Lovecraft: Librarian’s Bloodied End

Theresa has always had a love of books. She would roam the library seeking books on her favourite subject, the occult.

On one dark afternoon, trapped inside from the storm raging outside that saw the library lose power and all lighting gone but for the candles scattered around the room. In the dark confines of the library was where Theresa found herself where it was forbidden to enter.

MLCC Esther Bloody Librarian_002

It was there where Theresa found the book that was calling her. A book that snared her attention as she flipped through pages as she found something. Something forbidden. Something that would change her life forever.

She had to go. She to know.

%octopus seating_003


Theresa dove into the deep.

Farther into the realms of darkness, Theresa dove deeper into the abyss, attracted to the light calling her.

At first Theresa thought she saw a mermaid. “No way!”, she thought to herself.

Then before she knew it, it was all too late for Theresa for she was the mermaid who showed herself as a Gorgon beckoning her friend to swim to the light.

The book tricked her. The book took her as the gorgon possessed her body only to steal the life of her girlfriend.

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