Across the blue skies yonder and the beautiful deep blue sea there is a township with a glowing smile to attract visitors to visit and plod around as you peruse local stores, relax on the beach and mellow to the fresh salty air filling your lungs. With access by sea and by air, Village of Lindbay is this week’s Second Life Airport Destination.

Located along the south west coastline of the continent of Satori, Village of Lindbay was founded in May, 2016 with the intention of creating a functional community of aviators and sailors  on a mainland based  community where people could feel pride being part of. Yes, there are home rentals here at reasonable prices. I found one home in particular which I liked and was impressed with the value. Certainly very tempting.


Speaking personally, I recommend flying in to explore on foot, drive your car or board your boat to explore this fascination region. But first, let’s cover the basics.

This airport is small and neat with enough room for two planes at the terminal and one refueling station for Dani planes. The runway is facing on a simple East/West direction at 90 and 270 degrees. The runway is a little short yet long enough to easily land and take off with large planes. Not too large though for ease of maneuverability at the airport. The largest planes I tested here were the D-300 and McKeenan BAE-146.

Village of Lindbay has shopping, beach, home rentals, restaurants, bars, Police and emergency services, driving, docks and coming soon is an underwater tunnel system to add to exploring the water. Here is a relaxed atmosphere so come and explore but not just yet. Finish this article first.

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Aircraft I flew in testing Village of Lindbay was D-Arrow VI, D-Caravan, D-300, McKeenan’s Mayfly and BAE-146, Tiger Moth(0.6d5) and helicopters D-139 and C700.

So how did I go with flying in and out of this regional airport?

Awesome. Totally friggin’ awesome! I kid you not, this was an experience which even surprised me. Every single aircraft was smooth and easy as I found there to be very little crossing lag, plenty of open space and two islands a pilot can easily lower their aircraft as they approach.  In fact, my experience here was so amazing that when I departed with my BAE-146, two sims east was a sim down from rolling restarts. Yes, I was crazy enough to try this during rolling restarts. Not deliberate mind you, but I am glad I did as this gave me the chance to really try out this region. A few circles over Danu region and I landed tightly yet no crashing, no hitches, no screaming from panic. Just loads of pilot sweating with a safe landing.

Whew… I’m still breathing.


Approach/Departure Advisories

Elevation: 20.657

  • Maximum supported wing-span is 25.5 meters (approximately the size of the Dani D-300).
  • Minimum recommended approach is 60m.
  • Recommended approach: Begin approach into SLTX at region Intrepide at ~130 meters.
  • Recommended departure: Fly runway heading (090) with a northeastern turn in region Danu.
    • For a Blake Sea Departure: Fly through region Redoubtable and region Intrepide – then turn northward out of region Intrepide. Resume own navigation to Blake Sea area.
    • For Satori Coast Departure: Climb to greater than 130 meters altitude in Redoubtable with a west turn to the regions edge. Resume own navigation through regions Redoubtable, Danu and Becuma.

Source: SLAviationwikia

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For those who like to take a boat out, boating is perfect with a beautiful scenery and Linden islands to explore. I stopped to explore the lighthouse. Whether alone or with friends, here is your boating experience to relax. There is a whole coastline and more to explore from Village of Lindbay.

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I had fun exploring on foot and by car. Who wants to walk up a hill anyway? Ok, you fitness people would but I did walk. Well, not up the hill. So lazy but so fun.

I did visit the beach and soak up some rays. The beach at Village of Lindbay is cosy, I’m sure I found a bar or maybe that was a wet dream. You know know what I mean. Mmm alcohol on the beach, a beautiful view and lay out at the beach. Divine succulence. I guarantee you. I was relaxed.

For more detailed information on Lindbay, take this link – Village of Lindbay

Village of Lindbay’s regional airport – Landmark

map drawn out

Jet your way over to Village of Lindbay and let your hair down for a Second Life Airport Destination to have you and your friends feeling satisfied that you visited.
Blue skies,

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark/TP