Madonna – The Virtual History Tour

“Second Pride and Madonna The Virtual History Tour are sponsoring a 4 hour benefit show to raise funds for the Rainbow Railroad. “Hundreds of gay men have been rounded up, imprisoned, tortured and murdered in Chechnya. Rainbow Railroad helps victims of State-sponsored violence escape.”

On Saturday, 22nd July at 1pmSLT, Second Pride and Madonna’s sponsored event to raise money for benefits of American Friends of Rainbow Railroad Inc.
To help in support of the gay community of Chechnya where there is systemic imprisonment, torture and murder for the crime of their LGBTQI status. Crimes committed by Chechen Authorities under orders of the Government and by relatives who are killing their own family members for their sexual status.
As our political and religious leaders guide the world to hate and division where we’re expected to fight one another, there has never been a time like today where love, peace and harmony between people has been needed for some decades. Not just against those of LGBTQI status but all of us.
As someone who has been the victim of a violent hate crime because of my sexuality in my early teenage years, it is heart breaking to see society called upon by our leaders to hurt each other once again and how easily people follow. Those of us who have been victims of hate crimes regardless of the hate crime know all too well where this path leads.
Yet out of this rubble of despair there is hope.
There is love. There is compassion. There is us. You and I.
An amazing team worked together to create a virtual world spectacular four hour performance with short breaks for scene and costume changes. Everything about Madonna’s Virtual History Tour was remarkable as scripting worked perfectly in sync with the music mix prepared by Madonna’s team. I have seen some impressive inworld performances in Second Life but nothing as breathtaking as this concert.
My personal taste in music has never included Madonna much even though I respect her and her music however the cooperative work between Madonna’s team and the concert team lead by Sasha Laryukov who took on the role of Madonna with an avatar representing Madonna had my eardrums and feet in beat as my eyes absorbed the dazzling visual performances. I cannot boast enough of how outstanding I found this concert completed with an invitation to the audience to move to the front to dance during the closing performance. While admission was free, there were tip jars to donate as little or as much as your could afford and would like to donate.


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There were also products to buy where 100% of Lindens collected going to Rainbow Railway Inc, including Madonna outfits and a special edition doll of Madonna. Each doll pack has one display doll and a doll for holding. There were also gifts available in the foyers. I’m happy to say that I bought an outfit, a doll pack and a guitar, as well as gifts of animated posters. To seek to help the victims of hate crimes, in this case, LGBTQI Chechens who desperately need our help is needed. They are in dire need of our help.
If you missed Madonna’s Virtual History Tour or would love to see this again, I have awesome news for you.Madonna Virtual History Tour will be performed at 1pm SLT on Saturday, 29th July at Province Town. Landmark shown below.
Rainbow Railroad – Link
Second Pride – Facebook
Madonna Virtual History Tour on 29 July at 1pmSLT – Landmark
love is love
Sheree Honeyflower
Cafe Sheree – Landmark



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