Adult Destination: Lesbian Dollz’


There are many dance clubs in Second Life but this club is for us women who would like to dance and socialise among ourselves. While the name of this club is Lesbian Dollz’, it is not only for gay women. The following information is information on Lesbian Dollz’;

Lesbian Dolls’ ”where ladies of distinction meet”.

Warm welcome to all females – Lesbian, Straight, Bisexual, Domme, submissive and Trans m2f.

Female avi’s only.

Relax, meet up or just chat in the beautiful setting with soothing music and great company.

Dance floors, pools, bar, shops, hangout spaces.


About one week ago I logged on, waddled around my home a little then wondered what was happening in Second Life at the moment. Something fun. Something with dancing.


My notifications pings. One check and wow, it was the universe heard me and sent me just what I was in the mood for. A women’s only club and it was new. I threw on some dancing gear, painted my face and left for this new venues. I was feeling hopeful.

I arrive to one of the quickest rezzing venues I have ever visited. It was just there. Waiting for me to wiggle over to the dance floor to strut my stuff. It was new. They only just opened so there weren’t many people which was good for me as I didn’t feel like being around a large crowd.

I know. I can be picky.


I walk inside and wow, the aesthetics are pleasing to my tastes with a well presented foyer with beautiful artwork and mural which flourish throughout the venue. One beautiful woman, two beautiful women, three beautiful women…

Let’s just say that I felt at peace. Like finding one’s nirvana. What else could be here with such a sexy entrance?


I turn left and okay, my curiosity is answered by a bar with alcohol. A sleek bar located in the purrfect position for you ladies who like to take position and eye off the candy walking in through the door.

And more artwork. There are photos here to stop and just take in the beauty before making your way over to the dance floor where I spotted figures I love swinging and wiggling their hips to music expertly played by the purretty DJ Kitty Love who was cute as a peach.

The people there I spoke with were friendly, outgoing and helpful. It was just what I needed. To let my hair down to recharge my pixels. This is one club I insist you visit.

More about Lesbian Dollz’.

Lesbian Dollz’ now has three locations. Their latest is resides on a quarter sim at ground level. Lesbian Dollz’ also re-opened three months ago at their old location.

To celebrate the opening of their new location at Daemon Haven, Lesbian Dollz’ is throwing a party on Thursday, 7 September at 4pm SLT with a prize draw of L$2,000. There will be a pool party. Swim wear is optional.

At Lesbian Dollz’ there are three dance floors. One inside, one set up outside and an amphitheatre which reminds me of a strap on which suits me. Strapping fun.

There are also areas to sit and rest at a lounge and the stage to watch pole dancing. One has that retro look. And of course, you can sit at the bar to enjoy a few magic drops of your choice near the door to admire all the beautiful women as they arrive.

There’s also a pool, towels and poolside seats to chill. Maybe have some time with a friend, girlfriend or someone else. These are pg cuddle furniture as it’s not a cheap sex venue but a classy establishment where the sex isn’t cheap, it’s purring awesome from the sexy vibes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As a submissive gay woman, I welcome venues that encourages women involved in lesbian BDSM and D/s relationships. This Lesbian Dollz’ location will be purrfect for us to meet up.

And please, if you are a heterosexual woman or you’re m2f, the door is welcome for you to. I highly recommend it. The staff here are awesome. The atmosphere is great. The pools is wonderful.

Lesbian Dollz’ – Teleport

Let’s wiggle.
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



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