Cocoa Bay Estates – Family Role Play

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Role play is a popular activity in Second Life. There are many forms of role playing in Second Life and family is popular. If you are interested in family role play then I suggest Cocoa Bay may suit.

With eleven sims for housing, stores, hospital, adoption centre, Police, library and coffee, there is plenty for you to consider. There is plenty of coffee. Did I mention they have coffee?

Naughty Nights sim_004

I’m so glad that I took my bicycle as there is road network spanning across Cocoa Bay Estates. I rode through and over and around. This is a beautiful estate full of beautiful trees and housing. And bridges to bridge the gap. Connections everywhere just like coffee.

Oh the stores in the main entry at Devon sim has an ice truck, a welcome centre with a magic door way to collect information on rentals. There’s also coffee.

There’s also a water system which looks usable for small and medium boats. Now there’s a way to visit the coffee store.

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I learned of Cocoa Bay Estates at 2017 Second Pride who have a shop onsite as a sponsor of this year’s event. I’m not knowledgeable in family role play so I thought I would have a look. It is presented like a tidy town with beautiful scenery.

They have many amenities available at no charge for all residents. Police, fire, hospital, schools, children’s home, post office, arcade, bakery, judicial system, Cocoa Cash RP money system and more!

I’m glad Cocoa Bay Estates sponsored 2017 Second Pride event as they gave me an opportunity to have a small look into their world. Second Pride’s event is on from 23 June to 2 July. Come along and join the fun as we celebrate our pride.


Landmarks and Webpages

Cocoa Bay Estates – Teleport

Second Pride – Teleport

Second Pride – Webpage
Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Landmark



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