SLAD: Rainforest Airfield

Rainforest Airfield Frasier Island terminal_001

Among the Daintree Rainforest regions of the grid is a cosy airfield tidily tucked away in beautiful ecology for residents and visitors to enjoy. Today’s Second Life airport destination is a reader’s request.

Rainforest Airfield, located south south west of Hollywood Airport is a small ecological landscaped aviation beauty for light aircraft and helicopters, part of Sailors Cove South.

Land information: “A lit, single runway, community air field, centrally located just to the north of Mount Cooper in the beautiful Rainforest Estate. Hanger and tie down rentals are available for light aircraft.”

Rainforest Airfield Frasier Island s facing n over runway night_001

For pilots flying in for their first time, the first important matters you need to know is that your approach will be low over trees being an ecological wonder. Second is that the runway isn’t prim but mesh. Third is the direction of your approach is best taken by approach Cooper Creek Wilderness flying west then bank south along the western side with a low descent over Cerrado to land at Frasier Island. And fourth is that large planes will not fit here or your plane will collide with hangars alongside the runway.

If you are unable to land your plane in time, do not keep heading due south  but turn around and circle in a clockwise position or you will have an unfortunate aviation incident as you meet the cliff face of Mount Cooper.

There is also ramp for seaplanes and a port for boat. Object return is set at thirty(30) minutes.

map arrow mark fly in
I’m a nature addict. If I find or you show me a beautiful ecological world, I will feel at easy in a matter of moments as the energy of nature fills my body with a buzz. If you are anything like me, you will love the nature aspect of Rainforest Airfield where you are greeted with the sounds of water and birds.

For your relaxation there is a small cart cafe to select your beverage in an outdoor setting to sit and relax before you head out by sea or explore the local area which has plenty for you to do such touching the fold sign on the pier for a temp rez dingy to boat or stroll over to the bridge to collect yourself a horse to ride. This horse has a limited number of rides before you need to take another.

Take the boat out to explore what is around locally including Mount Cooper which is waiting for you to explore. There is a tunnel in the mountain among other things to look at. There are parcels which are private residence so please respect their privacy.

By horse or foot is a beautiful way to connect to the land beneath your feet to chill and ground yourself to the wonders of Mother Nature. There are also people living on this region. Take your time to look around to soak up all of this ecology here for us to enjoy.

The largest aircraft I flew was my D-Arrow VI and D-139. I would suggest open light aircraft if you want to best view the wondrous forestry as you approach and and explore from above. Flying my CM 150 EX Ultralight and Farman III in first person was by far the most enjoyable tests flights as part of my tests in how an airports rates for me. The only hazard was wanting to not return and check with other aircraft.

I also tested Rainforest Airfield by flying my Mayfly gyrocopter which is also well suited to this airfield. There is little hassle in flying in and out of Rainforest Airfield. I do recommend having your draw distance set between 200 and 300 if your connection can handle this so you can see trees which we know can tend to be the longest to rez, and also to see the landing strip among a forestry of trees.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Facilities of Rainforest Airfield includes a small terminal, refueling and rentals of hangars and tiedowns for light aircraft. Rainforest Airfield uses GPS Trasponder by Shergood for aviation tracking. The hud can be purchased on Marketplace and inworld from Shergood Aviation.

This is truly an airport destination to visit. It’s beyond flying in and out. This is an airport destination to hop out of our aircraft and explore the local regions. It’s far too beautiful to ignore. Head over by air or sea and look around. You won’t be disappointed.

Rainforest Airport – Landmark


Blue skies,
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark




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