SL Pride: Kitty’s Pride Bracelet


When it comes to the emotion of pride, cats are the animal which comes to the minds of many of us. The bigger the cat, the more important their pride. However not all cats are furry animals but kitties. Beautiful kitties we call neko.

Kitty has thrown herself into her pride with all paws and now with a beautiful Pride Bracelet she found at Swear L&B Bastion at 2017 Second Pride Event where she is busy partying hard every day until July 2nd. A beautiful unisex bracelet with a hud to change textures and it’s free. Have a look around while you’re there. You can help Second Pride with your purchases.

Kitty has come a long way just as we all have in finding our pride. Our pride is our power. Our power is in our pride.

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Come and join us in celebrating our pride at 2017 Second Pride until 2nd of July.

Second Pride Schedule – Link

Second Pride HQ – Teleport
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark




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