Pandora’s Box Prison

Have you been naughty lately? Are you a criminal in need of correction?

In its tenth year, Pandora’s Box Prison is a FemDom prison for all of you criminal types who need to locked away for the safety of society as prison guards known as Mistresses keeps society assured of their well being as they keep you under their control.


The rules appear simple for both women and men who are in need of correction including not leaving the prison. That’s right, you are not to leave the prison in anyway whatsoever. It is a prison after all.

On arrival, take a note card from the panel on the left to apply for a position as a Mistress. For those of you naughty types, take the note card on the right and read the rules before you enter. They’re easy to read. Know what you’re getting into before you enter as you will be sentenced.

Once you have been permitted to enter, you will be stripped searched, possibly a cavity search and a drugs search. You will be addressed as by the Mistress processing your induction who will discuss with you the crime committed and your sentence to be served which can be increased by Mistresses as they see fit according to your behaviour.

Processing includes being given what you are to wear. Not clothing. Oh no, clothing is a luxury at Pandora’s Box Prison. You will be issued with a cuff system unless you are wearing your own which is compatible to Pandora’s which is by MD. You will also be shown your cell.


These are the rules on the note card for interested prisoners;


“Abandon all hope ye who enter here…”

All RP in this Sim is by mutual consent.

No weapons No cheating No griefing

This is a BDSM based, role play, prison simulation. We strive to achieve good rp within the limits of the individuals involved. Your duration of stay is mutually agreed to during sentencing. This is not a casual playground to explore because you’re bored and looking for a diversion. Some commitment from you is expected.

By entering the prison (passing through the doors) and further by accepting membership into the Pandora’s Box Prisoners group, you have agreed to the following:

You may be trapped, captured, etc…

You give up all rights except those rights we grant you.

You will obey all guards, Mistresses and any authority of the Pandora’s Box Group.

You can expect to be tortured, humiliated and sexually abused by the Pandora’s Box Guards or other prisoners or whoever we choose. Your personal limits will be respected.


Rules of conduct:

1. No cheating. You know what that is. Things like, TPing , sitting on objects to move from place to place (poseballs), etc…
2. No weapons.
3. Absolute respect and obedience is expected.
4 You will log on and off from inside the Prison, either in your cell or kneeling outside of it.
5. No griefing
6. Respect your fellow inmates. Do not play with their cuffs, collars, etc… Do not take their keys. Only Pandora’s Box Mistresses and trustees are allowed to have prisoner’s keys.
7. You will be issued Pandora’s Box Cuffs and Collar. You will wear these in the prison. You will renew them prior to the 7 day expiration.

Violations of the rules implied or expressed will result in disciplinary actions ranging from whipping to execution and banning.



Having existed for ten years, there must be something about Pandora’s Box Prison to keep it running for this long but what is it that makes this prison a success?

With permission from owner and Queen Mechelle Oceanland, I spoke with a small handful of Mistresses and prisoners which was a most fascinating and enjoyable experience. I spoke with Mistress Aampure and Mistress DeviLuv as well as prisoners Kees, Rei, Myron and Janey. Kees and Janey are Trustees.

Trustees are prisoners with limited powers granted to them. They serve Mistresses and work to protect prisoners. They are also able to extend the time you serve in prison.

This is a FemDom D/s roleplay environment where the keyword is ‘consent’. If there is anything you particular like and dislike, take the time to write these in picks of your profile.

On speaking with Miss Devi, she helped me with having an idea of how being processed may play out;

DeviLuv walks to Sheree gently places my fingers on her collar ..strokes it “Where is Miss Aurora, Sheree”?
DeviLuv: then usually the RP will flow from there
Sheree Honeyflower: “My Mistress sent me here for stealing her supply of lube to prank her brother by emptying in his bed while he was sleeping”
DeviLuv looks down at her pride color skirt..lifts it and SLAPS her butt laughs “You are Bad!!”
Sheree Honeyflower:  Jumps with a mixed emotion of pain and feeling lustful, as if betraying her Mistress.. “Yes Miss, I have been”
DeviLuv: Well sweetie pie I guess you will be staying with us for a few days. Miss Aurora will call us when she wants you back. Let’s go check some holes
DeviLuv grabs her arm and walks her in the prison
Sheree Honeyflower: feels herself dragged along

Speaking with the prisoners was, I must say, something I enjoyed doing as they’re characters with fun personalities which is something I always find enticing. Some prisoners have been serving for several years. Myron has been a prisoner for eight years which has to be an endorsement for Pandora’s Box Prison and why it’s been running for ten years this year.  That is amazing. Myron and Rei were quite cheeky. Must be a lot of fun serving time with them.

They reflected that Pandora’s Box Prison is not just a prison, it’s a community. They are supportive of each other as they look out for each other. At times prison life will be boring when there is nobody else around however that is prison life. It’s not a theme park. This is roleplay to hop into if you are committed.

Pandora’s Box Prison is also perfect for people who are new to this roleplay or even new to BDSM & D/s.

As advised by Miss Devi, I suggest that anyone who enters Pandora’s Box Prison as a prisoner has an alt or they use their alt for this roleplay to allow other activities in Second Life. Unless of course you are dedicated to being a full time prisoner without an alt account and under full submission.

I have not done any prison role play though I am very curious of how it feels and take up the challenge. Initial sentencing is seven days where release is depending on your behaviour.

Have you been well behaved or were you naughty in prison?

Uh oh, you were naughty? You were caught with drugs? You were rude to a Mistress?

You are going to have to remain in prison an extended sentence until you learn how to behave!


Pandora’s Box Prison – Landmark
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



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