SL Pride: Kitty Loves Her Rugs


Self discovery can be the challenge of a life time. Kitty felt around, touching here and touching there until her paws felt right. Her senses ignited as she found herself and her rainbow.

She loves her rugs. Kitty just can’t get enough of her rugs as she goes down to roll around and play with them. They don’t all have to be bright and cheery. Just as long as the rug excites her. She’s an excitable gay kitty.

Garrett interiors logo

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Garrett Interiors has a stall at Second Pride. Shown above is an example of home interiors you can purchase. Each rug has six textures to choose from.

From June 23rd to July 2nd, Second Pride will be open so bring along your fun panties and let your hair down. There will be a lot of fun for you to see and be involved so why not come along and have a look at the merchant stalls who have selected products to sell. You may even find a free gift. You won’t know unless you go.


Second Pride Twitter – LINK

Second Pride Webpage – LINK

Second Pride Flickr – LINK

Second Pride Office – Teleport

Come on. Kitty is mewing to see you at the 2017 Second Pride Event.


Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree(Letterbox) – Teleport





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