SL Pride: Layer Me In Rainbow

Pride layered dress_001

OMGodess, I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by but times goes fast when you’re having fun. What an amazing week it has been with Second Pride running 23rd June through to 2 July.

I have been partying at Second Pride every day and I don’t want it to stop yet soon this rainbow of rainbow events in Second Life will soon come to its finale. All I want to do is colour myself in rainbow. Layer upon layer upon layer like a delicious pastry dessert, layer me in rainbow.

So what’s better than Power Design’s Rainbow layered dress which is selling at their sponsor store at Second Pride. Your Lindens go to an awesome cause in supporting LGBTQI communities and you receive awesome products in return like this sexy dress.

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Second Pride schedule

Second Pride Teleport


Happy Pride!

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree Landmark



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'Virtually Sheree' is my blog on my explorations of Second Life by Linden Labs which will cover places of interest I explore, stores I find of interest, stores I love, talk about friends and other experiences. I am 'Sheree Honeyflower' on Secondlife. I joined in December 2012. On Second Life I love to go boating be it sailing, a cute one person submarine or my sexy power boat. I am also a submissive pet(not a slave) under the ownership of Mistress Aurora, and blood doll to Miss Onyx who has all of the charisma of a Vampiress. I love them very much. This is my virtual extension to being a submissive all of my sexual life in the real world. I also love to talk about sex. Posts will also cover product reviews. Some regular for a particular company and some who I choose to write about, including clubs or other. If you would like me to review your product, club, themed parcel or such in Second Life, please email me; with your business name and 'review me' in the email title. My photos will be shared from my Flickr account or directly uploaded.

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