Seven Hours of Dancing

Thursday is the day I once envisioned as my day of essential blogging to ensure that new posts are ready for the weekend but nope, Thursday rolled out the way I once envisioned. Not Second Life Thursday but my Thursday as it happens here in Australia where I bake in this fake winter some of us are currently experiencing. Seriously, I’m sitting here in the midst of July wearing nothing but a light summer nightie and the window next me open for the gentle breeze at 9pm.

Not that I’m complaining about any of this. I strongly dislike the cold but I do not dislike what my Thursday is for me. Nope. Especially not today.


So I wake up early as I had planned to so I could make it to Zeus Gay Club for their Alice in Wonderland theme which started at Noon, 12 July(SLT) which for me was 5am. Having saved my outfit the night before, it was a quick dress and off to party where I was surprised how there were no doubles but those characters where doubling up was necessary for the character.

Dressed as a red haired Alice, I was expecting to see at least three Alice characters but nope,  was the only Alice which was pretty cool. If one community can put together a celebration, it’s the LGBTQI community. We certainly know how to let our hair down in the brightest way possible.

Through the two hours of this event, two friends and my girlfriend joined me in their own time which helped increase my fun at least. Isn’t that all that matters? *pokes tongue*

What I didn’t expect was to win L$600 with most votes awarded to myself. I didn’t even see prize information in the advertising though it is there. I checked.


Two hours later, another venue for another two hours of dancing. This time it was time to dance at Gay Fun Club for the ‘Best in Panties’ theme. I wasn’t interested in entering this competition. I only wanted to vote for the winner but nope, apparently only contestants can vote on the contest board. My bad. I’ll have to remember this.

And oh my, so many sexy underwear covered bottoms wiggling all over the dance floor like the bottom belonging to DJ Tina.


Four hours down and we’re off to Club Sinnz to help celebrate the birthday of Racheal, co-owner of Club Sinnz with her engaged  to be wife, Holle. Two women who I respect for many reasons including putting up with me as a Host for their club. I wasn’t very good at being a Host really. I was awful. LOL

Sadly we arrived late and missed the crowd and much of the fun. I did get to visit to offer birthday celebrations and catch up. With Abby having left to spend with her partner, Finn before heading off to bed, it was time for my next venue.


Five hours of dancing and a notice for the weekly two hour set by Luke Flywalker spinning tunes at Burrito Brothers/Unity Airport where all tips goes to Relay For Life. The music is streamed through MtFB(Music to Fly By) which is part of Second Life Aviation Network. Which brings me to share with you of my offer of employment as a reporter for MtFB/Second Life Aviation Network.


After seven hours of partying and dancing, it was time hop in my plane and navigate my way to Fiji Island Airport to write up my latest Second Life Airport Destination(SLAD) article about this airport which opened just under a week ago after a major rebuild. If you’re anything like me, it can be a lot of fun to watch object rez as they take different shapes. These tall trees in the distance looked like large flower bulbs waiting to open for the early morning sun. Then it was off to my cafe to send out the notice to my beautiful inworld subscribers to this blog.

And then it was time to log off and spend time with the physical world around me including a cat nap.

I had an immense amount of fun today. An extraordinary amount of fun so from now on, I think I probably should rename Blogging Thursday to Dance My Paws Off Thursday.

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Zeus Gay Club – LM

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Second Life Aviation Network – Link


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