Second Pride New Committee 2017-18

second pride logo

Following the highly successful Second Pride Event for 2017, today marks the day where a new committee took up their roles to take on the challenge of planning the 2018 Second Pride Event and all other roles which goes with their responsibilities.

Once outgoing Chair, Lledge Eames offered his respects, it was time for the newly elected Chair, Rez Starfall along with Mikey, Lee McKay and Cuppycake Cross to fill their seats on stage, straight into business and onto the very beginning of what I believe is going to be an exciting year ahead.


Right to Left: Rez Starfall(Chair), Mikey(Secretary), Lee McKay(IT Director), Cuppycake Cross(Events Director)

In support of the incoming Committee, there were a fair number of members present to welcome in the new committee. There are still some positions to fill though I don’t see this as a long term issue but a matter of positions filled as the Committee recruits.

I look forward to watching the new Committee grow into their new roles just as I’m sure they will receive support from members. I’m already twitching for next year’s Second Pride event.
Second Pride HQ – Teleport

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



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