Edging in SL & RL as One

Previously I wrote about being caught in a D/s relationship and the ramifications of being found out but what about the benefits of a healthy sexual relationship?

What I am going to write about does not require a D/s relationship but it does help. It helps a lot. You can do this with a partner or on your own. I recommend both with a partner and alone.

This is for women and men. It does not matter if you worship pussy, cock, feet or any other body part. You can do this in your virtual world as well your material world. Practice them both together and apart.

Now I’m going to be honest with you again. I have been sexually active since I was in my first year of high school at the age of twelve years old, in the year I turned thirteen late in the year. I was effectively twelve years old. Now before anyone panics and says I’m encouraging underage sex, the average age when a person first has sex is sixteen to eighteen years old which is a good age. It’s the preferred age for the sake of emotional maturity. I just was too horny to wait. And let’s face it, my girlfriend was too much to resist. Not even the resistance could.

We were sexually active younger in the 80’s, with the fear of HIV/AIDS not pushing teenagers into delaying sex until the late part of the 80’s or the early 90’s.


What is edging?

Edging is when you or the person you’re with arouses you to have you close to an orgasm only to stop just before you point of no return. Allowing your body to relax before starting again.

What the benefits of edging?

There are many benefits. The main benefits are that you learn how to better control your orgasms, pro-long your orgasm, makes your orgasm intense, teaches you and your partner about your body(and theirs if you and partner play both ways) and you will find yourself experiencing an after sex bliss like you haven’t experienced before.

This takes time and practice. I highly recommend this for men so they too can learn to hold their orgasm as long as possible to increase the pleasure of their partner. You start by delicately touching your body with your finger tips across your face, neck and shoulders. Along your arms and your chest. Down your tummy and thighs, the sides of your torso and buttocks. Touch your lips. Always waiting till you feel your senses are alert before you touch your pussy or your cock. Slowly progressing till you can have a tight grip, always stopping just before you reach your point of no return where you relax and brush the energy concentrated in your genital area by lightly moving your hands over your body from just above your genitals, upwards to spread your intensity across your body until your body can’t take any more where you whole body feels utterly full and your whole body trembles and you experience a whole body orgasm.

BLM Jungle_019

How does a cute kitty like you, like me take this to a virtual world like Second Life?

Whether you voice or type in Second Life, there are ways to express ourselves beyond words. We express ourselves from the clothing we are wearing(unless we’re naked) and the body language we carry in our poses and animations. We can do this without anybody knowing and this is where I come in from the view point as a submissive whose been getting off as a bottom since 1984. OMGoddess that makes me feel old.

My girlfriend/domme when we were in our early 20’s in the early 1990’s would take me out under submission without any obvious tell tale signs of collaring unless you knew the signals. There was no definitive submissive collar. No leash. No vocal addressing as Mistress or Pet for others to hear. The item of being under public submission may be purely emotional, it might be a piece of jewelry or an item of clothing. Maybe the way the hair style.

There was one moment when a woman, obvious to us she was a domme who approached my domme where we are Circular Quay in Sydney, telling her how sweet I looked and that she had not seen a pet look so sexy under public submission as I looked down, feeling my cheeks on fire. And the tone in my Mistress’s voice telling me that she was motivated even more so with her fine pet receiving a compliment whilst on public display, discreet as we were.

This is the level of discretion I enjoy in Second Life. I wear a collar which is visual to all but that does not mean I am under submission at the time I am seen. I might be Miss or on my own when I am under submission but you would not know because every message is held in private, shared by instant message. Messages which works for you and your partner/s.

Photo of myself taken at Shazzam.

In your vision a person under submission might look free yet in their mind, they are as bound as if they are cuffed, locked to a post or strapped to a bed.

While out in public, my girlfriend would speak to me so I would be feeling hot inside. My tummy would be buzzing, my legs tingling as heat kept my inner thighs feeling warm and wet. She knew how to speak to keep me under absolute control. She could take me close to climax with only her words only to bring back down as we mingled in public. Never allowed to cum unless instructed and even then, it had to be quiet with a disciplined facial expression so nobody else would know. Or on a train where you can busy your face in their neck as if you’re resting on a pillow.

You can pull your emotional state into Second Life. There are times when we meet people or already speak with someone whose presence makes us fill with sensual desire.

Can you use your mind, your imagination to bring yourself close to orgasm only to stop just in time? Try it. It takes practice. I would practice it on the train to work or any other public space.

dildo glass ribbed

For clitoral stimulation while sitting at your computer, I suggest a ribbed sex toy like the glass dildo above for self edging. A clean non-fluffy towel on the chair and lay your ribbed toy lengthwise underneath so you use your hips to stimulate your clit, leaving the end accessible to hold with your hand when you need reposition it in place or to slide her in your vagina when you’re ready for the next level of edging. For men, use your hand, a fleshlight or other toy.

Bring this to your Second Life and make the most out of your discreet sex play while out in public places like SL dancing clubs. This is a whole different game on a higher level of seduction than avatars falling down from an orgasm or being snared by a plant for everyone to see. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. What I’m promoting in this article is subtle, unseen to anyone but those involved when done right. And you will need a fresh towel. I promise, that towel will need washed.

Inside Cityrail Train - Sydney

One real life day of public edging with my girlfriend in the early 90’s included a ride on a Sydney ferry as her words and the water tested my self control. Followed by an evening ride home on a train where I was finally permitted to relax a little. Made more challenging by the young woman sitting behind us with her boyfriend who didn’t realise we could hear her teasing him into a state of arousal as she described what she was going to do to him when she got home.

The sound of her voice, her cute reflection in the window, the scent and sound of my domme beside me as I snuggled in, wondering when I would be permitted to climax as my mind grew foggy, clinging onto my Miss, my breath on her neck.

I failed.

“Sorry, Mistress.”



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