.

  • Noel Advent Calendar Express at Foxcity is a region wide celebration where there is one gift for every two days, where each business offers a gift for 2 days on their days. Each store has a notecard explaining how it works and which store on which two dates.
  • Skye Qi’s Vintage Apparel: This item will be a piece of an outfit that will eventually be a part of an entire outfit. The big difference is that if you miss a day, you do not need to miss a piece of the outfit. Let’s say you come for three days and then miss day 4 and 5. You come back on day 6 and get the sixth gift for free but now days 4 and 5 are marked for sale for 4L and 5L respectively. (The number of Lindens of the number of the date you missed)
  • Abranimations is the only location in my advent calendar list requiring group membership. Well worth it.

Here your 17 Landmarks to grab yourself something for Chrissy. Remember that some stores give you more than an advent gift but another daily gift.

I’m not endorsing any stores. I’m not sponsored or paid by any stores. Anything I post is without sponsorship or other rewards given to me unless stated otherwise.

2017 Christmas Calendar Advent List

Caledon Oxbridge Gateway
ChiC Buildings
Drama Libre
Eclectic Stars
Forest Mall
Foxcity – Noel Express
Sapphire TV
Skye Qi
Spiders Design
The Creative Spark/Timeless Textures

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark


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