Kitty’s Pride!


OMGoddess OMGoddess OMGoddess…

What a week this week has been and continues to be as Second Pride bursts with pride from June 23rd to June 2nd. This is my first time to attend the Annual Pride Event held in time for Pride in the USA. This date works purrfectly for me as an Australian as I get to enjoy Sydney’s Mardi Gras and on Second Life I get to party every day for a week and this kitty is loving it.

I am literally having the best week of my Second Life right now. The spirit here is awesome. It can’t be beat. So much dancing, the fun rides, the company and the whole package.

I’ve met some freaking awesome people this week. I’m going to miss Pride Event after the second of July when Pride Event is done and dusted until next year but hey, this gay kitty is craving for next year already. Can we rush to next year please? Kitty please…

Come and party. Get your Pride on at Second Pride!


Teleport to Second Pride HERE!


Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark




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