North of the Blake Sea and Fiji Islands is the mainland of Corsica is. From here you can travel to regions including Blake Sea and Bingo Strait is this week’s Second Life Airport Destination, Palm Grove Airfield.

Set with water access and tropical trees, Palm Grove Airfield is an airport destination to visit. With there being a handful of airports and airfields in the local area, what makes Palm Grove Airfield stand out among the rest?


I’ll admit that I already knew of Palm Grove and have been wanting to include this airfield since I start SLAD for it’s features. One of the first features I notice every time I visit is the serenity. There was plenty of serenity as Abby and I sat with RGE Eastwood and LaurieLee Celestalis who share beautiful airfield with us. I always feel like I’m on holiday whenever I visit.

Created in 2014, access is by land, sea and air. Corsica has an extensive road system which you can access whether you drive from or to the airfield. Just click each pole blocking your road access to enable them to lower should you need to pass through.

Whimsy photos by, Abby Fraser

Near the entrance to the terminal is a teleport device where you can travel to sit among whimsy. One level is best seen when set to midnight. This level has a library, aquarium, an elder tree a music venue and a garden. The level with what looks like a glass level with two short runways is best set to afternoon/evening. Both are incredibly relaxing to sit. It’s so incredibly easy to sit and mellow at Palm Grove Airfield.


With ocean access comes greater opportunities. Whether you boat in or rez a boat to boat out, your water experience includes close proximity to a information centre, more airfields, water access all the way to the other end of Corsica and access to Blake Sea and more. Also with water access is seaplane aviation. If you’re anything like me then you enjoy seaplane aviation.

Adjacent to the airfield is a glasshouse where you can relax. There’s also seating to look out over the water. There is a house on the parcel which is private residence. You may access the land and mellow out.

Information about Palm Grove Airfield is best said by quoting RGE Eastwood;

There is a 2 sim approach over open water on our western border, and on our east side is the Circuit La Corse Hiway that circles the Corsica Island.

Palm Grove was built in Feb 2014 and besides the many pilots finding us, we have hosted several SL Coast Guard Fly-In’s and ceremonies, as well as the SLFG Corsica Challenge Fly Drive, & Cruise Race.

We have an inlet with docks for those that wish to fly in and then sail around the Corsica area.

Like wise there is access to drive the Corsica Highway from the airfield driveway.

There are many places to sit around the airfield, inlet, and adjoining property, and enjoy the view.

An airfield Greenhouse Lounge is another relaxing place pilots can sit and relax… and listen to Radio Paradise on the parcel stream.

A family of eagle rays has taken up residence in the Harbor and often break water jumping in the air.

Above Palm Grove airfield @ 270m is the Palm Grove Sky Port runway, and directly above that is the “Lantern Village” … inspired by Elcio Ember, famed builder of the award winning “Titans Hollow” sim at the 2013 Fantasy Fair.

This area is best viewed on the Midnight environmental setting, and there are teleports in front of the fuel station and airport office, that can take you there.

Besides the various different “Lanterns” there is also a large “Concert Hall Lantern”, where the owners, both musicians, occasionally put on concerts.

More information can be found on the SL Aviation Wiki:

Anything else just ask.

RGE & LaureLee

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My experiences with flying in and out of Palm Grove Airfield has always been pleasant. Lag is barely noticeable, it’s easy move your aircraft and there is hardly a sim crossing issue. I have never experience a single issue. The runway is best suited to small and medium aircraft. Object return is set at thirty minutes.

So bring yourself over and enjoy the amazing feels of Palm Grove Airfield. You’ll love it here too.

Palm Grove Airfield – Landmark
Blue skies.

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree – Teleport