1st Annual Miss Parallel Universe Event

I want to start this article on the 1st Annual Miss Parallel Universe by admitting that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the pageant due my own perception of what I expected to see on display. I was expecting an exhibition of giggle snort “World Peace” giggles by women pretending to be empty headed but beautiful. How glad I am to have been 100% wrong.

MC Luke Flywalker with 8 Entrants
MC Luke Flywalker with 8 entrants of 1st Miss Parallel Universe.

On the 14th of April, the First Annual Miss Parallel Universe pageant was held where eight intelligent, beautiful women took the stage wearing gowns, wedding dresses and bikinis made by sponsors as they showed off their wears.

I sat and watched each entrant seeking to be crowned Miss Parallel Universe walked the cat walk, each with a different beautiful dress suiting their personality, their figure and how they wish to present themselves. From gowns to wedding dresses and bikinis, I was transfixed on the professional and respectful way this pageant was.

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There was also entertainment with a comic and a live performer. I was very impressed by Saramarie Philly’s live performance who not only sang live, Saramarie played the piano live.

I had my top three entrants who I would have liked to be awarded Winner, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up. Two of them made it. Two out of three isn’t bad at all. All eight women were worthy of winning. I’m glad I wasn’t one of the judges to make such a difficult decision.

After Saramarie Philly’s live performance, the results were announced.

Winner – Amanda Day
First Runner Up – Mimi Darling
Second Runner Up – Diana

Miss Parallel Universe Amanda Day
Winner – Miss Parallel Universe Amanda Day

Amanda Day took a little of her time of her busy schedule for me a short interview with me while still on a initial high of being crowned Miss Parallel Universe.

Amanda heard of the pageant through a friend who encouraged her to enter. Thinking it could be fun, Amanda entered to find how much she enjoyed the camaraderie. When asked how she felt after being crowned, Amanda said, “To be the first to be crowned Miss Parallel Universe is an honour because it represents the culmination of all the hard work and achievement of everyone involved” , and that she was thankful to Abby Alexander of Dreamville Estates for everything she had done for the pageant, all of the contestants and her patience while training them for them for the pageant.

I was truly impressed by this pageant event which was well organised. The professionalism and hospitality was awesome. I am looking forward to next year’s 2nd Annual Miss Parallel Universe.

Congratulations to everyone involved to make this event a success.

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark
Virtually Sheree Aviation Office – Landmark




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